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My Answer to A CloudCoin Investor Re Stability and Volatility of CloudCoin


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I was recently asked for my predictions on the stability and volatility of CloudCoin by someone who had read my articles on CloudCoin and consequently made the decision to make a substantial investment in both the CloudCoin digital currency and RAIDAtech, the company which is the steward of the underlying technology.  

In connection thereof, the following is my belated detailed response to the original question and answer shown below: 


Question by [--------] on 10/7/20 at 3:22 PM PST

Hi Pierre.  I have read you articles with interest and note in your most recent posting  where you have accepted the exchange listing...  a reversal of your statements made in your article “CC as a global digital reserve currency”

May I ask what are your predictions on the stability/volatility of CC now it can be traded freely? Especially by those type of speculators who engage in pump and dump tactics and the resulting effect of market fears of insecurity of an unstable easily manipulated coin??

For instance, I have noted that there seems to be a considerable group of dissatisfied CC holders who have been “HODL’ing “ for a few years and are planning to sell as soon as it is listed.  

As well as some traders who have recently bought large amounts of CC with a strategy to sell as soon as it is listed at .05. 

As a business owner I find it difficult to consider taking payment for CC until I can rely on it for a stable exchange for goods and services.   

As you may be aware many of us crypto traders use stable coins to store our value. Only converting to crypto’s when speculating and then converting back to hold our profits.   

Has the consortium ever considered creating a linked currency to CC. That is   Stable/pegged?  Similar to how maker DAO works?

MY original ANSWER:  at 3:59 PM PST

Hello [-----], thank you for posing this question, however, it is too profound and therefore deserves an equally profound answer instead of just a couple of comments which may confuse our audience here on this platform and cause more harm than good.  

For the simple reason that your sentiments are shared by many here on this platform who have read my articles which have been, in more ways than one, an unqualified endorsement of “CloudCoin” as a digital global reserve currency.  

In fact, I was asked a similar question by someone close to me who was wondering how this move to cryptocurrency exchanges - a huge deviation from my recommendations - was going to have an impact on their acquisition of CloudCoin and its  future as a digital global reserve currency.  

Therefore, I am going to write a (shorter) article which addresses in detail your concerns and the points you have made.   

Upon completion, I will post the answer on my website and notify everyone here.   (Due to an extremely heavy agenda, this should take a few days for me to post my response.  So be patient.)    


First and Foremost

Thank you for your patience ......  I guess it took me a little bit longer than expected.  Better late than never.  In a way, the passage of time has proven to be a blessing in disguise since this has given me an opportunity to dissect subsequent events that took place after the October 12, 2020 launch of CloudCoin on the cryptocurrency exchange.   

The bottom line is this:  Needless to say, I take no comfort or great pleasure in stating that these events have indeed validated every single assumption and prediction I had made regarding why CloudCoin should NOT be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges.   However, that being said, let us not dwell on the past. Rather, let us continue to move forward and remain focused on the original vision, mission and promise of CloudCoin.  

In connection thereof, let me clarify something with respect to your comment "... and note in your most recent posting  where you have accepted the exchange listing...  a reversal of your statements made in your article “CC as a global digital reserve currency”."    

Please note that I stand by every single statement I made in my articles.   I am not reversing any statement I made in that article.   I merely accepted CloudCoin Consortium's decision to list CloudCoin on the cryptocurrency exchange as a "fait  accompli"  since I am NOT an official of CloudCoin Consortium and have absolutely "no say" in any decision made by their officials.    As well, I do NOT  consult with anyone at CloudCoin Consortium regarding any anticipated, current or future decisions and actions regarding CloudCoin.   

Hence, I merely provided to all CloudCoin holders information on how to proceed once it becomes listed on or any other cryptocurrency exchange.  

The point being, I prefer to maintain my distance from the decision-makers at CloudCoin Consortium in order to ensure the objectivity, reliability, purity and integrity of the information I dispense in my articles about CloudCoin.  
In other words, CloudCoin Consortium officials get to find out about my position and statements at the same time that it is published and made available to the public at large.
Otherwise, I would become or risk to be seen or viewed as just another mouthpiece for CloudCoin - just another Pump-and-Dump promoter of cryptocurrencies, or merely a Clown or Carnival Barker for CloudCoin without an ounce of integrity. 

My Predictions On the Stability and Volatility of CloudCoin

To answer your question regarding my "predictions on the stability/volatility of CC,"  I firmly believe that EVERY SINGLE CLOUDCOIN HOLDER  holds the key to the stability and volatility of their  CloudCoins due to the very nature of its underlying technology.   

