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CloudCoin Digital Currency: Why A Currency Exchange With Sovereign Wealth Funds Is A Significant Break For Both

The New Virtual Organization World

It's a New Principled and Civilized World, It's Virtual and It's Organized

Why is a Currency Exchange with Sovereign Wealth Funds across the globe a Significant Break for both the CloudCoin Digital Global Reserve Currency and the Sovereign Wealth Fund?

The simple answer is:  It's a Win-Win situation for both.   

With respect to your country's Sovereign Wealth Fund, it is part of The Great Reset in terms of pursuing a sensible and rational course toward balancing the needs of your people to be free and secure from all threats to ::or emanating from:: the current antiquated and dysfunctional global financial system versus your nation's obligation to fulfill its duties as a responsible member of the global community.  

In other words, it's the Patriotic thing to do; it serves the best interests of your people.  As well, it serves to maintain or enhance your nation's standing on the global geopolitical stage.  

With respect to the CloudCoin Digital Currency, it is the quickest and most sensible path to pursue toward the implementation of  CloudCoin as a digital global reserve currency.   For the simple reason that this strategy directly aligns with the best interests of  your country's Sovereign Wealth Fund and thus does not pose a threat to the current global financial system and the status quo.    

However, that being said, prior to going into details, I invite you to read the following August 23, 2020  article for crucial background information and reference purposes:   Adoption Strategy for CloudCoin As a Digital Global Reserve Currency  :::: and be sure to pay special note to the following excerpt under PRECEPT #1:

This tidal wave of opportunities will come in chronological order from the following Universe of Potential CloudCoin Stakeholders
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds 
  • Private Pension Funds 
  • Top 100 Emerging Market Enterprises (Corporate Treasury) 
  • Top 100 Emerging Countries (Government Treasury)
  • Forbes Global 2000 Companies (Corporate Treasury)  
  • Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals (UHNWI) 
  • Family Offices Worldwide

Now that you had a chance to review and understand the latter, let us proceed with a more detailed explanation.  

Since the publication of my August 23, 2020 article, please note that the recommendations I made therein for entities which fall within the foregoing Universe of Potential  CloudCoin Stakeholders  have since been adopted or are now being implemented in the same order by these very same entities for Bitcoin - instead of CloudCoin.   Here are some recent examples:  

  • Sovereign Wealth Funds ::   The Government Pension Fund Global (of Norway), the world's largest sovereign wealth fund ::: through its equity stake in MicroStrategy which recently acquired during the months of August and September of 2020  (August 11 and September 15) a grand total of 38,250 Bitcoins for a total of US $425 Million :::  now indirectly owns 577.6 Bitcoins.    

According to the CEO of MicroStrategy Michael Saylor, "We feel pretty confident that Bitcoin is less risky than holding cash, less risky than holding gold."

As well, a good number of other sovereign wealth funds ::: through a respective number of global asset management and investment advisory firms, including The Digital Asset Index Fund listed below ::: are now indirectly invested into Bitcoin.  

  • Private Pension Funds ::  The Digital Asset Index Fund, a partnership of Morgan Creek Digital Assets and Bitwise Asset Management launched on August 28, 2018, currently offers leading cryptocurrencies to various pension funds.   Moreover, in February of 2019, Fairfax County Retirement Systems (FCRS - State of Virginia) -  through Morgan Creek Digital Assets - became the very first US pension fund to invest in cryptocurrencies.  
The most fascinating part of it all is that it was the FCRS in-house investment team which sought out Morgan Creek Digital Assets instead of the other way around.   

To wit, visionaries from both ends of the spectrum (cryptocurrency investors and digital asset investment management firms) have already paved the way for CloudCoin to be introduced to this Universe of Potential CloudCoin Stakeholders.  

  • Top 100 Emerging Market Enterprises (Corporate Treasury) ::  Brazil (13), China (29), India (19) captured the lion's share of this number - a total of 61 enterprises.  Morgan Creek Digital Assets as well as a growing number of other rising stars in the digital asset investment management sector are well-poised to make a significant foray into this sector by virtue of their existing exposure in the emerging markets.   
In other words, as I am now writing this article, emerging market enterprises are now being introduced to cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.  Hence, the road ahead for CloudCoin is now being paved by others.       
  • Top 100 Emerging Countries (Government Treasury) ::  Venezuela just recently announced on September 29, 2020 that it will officially begin to use cryptocurrencies for all domestic and international transactions due to biting, paralyzing and devastating sanctions imposed on their country by the United States government.   (See Jeffrey Gogo's October 1, 2020 article on  
But this isn't just a matter of sanctions being imposed on a rogue regime or an enemy of the United States.  Today, like a kid in a candy store or a bull in a china shop, the United States wields the sanctions weapon  - or threatens to impose sanctions - on both friends and foes alike.  
Thus, even our closest allies :: who themselves are reluctantly engaged in helping to maintain and enforce sanctions imposed by the United States government :: are NOT exempt from the threat of sanctions or from being sanctioned by the US. 
To wit, State-Sponsored Financial Terrorism Is Real  and not a conspiracy theory.   Therefore, countries around the globe, friends and foes alike, are all running for cover and scrambling for alternatives to the current global financial system which is directly under the thumb of the US government. 
Hence the need for cryptocurrencies and the reason why many Government Treasuries, albeit in a clandestine fashion, are amassing cryptocurrencies in great numbers.   Notwithstanding, there are many other valid and very compelling reasons for such a move which I will elaborate on further ahead.    
  • Forbes Global 2000 Companies (Corporate Treasury) ::  Square CEO Jack Dorsey announced on October 8, 2020 the acquisition of 4709 Bitcoins then valued at USD $50 million.   This is only the first salvo in what promises to be a volley of acquisition of cryptocurrencies by other Forbes Global 2000 companies. 
Please note that such acquisition is formally touted as a diversification of Cash Reserves as a hedge against currency debasement instead of a cryptocurrency investment - something that I have been touting in my articles.  
With respect to the aforementioned MicroStrategy, although it is NOT a Forbes Global 2000 company,  please note that its USD $425 million acquisition of Bitcoins in August and September of 2020 was also touted as an allocation of Cash to their only official treasury reserve asset - instead of an investment in Bitcoins.  Narratives matter.    Moreover, on December 11, 2020 Microstrategy announced the completion of a $650 million bond offering for bitcoin purchases in furtherance of its treasury reserve policy. 
Suffice it to say, CEO of MicroStrategy Michael Saylor's bold leadership move toward the adoption of Bitcoin as its official treasury reserve asset has done more than any single individual, organization or institution anywhere in the world to bring legitimacy and serious attention  to not only Bitcoin but also all other cryptocurrencies ::: CloudCoin and all future digital currencies :::  all blockchain technology ecosystems :::  and ALL other digital assets.   Call it The Rising Tide That Lifts All Boats.  

