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Interviews Are Deadly for Virtual Organizations

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How do you evaluate someone in order to find out whether or not that person can ride a horse?   And how do you evaluate someone in order to find out whether or not that person can drive?

No need to answer these rhetorical questions.   However, as you can see, due to technological advances made in transportation, the evaluation process for the old mode of transportation had to evolve in order to reflect the realities of the new form of transportation.

That's just common sense and nothing that warrants a Nobel Prize.   However, that being said, common sense is not so common after all.  

To illustrate, let's take the case of today's brick and mortar organizations and how their human resources personnel go about evaluating candidates to fill their positions.   Since it's common knowledge, there is no need to go into the details.  

However, that being said, when it comes to human resources personnel evaluating candidates to fill their "virtual" or "virtual organization" positions, their recruitment practices haven't changed one bit.

Moreover, they don't even have a clue (not even a slight inkling) that such changes are needed.  As well, today's labor laws stand right smack in the middle of progress when it comes to instituting these necessary changes due to technological advances.

Trying to conduct interviews when it comes to recruiting personnel who will be working in a virtual or virtual organization environment is the equivalent of  using the same method that you use to evaluate a horse rider to evaluate an automobile driver.    And if you did try to do that, somebody would call the nearest psychiatric hospital to come and haul you away.

Yet, outside of VOMI and Virtual Organization Recruiter, that's what all these so-called virtual consultants, gurus and experts in all these organizations out there do everyday.

In Conclusion

Interviews Are Deadly for Virtual Organizations.  Instead they need to be replaced with Virtual Organization Overviews and other virtual organization recruitment practices we have pioneered over the years since 1997.


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