That means, the minute you became the Holder of One Single CloudCoin, you automatically became Master of the Fate of the CloudCoins that YOU own - and NOT the ones that are held by others or languishing on cryptocurrency exchanges.   In other words, not even CloudCoin Consortium itself has any control over the stability and volatility of YOUR CloudCoins.   

My reasons for this very powerful statement are amply demonstrated and amplified in the following articles about CloudCoin ::  Article #1  ::  Article #2 ::  and my most recent article of  November 23, 2020 titled CloudCoin: Exclusive Adoption Strategy for the Global General Population

Where CloudCoin Consortium Becomes Relevant

Although every single CloudCoin Holder has control over the stability and volatility of their very own CloudCoins,  CloudCoin Consortium becomes relevant only when it comes to "expediting the amount of time it will take" for the global population to realize the Intrinsic and Real Trading Value of CloudCoin.  

In other words, no matter what happens from hereon, if the CloudCoin adoption strategies outlined in the foregoing articles are implemented by the respective CloudCoin stakeholders at large, then regardless of how long it takes, they will eventually get to determine the Intrinsic and Real Trading Value of CloudCoin.   

Without a doubt, it goes without saying that, eventually,  such Intrinsic and Real Trading Value of CloudCoin will either equal or exceed today's value of Bitcoin :: USD $17,770.20 ::  by at least one order of magnitude.   You can mark my words on that.  
However, that being said, CloudCoin Consortium can really expedite that time frame in an exponential fashion.  

Thus, "the amount of time it will take" for the global population to realize the Intrinsic and Real Trading Value of CloudCoin depends on whether or not  CloudCoin Consortium truly understands the Global Adoption Strategy for the Consortium itself to implement - and as set forth in chronological order in the foregoing Article #1.  Regrettably,  short of a miracle, I don't really see that happening anytime soon although deep down inside I fervently hope that they do understand what is really at stake.  

Disregard All The Hoopla

Henceforth, disregard any talk about CloudCoin getting listed on a bunch of cryptocurrency exchanges and all the hoopla, hype, hyperbole, hopeware, and vaporware you are currently hearing about CloudCoin and how all these other applications based on RAIDATech  technology will make CloudCoin so valuable that the price of a CloudCoin will go through the roof.     Take it all with a grain of saltNone of it is grounded in reality.  They are hoping that it will, and nothing else.  

Why is that, you might say?   Well, that's because the foregoing developments are totally and completely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things when it comes to the trading value of CloudCoin itself.     That dog just won't hunt.

Don't get me wrong.  I am NOT souring on CloudCoin or the integrity of the members of CloudCoin Consortium.   More than anyone else, Sean Worthington and the other members of the CloudCoin Consortium Leadership Team want this CloudCoin adventure to succeed beyond their wildest dreams and they are indeed making an honest effort by pouring all their blood, sweat and tears toward such realization.  

It's just that I like transparency and honesty and prefer to call things as I see them instead of the way that I would like to see them - or others would want me to see them.      

RAIDATech Investors Are the Real Beneficiaries of New Applications

The Real Beneficiaries of all these other applications based on RAIDA technology are RAIDAtech Investors - those who have actually invested in RAIDAtech.   As I have previously stated, the technology behind CloudCoin will eventually lead to applications and other technologies that the inventor of CloudCoin Sean Worthington has yet to imagine.   

Therefore, think of CloudCoin as being currently in the same situation as Stage 1 of Apple's Evolution and RAIDAtech as being in Stage 2 of Apple's evolution.    In fact, I predict that RAIDAtech will eventually eclipse the combined value of Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, Tesla, and Netflix  in terms of both dollar value and technological achievements for the simple reason that there are now 8 billion people ::: as well as an untold number of future generations (numbering in the order of hundreds of billion of people) ::: who will be using RAIDAtech technology in the years to come.    

The same cannot be said for any of the aforementioned companies.  Therefore, if you own a piece of RAIDAtech, you and your progeny will do extremely well in both the short and long run.  And if you get to live long enough, the next 45 years promise to be a euphoric and wild ride for RAIDAtech and its investors.   

Personal Disclaimer:  Please note that I am NOT a RAIDAtech investor.  Nor do I intend to become one in the near or distant future for the simple reason that 1) I am NOT motivated by personal financial gains,  and  2) the current scope of activities that I am engaged in dwarf all current and future RAIDAtech endeavors and activities for at least the next 100 years.   In fact,  I have already made an open invitation to Sean Worthington, by extension, RAIDAtech,  to Collaborate with my organizations  whenever the timing is auspicious.  