In fact,  Citibank's recent decision to downgrade MSTR (ticker symbol for MicroStrategy) from "Neutral" to "Sell" due to its so-called overexposure to Bitcoin will prove to be an unwise move.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, I highly recommend that MicroStrategy allocates a modest percentage :: 20-25% :: of the proceeds of this $650 million bond offering toward the inclusion of CloudCoin in its treasury reserve portfolio.       

  • Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals (UHNWI) ::  The Legendary Investor Raoul Pal is an excellent example of  the sort of dynamics in place with respect to the shift toward investing in cryptocurrencies.  The September 14, 2020 article by Leonard Manson, Investor Raoul Pal Shifts Half Of Its Portfolio To Bitcoin, says it all.   I can point to hundreds of other examples where this is occurring.  
In other words, we are no longer talking about an aberration, anecdotal evidence, or a visionary investor who is way ahead of the curve;  investing in cryptocurrencies is now becoming the new normal.     
  • Family Offices Worldwide :: Galaxy Investment Partners, founded by Mike Novogratz,  is a good example of a single family office which focuses on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.   
In addition, there are hundreds of other Family Offices worldwide who are flocking in the direction of cryptocurrencies - a veritable horde of "johnny come lately" who are just following the herd. 
It is important to note that clients of single family offices have a different outlook and take a longer-term view of their investment portfolio.   Therefore, they are not glued to the computer screen on a daily basis monitoring the ebbs and flows of their investments. 
For Example, think of the meteoric rise in the value of Bitcoin in December 2017 to $19, 857 and its precipitous decline in 2018 to $3201.91 and its resurgence to an all-time high of $19,857.03 on November 30, 2020.  And we still have nearly a month to go before we can know for sure how Bitcoin will fare by the end of 2020. 
Therefore, just imagine if a Bitcoin investor had decided to liquidate their holdings when the trading value reached $3201.91 on December 15, 2018.   That's where the fundamentals of a cryptocurrency come into the picture.  
To wit, those who just follow the trends or the herd would have liquidated their position.  I personally know of many who did.  Those who believed in the fundamentals of Bitcoin would have taken a long-term outlook and stuck with their investment. 

Please take special note of this comment since it will be very useful to you when I begin to refer or allude to the fundamentals of CloudCoin - NOT Bitcoin.

The bottom line is this:   When you need to determine the Intrinsic Value of any cryptocurrency or other digital asset,  Stick to the Fundamentals instead of the Ebbs and Flows of the Cryptocurrency Market. 

Reasons For Providing All These Examples of Shift Toward Digital Assets

Just in case you are wondering what the foregoing examples of  Sovereign Wealth Funds and other entities which fall within the Universe of Potential CloudCoin  Stakeholders  have to do with making a compelling case for Your Sovereign Wealth Fund to initiate a Currency Exchange for CloudCoin, the world's only digital currency and de facto digital global reserve currency,  Here Is the Answer:

Reason #1.   Digital Assets Have Stood The Test of Time.   Since the advent of Bitcoin in 2009,  the past 11 years have proven over and over again that cryptocurrencies, and specifically Bitcoin and Ethereum, are much more than just a cryptocurrency novelty or passing fad.  It has demonstrated to the world that Bitcoin is indeed a real cryptocurrency with quite a number of attributes which make it an ideal medium of exchange and store of value. 
Thus paving the way for all other digital assets (digital currencies, other cryptocurrencies, altcoins, security and utility tokens, and virtual currencies) which have since sprung up and blossomed throughout the various Digital Asset Ecosystems:   1) Digital Currency Ecosystem,  2) Cryptocurrency Ecosystem,  and 3) Blockchain Technology Ecosystem. 

Digital Asset Ecosystem #1.  Digital Currency Ecosystem

CloudCoin is unquestionably the Undisputed King of the Digital Currency Ecosystem.    

(That is by virtue of being the only digital currency in the world whose underlying technology is based on the patented RAIDA Technology.  The first CloudCoin was issued in 2016. 

Unlike other digital asset ecosystems which are based on blockchain and distributed ledger technology, the Digital Currency Ecosystem is based on the revolutionary and patented RAIDA (Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents) Technology pioneered by the Lead Scientist of CloudCoin Consortium Sean H. Worthington.  

RAIDA technology is affectionately referred to by RAIDA aficionados and connoisseurs as Beyond Blockchain Technology.   

CloudCoin Consortium is currently engaged in the development of several game-changer applications (e.g., RAIDA Mail, RAIDA Data, etc.) that are designed to make email phishing and ransomware a relic of the past as well as a number of other revolutionary applications that are designed to accelerate the global adoption of CloudCoin and cement its status as a digital global reserve currency.  

Digital Asset Ecosystem #2.   Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

Bitcoin is, of course, the Undisputed King of the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem.

As of the publication date of this article, there is nothing on the internet today which can more accurately describe and capture the essence of the cryptocurrency ecosystem than "Visualizing the New Cryptocurrency Ecosystem" :: a Visual Capitalist, November 19, 2019 article by Ashley Viens.

