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CloudCoin: Exclusive Adoption Strategy for the General Population in Remote Villages of Least Developed Countries


The New Virtual Organization World

It's a New Principled and Civilized World, It's Virtual and It's Organized

Let's face it,
I do not dare to presume to have any knowledge of what it's like to live in any remote village of any Least Developed Country in the world. 

However, what I do know is that it is almost impossible for people who live in a box to be able to think outside the box.   Although there are millions of charlatans, clowns, scammers, and con artists all over the globe, including in your very own village, who would endeavor to make you believe that they are able to do so.

Even here in the United States, on just about every social network that you come across, you will find them by the millions, and collectively, billions.  Of course, I've learned how to deal with them effectively without any sort of rancor or the need to engage in polemics. 

So let me proceed with the reason why I started out with the "think outside the box" theme.   That's because the box that we all live in is "our own mind."  

As I have been sounding out over the past 30 years, 
"We are all thoughts and ideas"  
"Between birth and death stands nothing but drama, 
Generated by pre-programmed thoughts and ideas, 
From which no one can escape.

Therefore, the only time anyone can think outside the box is "when they are dead."  

However, that being said, you can reprogram your mind once 1)  you are able to realize who you really are ("thoughts and ideas");  2) you accept the fact that you came into this world with "pre-programmed  thoughts and ideas";  and 3) you are aware that you continue to be programmed every single day of your life with thoughts and ideas emanating from all sources of information and coming from every single direction.  

Thus the reason why Information Platform Providers ("IPP") are concerned about what sort of information is being disseminated to you from their platform. 

The question then is:  How do you go about reprogramming your mind?   

The answer is simpler than you think.   Now that you know that every single person around you -  regardless of their title and how much education, wealth, power and privilege they claim to possess -  is programmed :::  in other words, in the same boat that you were in just a second ago; just as blind, deaf and dumb and just another robot and artificial intelligence ::: you can now  start to question every single thing that you have ever thought of, every single thing you have ever been taught,  every single belief you have ever held sacred, and every single piece of new information which comes your way.   

Once you start that process,  
  • the cataract of smoke and mirrors over your Eyes will slowly begin to disperse and you will begin to gain a new vision (not regain) which will allow you to see things clearly :: as they really are instead of what others want you to see;
  • the steel plug in your Ears will start to melt and you will slowly begin to hear and understand the words that are spoken and be able to discern their meaning;
  • the invisible gag over your Mouth will lose its field strength and slowly give way to your own voice - a voice of a priori truth, reason, hope and optimism; 
  • the mask over your Nose will slowly drop from its bridge and allow you to both  breathe the fresh air that your body needs as well as smell the awful stench all around you that others don't want you to be aware of;
  • the fear in your Mind will slowly begin to dissipate and give way to courage and the embrace of death as the natural metamorphosis to a higher life form;
  • the poverty of your Spirit will give way to an abundance of boundless energy that will allow you to explore the farthest visible and invisible reaches of the universe;
  • and the ignorance which clogs the grinding wheels of your Intelligence will slowly begin to crumble in order to allow you to ascend to unimaginable heights.
Then you will come to realize,
  • That "Common Sense is indeed very common";  it is really "Herd Sense"; it is nothing to be proud of having and should be avoided at all costs.
  • That "Intelligence" is Creation's most underutilized gift to mankind; the most misunderstood word in the human vocabulary; and so rare that it is literally impossible to find signs of intelligent life on planet Earth :: to the point where it may even take you an entire lifetime to understand what I mean by this simple paragraph.
  • That "You are a Power of One" and much more powerful than you could ever imagine.
  • That "You hold the fate of mankind in your hands." 
  • That "Being Alone" and "Being Misunderstood" means you are on the right path.   
Once you have reached that stage, 
  • You will understand why Your Country is labeled a Least Developed Country.
  • You will also understand that Your Country is just a figment of someone else's imagination.   
  • You will understand it's NOT your country that is Least Developed and that it is indeed the entire world's population which deserves the "Least Developed" label.  
  • You will then understand why I have been advocating for a New Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings and HUMAN EVOLUTION.
In the interim,  I invite you to begin your journey with the following information:
In Conclusion

If your very first instinct is to wonder "what kind of insane asylum" did Pierre escape from, that means you are on the right path.   

Second, if you are wondering what the hell does this article have anything to do with a "CloudCoin Adoption Strategy" for the "general population" in some of the poorest villages and countries in the world, that means you are still on the right path.

Third, if your first inclination is to say to yourself, "I don't have any time to read all this crap. I got better things to do.  Pierre must be insane," that means you are still on the right path.  

Fourth, if in the end you believe that there must be a method to Pierre's madness that you are not now able to see or understand or be privy to ::: and that you have nothing to lose by going on a mental expedition in order to find out what that is ::: then you have taken the first step of a new journey that is bound to take you to places where you have never been before.  That also means that, one day,  in this life or the next, you and I are bound to meet each other while you are going down that road.      

Otherwise, just keep in mind that there is more to you and the universe than meets the eye and a closed mind.  You Are A Power of One.

Let Us Manifest!

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