Well Pierre, What's The Problem?

The problem that I am now seeing is this:   
  • Issue #1.   The Consortium Leadership Team is completely stumped and befuddled by the challenges presented on how to develop a Global Adoption Strategy for CloudCoin - a formidable digital currency.   
  • Issue #2.   Since CloudCoin is the first revolutionary digital currency, thus requiring an equally revolutionary Global Adoption Strategy,  there is, in fact, no known database of Digital Currency Global Adoption Strategists that the Consortium could rely on in order to identify someone who can design and implement a Global Adoption Strategy for CloudCoin.    
Thus, they are left with no choice but to resort to a bevy and hodgepodge of Good Men and Women, Awesome Multi-Level-Marketers,  Sales Geniuses,  Brilliant Promoters of Cryptocurrencies,  Website Designers, User Interface Designers,  Software Developers,  Amateur Marketers conducting primitive SWOT test on social media groups,  and a host of crackpots ::: who don't have a clue about digital currencies and couldn't care less about the vision and mission of CloudCoin (i.e., everybody under the sun who offers some hope that they might be able to resolve this critical Adoption Strategy issue)  ::: in the hope that given enough time and money and resources they will eventually come up with the solution.

In other words, they are busy trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Thus the reason why I took it upon myself to develop the various aforementioned global adoption strategies since they fall within my domain of expertise and I have a vested interest in the success of CloudCoin due to the synergy which exists between CloudCoin Consortium and many VOMI-related entities.   
  • Issue #3.   They lack a sorely needed "Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Team" which can set an Agenda and stick to it instead of a group of well-meaning people operating by the seat of their pants in a virtual environment.   Such agenda must include A Global Adoption Strategy which requires a group of (two or more) highly disciplined Virtual Organization Leadership Executives (not Virtual Leaders) who have been trained in the virtual organization management discipline  and learned how to operate within a Virtual Organization (not Virtual) environment.    
  • Issue #4.    In the interim, in the absence of Virtual Organization Leadership Executives who are able to implement such Global Adoption Strategy,  they are hedging their bets by going in other directions in the misguided belief that such routes may offer quicker rewards, and greater and much better opportunities.  
Hence the reason why we have been constantly hearing - and are now hearing - all this hoopla about these various RAIDAtech applications and solutions that are bound to be a game changer going forward.   
That is a huge mistake.  These RAIDAtech applications and solutions can wait for a few months to a year (at least 6 months) since that is the amount of time that the Consortium will need to begin a full implementation of the Global Adoption Strategy I have already outlined in Article #1  ::: which involves a total of three (3) months for the Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Training and another two to three (2-3) months to put in place the minimum virtual organization leadership infrastructure needed to be able to scale things up in an orderly and highly disciplined fashion.  (CloudCoin is accepted.)

Why wait for a few months?  The answer is very simple:  The market for these RAIDAtech applications is NOT going anywhere.  It is so huge that it will take hundreds to thousands of personnel as well as many years going at full throttle in order to even begin to make a serious dent.   The opportunities and possibilities are almost limitless.    

As well, without a sophisticated and highly disciplined Virtual Organization Leadership Force operating within a Virtual Organization Infrastructure Environment which can serve as a solid foundation for strategy implementation and expansion,  the Consortium and RAIDATech will be faced with the sort of nightmare that will make "Growing Pains" and Nightmare On Elm Street seem like a carousel ride at Disneyland. 

Moreover, a faithful implementation of the Global Adoption Strategy will generate revenues that will dwarf  any amount that could possibly be realized from either Mom-and-Pop to Silicon Valley Investors or from any premature launch of these RAIDAtech applications.    

In fact, such revenues will help to expedite the release and distribution of these RAIDAtech applications to the global population at large as well as to Enterprise clients worldwide.

In Conclusion

In summary, think of the implementation of the Global Adoption Strategy for CloudCoin as the very first couple of steps at the bottom of the stairs.   It's counterproductive to try to jump over these first couple of steps in order to land on the third step.   
In fact, I am positive if you saw someone engaged in such attempt, you would be scratching your head and wondering why that person is going through all that trouble when it is so much simpler to take one step at a time.
In conclusion, CloudCoin Consortium needs to focus its efforts on perfecting all the CloudCoin digital currency solutions and tools that the global population and small-to-medium sized businesses need in order to transform CloudCoin into a de facto digital global reserve currency.  

And that, friends and colleagues, requires Patience, Persistence, Perseverance and Principled Leadership. 

In parting, I hope I was able to answer your questions to the benefit of all CloudCoin stakeholders. 


Let Us Manifest!

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