Today, it is absolutely breathtaking to see the number of apps available on the internet which  allow you to seamlessly and effortlessly purchase and spend your Bitcoins and other leading cryptocurrencies without having to worry about whether or not a particular merchant accepts cryptocurrencies.  Such concern is now a moot issue.

Moreover, PayPal's recent announcement that, effective January 2021, over 26 million PayPal merchants around the globe will be able to seamlessly accept cryptocurrency payments  that will automatically be converted on the backend by PayPal to fiat currency is another game changer - Bitcoin being one of them. 

The technology itself has been there all along on APP Store via the app SPEDN by Flexa.  It is indeed the network effect in terms of both breadth and scope which makes the integration of such similar technology with PayPal such a game changer.

Congratulations to PayPal CEO Daniel H. Schulman for making such a visionary and bold move which now answers the three (3) most important questions that the general public has always had about Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies since day one:  What is Bitcoin, Where Can I Get It, and Where Can I Spend It?

Thus, the new motto is:  Have Cryptocurrency,  Spend IAnywhere  You Want  

To underscore the monumental and historical significance of this one single decision by Daniel H. Schulman,  let it be said a hundred years from now ::: by historians pouring over the annals of the history of Bitcoin ::: that this one single move became the defining moment for the global adoption by the general population of not only Bitcoin but also ALL other current and future cryptocurrencies and digital currencies across the globe.   

Thus, when the Digital Assets Hall of Fame is eventually launched, the contributions of Michael Saylor of MicroStrategy and Daniel H. Schulman of PayPal to the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem will be prominently featured.    

Digital Asset Ecosystem #3.   Blockchain Technology Ecosystem

The Blockchain Technology Ecosystem consists of a series of horizontal and vertical blockchain technology platforms and other platforms based on distributed ledger technology  (e.g., Directed Acyclic Graph) covering innovation in every single field and industry.  Innovation that will have an impact on the life and well-being of every single individual across the globe.  The net effect is a constant evolution of blockchain technology and other DLT technologies which will, in turn, propel greater and evermore revolutionary innovation in the marketplace.  

Therefore, whether your government's Sovereign Wealth Fund realizes it or not, cryptocurrencies are no longer strictly investment securities or property to be HODL (Hold On for Dear Life) for speculation and profit taking.   They have already invaded :: or are about to invade :: the most critical sectors of your economy and it's only a matter of time before they are fully integrated into every single other sector of your country's economy.   

One thing for sure:  The Digital Currency and Cryptocurrency Virus Is A Superspreader traveling throughout the Interstitium of our Global Economy.   Nothing can stop that process.  No amount of legislation can stop or suppress it.  There is no way to put the genie back in the bottle.

The old con game and ruse of  Know Your Customer (KYC) and  Anti-Money Laundering (AML) diktats  and practices allegedly instituted in order to fight terrorism, the war on drugs, human trafficking and money laundering ::: and which is used as a pretext to rein in and control every single aspect of YOUR Country's economy and access to the global financial system  ::: will eventually run its useful course.   Governments all across the globe will now have to adapt to the new realities on the ground.  

Therefore, to really understand the paradigm shift toward a new global financial system that is now taking place, I highly recommend Morgan Creek Capital Management's Letter To Fellow Investors included in their Q1 2018 Market Review & Outlook titled:   Blockchain, Bitcoin & The Tokenized Economy: #TheVirusIsSpreading 

Kudos to CEO & Chief Investment Officer Mark W. Yusko for his insights on "Alternative Thinking About Investments" and to the rest of the team for paving the road that the CloudCoin digital currency  is now able to travel on.   

They really get it.  Instead of dealing with the "johnny come lately" investment management firms which have suddenly discovered the value of Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology,   let Morgan Creek be your One Stop Shop for Investment in Digital Assets - of course, except for the CloudCoin digital currency and other digital assets based on RAIDA technology.  

The Morgan Creek Capital Team is welcome to quote me on that.

Reason #2.   Bitcoin and CloudCoin Complement Each Other.    Bitcoin and CloudCoin are not mutually exclusive from the standpoint that Bitcoin is based on Blockchain Technology whereas CloudCoin is based on Beyond Blockchain Technology (hereinafter referred to as "RAIDA Technology").    

Blockchain technology is all about Immutability.    Once a transaction takes place or a record is created, a trail is left behind which cannot be altered, changed or deleted.   Awesome.     

RAIDA (Beyond Blockchain) technology is all about Inviolability.    All  digital assets and transactions are authenticated and conducted, respectively, within the Walls of an Inviolable Digital Fortress which affords 100% privacy,  is totally indestructible, and is impervious to any full-spectrum attack from nefarious and hostile forces. 

Therefore, Bitcoin and CloudCoin are not trying to compete with each other.   In fact, I highly recommend that your Sovereign Wealth Fund allocates a percentage of its cash reserves equally to each one of them.  

For Example, instead of allocating 50% of your Cash Reserves to Bitcoin,  I recommend that you allocate 25% to Bitcoin and the other 25% to CloudCoin.   Indeed, it's a very prudent and intelligent move to hedge your bets with both:   the King of the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem and the King of the Digital Currency Ecosystem.   

In fact, Coinbase's portfolio of institutional investors staking a position in Bitcoin just skyrocketed from an April 2020 low of $6 billion to over $20 billion in December 2020 :: and the flood of money keeps pouring in on a weekly basis.     Moreover, a deluge of banks, hedge funds, investment management firms, corporate treasuries, government treasuries, and other entities are all either considering or staking a position in Bitcoin.    MassMutual just announced a $100 million Bitcoin investment.   

Based on all the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency research I have conducted over the last eleven (11) years and, specifically, the latest Bitcoin developments over the last six (6) months, once the $20,000 Bitcoin ceiling is shattered ::: which occurred on December 16, 2020 at 5:44 AM PST  trading for $20163.32 :::: I see the value of Bitcoin rising to the stratosphere and thus prove right the Bitcoin prognosticators who have been predicting a trading value for Bitcoin in the $20,000 - $2 Million range over the next five years.  Never say never!

I hope you can see why I am being so bullish on Bitcoin and where this is leading to:   

  • That's because the value of the King of the Digital Currency Ecosystem,  CloudCoin,  will rise in proportion to that of the King of the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem, Bitcoin.  This tidal wave of enthusiasm and tsunami reaching the shores of Bitcoin will also reach the shores of CloudCoin by virtue of the fact that they stand side-by-side to, and complement, each other. 
  • Moreover, even if the water were to recede for Bitcoin due to some yet-to-be revealed innovation or new invention in the cryptocurrency world,  CloudCoin, by virtue of its revolutionary digital currency technology,  will continue to be a main attraction  for many more years to come.     
Thus the reason why this Bitcoin-CloudCoin Strategy makes a great deal of sense to those who are now staking a position in the Digital Assets Ecosystem.   

That being said,  now is the perfect time for me to segue into a subject that every single Sovereign Wealth Fund would want me to address, which is:   
What is the Intrinsic Value of CloudCoin and Where Can a Sovereign Wealth Fund Obtain It?
Reason #3.   The Intrinsic Value of CloudCoin.   With respect to my earlier comment, "When you need to determine the Intrinsic Value of any cryptocurrency or other digital asset,  Stick to the Fundamentals instead of the Ebbs and Flows of the Cryptocurrency Market,"  therefore, let's do a quick review of the Fundamentals of CloudCoin:  
  • CloudCoin is the King of the Digital Currency Ecosystem by virtue of its revolutionary, patented and unique properties.   It's NOT a matter of hype and hyperbole.  That's a fact. 
  • Here are the details regarding the patent issued by USPTO  to the inventor of CloudCoin Sean Worthington on May 12, 2020 for "Method of Authenticating and Exchanging Virtual Currency."  
  • The significance of this patent and technology is best articulated in the following excerpt taken directly from the May 15, 2020 CloudCoin Weekly Bulletin #132:
"This is momentous news for CloudCoin! The USPTO approval is a strong affirmation of the value of the underlying protocol as a novel system for authentication, as well as for its use as a blockchain alternative or possible amelioration/supplement to overcome blockchain inefficiencies.  This is the first proven technology for digital currency to receive a patent."

Thus, it can be said that it is indeed CloudCoin's "use as a blockchain alternative or possible amelioration/supplement to overcome blockchain inefficiencies" which makes the case for calling its underlying protocol "Beyond Blockchain Technology."    

Hence no need to try to denigrate the intrinsic value of either Bitcoin or CloudCoin.  They are both  King of The Hill within their respective domains and they complement each other from both an Intrinsic and Trading Value standpoint. 

How to Compute the Ultimate Trading Value of CloudCoin.   Therefore, here is a very simple formula for determining the Ultimate Trading Value of CloudCoin at any given point in time:   

Ultimate Trading Value of CloudCoin = The Highest of All-Time High Trading Values of Bitcoin and the universe of all other cryptocurrencies in existence and future digital currencies. 

Why the Highest of All-Time High Trading Values of Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies?  The answer is very simple:  In the absence of any chicanery,  such trading value represents an arm's length transaction whereby the parties actually determined the intrinsic value of  such Cryptocurrencies  to both of them and the maximum amount of dollars or other fiat currency unit and Cryptocurrencies they were willing to exchange.  

Since we have already determined that Bitcoin and CloudCoin stand side-by-side to each other from a Fundamentals and Intrinsic Value standpoint, then we can extrapolate the Ultimate Trading Value of Bitcoin to that of CloudCoin. 

Thus the reason I call it The Ultimate Trading Value of CloudCoin.  Any other computation method would result in a Crystal Ball Analysis and Voodoo Trading Value of CloudCoin.  

For Example, 
  • Other than Bitcoin and CloudCoin,  let us assume that there are only 9 other  cryptocurrencies and 1 other digital currency in the world today.  And their All-Time High Trading Values in USD are as follows: 
List of Cryptocurrencies
    • #1.  Bitcoin (2009 - Present) ::  $21,893.70
    • #2.  Bullcoin (2012 - Present) :: $10,345.65
    • #3.  DoGood (2019 - Present) :: $600.34
    • #4.  CrazyCoin (2020 - Present) :: $0.005
    • #5.  Serenity  (2016 - Present) :: $10.01
    • #6.  JumpJack  (2017 - Present) :: $0.06
    • #7.  SoGood  (2018 - Present) :: $0.03
    • #8.  AllGood  (2015 - Present) :: $18,394.08
    • #9.  CoolFactor  (2010 - Present) :: $18,146.37
    • #10. LuckyCoin  (2011 - Present) :: $8,376.46 
List of Digital Currencies
    • #1.  CloudCoin (2016 - Present) ::  $ ????
    • #2.  Digito (2020 - Present) :: $4.78
Therefore, based on the foregoing formula, the Ultimate Trading Value of CloudCoin is $21,893.70
(The Highest of All-Time High Trading Values of Bitcoin and the universe of all other cryptocurrencies in existence and future digital currencies.)  

Transparency Notice.  However, that being said, for transparency reasons, please note that CloudCoin is now directly available online to the Global General Population  from the CloudCoin Consortium site, subject to a $1000 currency exchange transaction limit per visitor :::  but NOT to institutional investors, sovereign wealth funds, governments, large corporate enterprises, etc.

As well, at the time of writing, CloudCoin is also currently available to the Global General Population  on the cryptocurrency exchange (since October 12, 2020) for the express purpose of  providing liquidity to all the early adopters and supporters of CloudCoin (from 2016 to present) who had accumulated a significant number of Cloudcoins over the years and have been patiently waiting on the sidelines for a means to convert their CloudCoins to fiat currency.   

In case you are wondering, "Why in hell is a digital currency which has nothing to do with blockchain technology listed on a cryptocurrency exchange?" it's a long story that I don't really care to go into now since that is already a done deal and thus totally irrelevant to the subject at hand.   

You are, however, welcome to read  Adoption Strategy for CloudCoin As a Digital Global Reserve Currency   for some background information (not now - do it later when you have plenty of free time).

Notwithstanding,  residents of at least 34 countries,  including the United States of America,  are restricted from conducting any transactions on the Bitcoin cryptocurrency exchange.    Moreover,  such platform is NOT  conducive or appropriate for CloudCoin currency exchange transactions with sovereign wealth funds, governments, institutional investors, large corporate enterprises, family offices, and ultra-high-net-worth individuals.  

More importantly, the CloudCloin Currency Exchange value reflected on these platforms for the Global General Population  certainly must NOT apply to sovereign wealth funds, governments, institutional investors, large corporate enterprises, family offices, and ultra-high-net-worth individuals ::: and thus should NOT be perceived as being indicative of both the Intrinsic Value and Currency Exchange Value of CloudCoin.   

Where A Sovereign Wealth Fund Can Obtain CloudCoins.     At the time of writing, for security reasons as well as a host of other practical and legal considerations which are outlined throughout the rest of this document, all Sovereign Wealth Funds must contact CloudCoin Consortium directly in order to initiate a CloudCoin Currency Exchange transaction.   

The same applies to all other members of the Universe of Potential Stakeholders
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds 
  • Private Pension Funds 
  • Top 100 Emerging Market Enterprises (Corporate Treasury) 
  • Top 100 Emerging Countries (Government Treasury)
  • Forbes Global 2000 Companies (Corporate Treasury)  
  • Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals (UHNWI) 
  • Family Offices Worldwide

No different than Coinbase and other cryptocurrency exchanges having a separate platform (e.g., Coinbase Pro or Coinbase Prime) for Institutional Investors, Enterprises, Family Offices and Sovereign Wealth Funds for initial inquiries and discussions.  

Reason #4.   CloudCoin Has Now Become the World's Leading and Most  Scarce Digital Currency.     Regretfully, for billions of people across the globe who have heard of cryptocurrencies  ::: but have been completely unaware of such a thing as a digital currency which is not based on  blockchain technology :::  I am a bit somber to announce that CloudCoin, the world's only digital global reserve currency, has now reached both a "Demand- and Supply-Induced Scarcity" stage.   

The bottom line is this:

  • The following excerpt is taken directly from the CloudCoin website:   "There are precisely 16,777,216 units, and this never will be increased or decreased because the number is based on the length of the Serial Number in bits."  
These units are broken down as follows:
    • One CloudCoin Bill ::  2,097,152  |||  [ 2,097,152 CloudCoins ]
    • 5 CloudCoin Bill ::  2,097,152 |||  [ 10,485,760 CloudCoins ]
    • 25 CloudCoin Bill :: 2,097,152 |||  [ 52,428,800 CloudCoins ]
    • 100 CloudCoin Bill :: 8,388,608 |||  [ 838,860,800 CloudCoins ]
    • 250 CloudCloin Bill ::  2,097,152 ||| [ 524,288,000 CloudCoins ]

In other words, these 16,777,216 units  amount to a grand total of  1,428,160,512 CloudCoins. (Roughly 1.4 billion CloudCoins. All minted in August 2016.)

  • Now here is the distressing news for billions of people worldwide:   Of the grand total of  1,428,160,512  CloudCoins (1.4 billion) :::  over 1,143,160,512 have already been issued (1.14 billion) to Small Online Businesses and the Global General Population (thereafter referred to as Segments #8 and 9, respectively) :::  and only about 285 million CloudCoins remain for final release in the year 2021.  
A Real Scarcity Dilemma.   Thus a real scarcity dilemma for the remaining segments (Segments #1 - 7, 10 and 11) of the following Universe of Potential CloudCoin Stakeholders I identified and referred to in my previous article  Adoption Strategy for CloudCoin As a Digital Global Reserve Currency:

  • Segment #1.   Sovereign Wealth Funds 
  • Segment #2.   Private Pension Funds 
  • Segment #3.   Top 100 Emerging Market Enterprises (Corporate Treasury) 
  • Segment #4.   Top 100 Emerging Countries (Government Treasury)
  • Segment #5.   Forbes Global 2000 Companies (Corporate Treasury)  
  • Segment #6.   Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals (UHNWI) 
  • Segment #7.   Family Offices Worldwide  
  • Segment #8.   Small Online Businesses (English-speaking) 
  • Segment #9.   Global General Population (With a minimum HDI [Human Development Index]  ranking of 0.70 - a total of 112 countries
  • Segment #10.   Local Small Businesses in Remote Villages of  Least Developed Countries (See the 2020 list of 47 countries with an HDI  [Human Development Index] ranking of 0.00  - 0.589
  • Segment #11.   General Population in Remote Villages of Least Developed Countries (See the 2020 list of 47 countries with an HDI  [Human Development Index] ranking of 0.00  - 0.589)

Resolving the Scarcity Dilemma.    Thus,  the scarcity dilemma facing  Segments #1 - 7, 10 and 11 of the Universe of Potential CloudCoin Stakeholders needs to be addressed by CloudCoin Consortium in an urgent fashion.   

The question is this:  How can CloudCoin Consortium allocate the distribution of the remaining 285 million CloudCoins  among these affected segments in a judicious, equitable, and practical way which is consistent with the vision and mission of CloudCoin?     

Allocation of CloudCoins to Sovereign Wealth Funds and Global Enterprises.   Therefore, I propose the following allocation of the remaining 285 million CloudCoins to these affected segments based on the respective Currency Exchange Values:

CloudCoin Currency Exchange Schedule & USD Exchange Value
  • January 1 - March 31, 2021 ::: @ $1000 per CloudCoin 
  • April 2021 ::: @  $2000 per CloudCoin
  • May 2021 :::  @  $3000 per CloudCoin
  • June 2021 :::  @  $4000 per CloudCoin
  • July 2021 :::  @  $5000 per CloudCoin
  • August 2021 :::  @ $6000 per CloudCoin
  • September 2021 :::  @ $7000 per CloudCoin
  • October 2021 :::  @ $8000 per CloudCoin
  • November 2021 :::  @ $9000 per CloudCoin
  • December 2021 :::  @ $10,000 per CloudCoin
  • From 2022 Onward ::: The Ultimate Trading Value of CloudCoin  based on the formula outlined under Reason #3.
The bottom line is this:  The early bird gets the worm.  For those who want to wait on the sidelines, they are welcome to do so at great cost to them.
Allocation to Potential CloudCoin Stakeholder By Segment

Segment #1.   Sovereign Wealth Funds ::  A total of  26,000,000 (26 million) CloudCoins will be allocated to 130 Countries on the basis of a maximum of   200,000 CloudCoins per country's Sovereign Wealth Fund. 
Segment #2.   Private Pension Funds ::  A total of  20,000,000 (20 million) CloudCoins will be allocated to 100 Pension Funds on the basis of a maximum of  200,000 CloudCoins per Pension Fund.

Segment #3.   Top 100 Emerging Market Enterprises (Corporate Treasury) ::  A total of  10,000,000 (10 million) CloudCoins will be allocated to 100  Emerging Market Enterprises on the basis of a maximum of  100,000  CloudCoins per Enterprise. 

Segment #4.   Top 100 Emerging Countries (Government Treasury) ::  A total of  10,000,000 (10 million) CloudCoins will be allocated to 100  Emerging Countries on the basis of a maximum of  100,000  CloudCoins per Government Treasury.

Segment #5.   Forbes Global 2000 Companies (Corporate Treasury)  ::  A total of  100,000,000 (100 million) CloudCoins will be allocated to 200 Forbes Global 2000 Enterprises on the basis of a maximum of  500,000  CloudCoins per Corporate Treasury. 

Segment #6.   Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals (UHNWI)   ::  A total of  100,000,000 (100 million) CloudCoins will be allocated to 200 Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals on the basis of a maximum of  500,000  CloudCoins per individual.

Segment #7.   Family Offices Worldwide ::  A total of  10,000,000 (10 million) CloudCoins will be allocated to 100  Family Offices Worldwide on the basis of a maximum of  100,000  CloudCoins per family office.
Segment #8.   Small Online Businesses (English-speaking) ::  Not Applicable. 
Segment #9.   Global General Population (With a minimum HDI [Human Development Index]  ranking of 0.70 - a total of 112 countries)  ::  Not Applicable. 

Segment #10.   Local Small Businesses in Remote Villages of  Least Developed Countries (See the 2020 list of 47 countries with an HDI    [Human Development Index] ranking of 0.00  - 0.589) ::    ::  Not Applicable. 

Segment #11.   General Population in Remote Villages of Least Developed Countries (See the 2020 list of 47 countries with an HDI  [Human Development Index] ranking of 0.00  - 0.589)  ::  A total of  1,000,000 (1 million) CloudCoins will be allocated to the General Population in such Remote Villages.    ::  Not Applicable. 

CloudCoin Allocation Summary

In summary, from the remaining 285 million CloudCoins now available for release in 2021,  a grand total of  276 million should be allocated to Segments #1-7 of the Universe of Potential CloudCoin Stakeholders for currency exchange transactions in 2021 directly through CloudCoin Consortium - and NOT through cryptocurrency exchanges.   That is critical to understand.  

These 276 million CloudCoins have a Currency Exchange Value in the range of USD $276 billion - $2.76 trillion for currency exchange transactions with CloudCoin Consortium.    
I will not waste any of my time to tell you what they are worth on these cryptocurrency exchanges.  
Now please pay special attention to the following information:   Once such allocation has been fully exhausted, then I highly recommend to all CloudCoin Whales  whose CloudCoins are stored on cryptocurrency exchanges to remove them from such exchanges for placement into cold storage or in their CloudCoin Wallet.   At which point, they may want to offer to release some of their CloudCoins to CloudCoin Consortium at the appropriate foregoing exchange rate for Sovereign Wealth Funds and Institutional Investors in order to meet the CloudCoin scarcity needs of these organizations.   

Reason #5.   CloudCoin Stabilization Fund.    I am fully aware that a number of Sovereign Wealth Funds ::: in fact, many other institutional investors as well as corporate and government treasuries ::: may be inclined to reserve judgment on the claim that the Intrinsic and Trading Value of CloudCoin mirrors that of Bitcoin.    

There is nothing wrong with that. It's human nature given that CloudCoin's exposure over the past four (4) years has been limited to the Global General Population instead of Corporate Enterprises, Institutions and Governments.  

Thus, for each Sovereign Wealth Fund CloudCoin Stakeholder,  I propose the establishment of a CloudCoin Stabilization Fund in their countryPlease pay special attention to the details I am about to provide.

Purpose of CloudCoin Stabilization Fund.   On the exact date of the Fifth-Year Anniversary of  an Original CloudCoin Currency Exchange transaction,  the Fund guarantees a Reverse CloudCoin Currency Exchange transaction based on the original exchange values.   

For Example,  

  • IF Sovereign Wealth Fund XYZ initiates on January 1, 2021 a Digital Currency Exchange transaction of 100,000 CloudCoins :: @ USD $1,000 per CloudCoin :: for a total amount of  $100 million,
  • THEN, on the exact date of January 1, 2026,  Sovereign Wealth Fund XYZ can exercise the option to initiate a reverse of the original transaction subject to meeting certain requirements.  In other words, only on that specific date,  Sovereign Wealth Fund XYZ can initiate a  reverse CloudCoin currency exchange transaction that will (a) transfer ALL 100,000 CloudCoins back to CloudCoin Consortium, and (b) deposit the full amount of the original transaction :: $100 million :: into the original disbursement bank account of the sovereign wealth fund. 
  • That means Sovereign Wealth Fund XYZ is allowed to initiate such reverse digital currency transaction only on the exact date of the Fifth Year Anniversary.    Not a day before.  Not a day after.  It must be for ALL 100,000 CloudCoins originally issued.  It must also be at the original exchange price per CloudCoin.   

Proposed Outline For CloudCoin Stabilization Fund.   Thus, I propose the following rationale,  recommendations, guidelines and procedures for the implementation of such fund in each country:

  • CloudCoin Stabilization Fund Is Optional.  The implementation of a CloudCoin Stabilization Fund is NOT a prerequisite for a CloudCoin Digital Currency Exchange transaction.  It is strictly Optional and is only available to Sovereign Wealth Funds,  Forbes Global 2000 and Other Equivalent Level Enterprises, and Governments  across the globe, (hereinafter referred to as "CloudCoin Stakeholder(s)")who have actually and fully completed a CloudCoin Digital Currency Exchange in accordance with all the terms of such transaction.        

Hence, NO FORMAL OR INFORMAL MEETINGS, DISCUSSIONS, ACTIVITIES AND TRANSACTIONS can either be conducted or take place, respectively :::  and NO IMPLIED OR EXPRESS  WARRANTIES can be provided ::: as an inducement to any potential CloudCoin Stakeholder to execute a CloudCoin Digital Currency Exchange transaction.    

Therefore, all meetings, discussions, activities and transactions emanating from BOTH parties regarding a CloudCoin Digital Currency Exchange with a Sovereign Wealth Fund MUST be 100% decoupled from any future discussions about a CloudCoin Stabilization Fund with any actual CloudCoin Stakeholder.

  • 30-Day Election Period For Participation In CloudCoin Stabilization Fund Program.   Upon successful conclusion of a CloudCoin Digital Currency Exchange transaction,  a Sovereign Wealth Fund will be provided with detailed instructions on how to elect to participate in the CloudCoin Stabilization Fund program.   

Such Sovereign Wealth Fund will be eligible to submit within 30 calendar days of the completion of such transaction a formal request to CloudCoin Consortium to set up a CloudCoin Stabilization Fund in their own country in accordance with the stated purpose of the CloudCoin Stabilization Fund program. 

  • Minimum Requirements For Launch of CloudCoin Stabilization Fund.   Upon completion of a successful CloudCoin Digital Currency Exchange ::: and CloudCoin Consortium's receipt of a formal request from the Sovereign Wealth Fund within the 30-day election period  to participate in the CloudCoin Stabilization Fund program ::: the Sovereign Wealth Fund must meet the following eligibility requirements:
    •  Within a maximum period of 30 days, the Sovereign Wealth Fund will obtain from the appropriate legislative and regulatory bodies and banking authorities within their country a full and official waiver of all existing regulatory requirements and bureaucratic red tape which may obstruct, impede or delay the launch of the CloudCoin Stabilization Fund by CloudCoin Consortium in their country in a completely transparent, seamless, and expeditious fashion.    
    • Upon receipt of such waiver, the Sovereign Wealth Fund will submit to CloudCoin Consortium proof of the country's official waiver and formal approval to CloudCoin Consortium to establish such CloudCoin Stabilization Fund with either their Central Bank or a local Commercial Bank.  
    • All CloudCoins acquired by the Sovereign Wealth Fund which are covered by the CloudCoin Stabilization Fund (e.g., CloudCoin Stabilization Fund of Norway)  must remain in a Custodial CloudCoin Digital Wallet.   

For security reasons, the Sovereign Wealth Fund must maintain physical custody of the digital wallet within a secure location at its Central Bank or a Commercial Bank.   

However, that being said, although the Sovereign Wealth Fund will have physical custody and 24-hour access to the Custodial CloudCoin Digital Wallet, it will only be able to view transaction history and balances.  It will NOT be able to conduct any CloudCoin transactions (i.e., no additional deposits or transfers of Cloudcoins).  CloudCoin Consortium will maintain permission access control to such wallet in order to enforce the terms of the CloudCoin Stabilization Fund.   

That means, even if your Custodial CloudCoin Digital Wallet is lost, stolen or compromised due to malfeasance, fraud, embezzlement or some force majeure event, your CloudCoins will still be secured and will also continue to be covered under the terms of the CloudCoin Stabilization Fund.

  • Reason Why The Stabilization Fund Must Be Located Within Your Country.    The reason is very simple.  CloudCoin Consortium has a moral and fiduciary obligation to exercise due diligence and due care to prevent the theft and arbitrary seizure by Foreign Powers of funds set aside to satisfy the obligations of the Stabilization Fund toward your country's Sovereign Wealth Fund.   
As well,  your government and Sovereign Wealth Fund are equally obligated to fully cooperate with CloudCoin Consortium with respect to all such actions taken to safeguard the assets of the Stabilization Fund.   In addition your government will indemnify CloudCoin Consortium from any and all legal, quasi-legal, illegal, contested and spurious actions taken by any Foreign Power or World Body to seize or freeze the assets of the Stabilization Fund.   Moreover,  your government will be required by CloudCoin Consortium to make whole upon demand  all such seized and stolen assets, irrespective of the final legal outcome in any court of law.   
The theft or seizure of such funds by a Foreign Power could be the result of unilateral sanctions,  coerced international sanctions, threats of economic sanctions,  extraterritorial court decisions, downright illegal actions,  extortion, blackmail, illegal arrests and detention,  extradition threats,  thuggish and strong arm tactics, internal destabilization threats, threats to destroy a country's  infrastructure, threats of military invasion,  threats to impose air and sea and land blockade,  human compromise operations,  any sort of ruse or pretext,  or any other reason.   

For Example, 

#1.  The recent theft of Venezuela's gold reserves by the Bank of England as well as the theft of all its other assets under the color of law in countries that are forced to do the bidding of certain Foreign Powers.
#2.  And trillions of dollars of other assets from hundreds of governments, entities, and specially designated individuals  that are frozen, confiscated, stolen and sold by Foreign Powers under the control or at the behest of a Foreign Power. 

  • Why Bother to Offer A Stabilization Fund Program?    That is the Ultimate Example of "Practice What You Preach" and "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is."
    • Practice What You Preach.   It's one thing to tell you what the Exchange Value of a CloudCoin is and how great of a transaction it is,  but the real question is:  What makes our claim any different than anybody else's out there especially when every serious investor knows that all activities in the equity and financial markets entail a certain amount of risks, and the greater the risk, the greater the reward? 
That is exactly our point.  CloudCoin is a real digital currency, a digital global reserve currency to be used as a hedge against the debasement of your official fiat currency and to diversify your treasury reserve assets.  And thus its acquisition should NOT be viewed as a Cryptocurrency InvestmentSecurities Investment or Property or Commodity purchase  subject to the vagaries of the financial markets and the state of the global financial system. 

And to back it up and prove our point that CloudCoin is indeed a real digital currency,  CloudCoin Consortium gives you the option to come back five (5) years later and say, "Here are my  CloudCoins and give me every single cent that I paid for them five years ago."   No questions asked.

Do you know of any cryptocurrency out there in the world that is bold and confident enough to give you that option?  Of course not!   Do you know of any stock out there that offers this option?  Of course not!  Do you know of any other securities investment that offers this option? Of course not!  Do you know of any commodity investment that offers this option?  Of course not!   Do you know of any precious metals investment that offers this option?  Of course not!  Do you know of any other alternative investment that offers this option?  Of course not!  
It's now time for me to play the devil's advocate.   Just in case you are thinking, "Well, that sounds great and all in theory, but how in hell do I know whether CloudCoin Consortium will be around five (5) years from now if I were to decide to exercise that option?"

You are absolutely correct because taking somebody's word is just not good enough.    That is a very valid and smart question.  The answer lies in the next item I am about to discuss:  Funding Provision For The CloudCoin Stabilization Fund. 

    •  Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.   That's what the next item Funding Provision For The CloudCoin Stabilization Fund is all about.  And the most important reason why CloudCoin Consortium must ensure that such  fund be exclusively dedicated to fulfilling its obligation toward Your Sovereign Wealth Fund and that it resides within the borders of your own country so that No Foreign Government can freeze, confiscate or steal those funds.  
For Example, Imagine the following scenario for Country XYZ:

      • On January 1, 2021 your Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF) initiates a CloudCoin Currency Exchange of 100,000 CloudCoins at a bargain exchange rate of US $1000 each for a grand total of $100 million.
      • On February 1, 2021  your SWF elects to participate in the CloudCoin Stabilization Fund program.  
      • On April 1, 2021  CloudCoin Stabilization Fund of XYZ is formally established at Central Bank XYZ. 
      • Over the next 4 years, a total of  $80 million has been deposited into the CloudCoin Stabilization Fund of XYZ at Central Bank of XYZ.
      • On January 15, 2025 the United States Government decides to impose sanctions against your government for failure to abide by US laws which forbid any government in the world from doing business or conducting any sort of banking transactions with Country ABC.
      • On February 15, 2025 your country tells the United States Government to go to hell and that Country XYZ is a sovereign country and, therefore, does not abide by the laws of any other nation.
      • On March 16, 2025 the US Government decides to freeze all XYZ funds held directly by your country in your international bank accounts as well as those held in trust by other entities or countries on behalf of your country.
      • Well, when your country received the news on March 17, 2025 that the funds in your international bank accounts had been frozen, confiscated, or stolen by the US Government,  your Sovereign Wealth Fund had One Consolation:    1) Your 100,000 CloudCoins could NOT be seized by the US government because CloudCoin Consortium REQUIRED your Sovereign Wealth Fund to maintain your Custodial Wallet in your own country -  XYZ.   2)  The bank account for the CloudCoin Stabilization Fund of XYZ is REQUIRED to be in your own country at Central Bank of XYZ  and thus the $80 million sitting in it could NOT be frozen, confiscated, or stolen by the US Government.   3)  Even if the US government had offered a reward to someone to steal your Custodial Wallet from Central Bank XYZ under color of law, the only thing they would be able to see is the Balance of CloudCoins in the wallet.  Not even a Quantum Computer would be able to breach the security in the wallet in order to conduct any transactions.  4)  In the absence of the Sovereign Wealth Fund's cooperation, CloudCoin Consortium would be completely helpless with respect to being able to assist any individual, organization, institution, or government in the theft or misappropriation of somebody else's CloudCoins. 
      • On January 1, 2026 your Sovereign Wealth Fund does NOT elect to conduct a reverse CloudCoin Currency Exchange.  
      • Therefore,  on January 4, 2026 CloudCoin Consortium withdraws the $80 million sitting in the bank account for the CloudCoin Stabilization Fund of XYZ.    
      • On November 30, 2027 the new exchange rate for CloudCoin is now $23,000 which comes to a grand total of $2.3 billion  for the 100,000 CloudCoins. 
The point being, without the CloudCoin Stabilization Fund program in place, the Sovereign Wealth Fund's 100,000 CloudCoins would have been seized or stolen by the US Government or any other Foreign Power.   Or the $80 million amount held in trust or reserve for the benefit of the Sovereign Wealth Fund would have been seized or stolen if such amount was pooled into or comingled within One Global CloudCoin Stabilization Fund in the United States or any other obedient Foreign Country.   Or the theft of CloudCoins by any government actor or other malevolent entity would have resulted in the total loss of these 100,000 CloudCoins now valued at $2.3 billion.  
  • Funding Provision For The CloudCoin Stabilization Fund.  CloudCoin Consortium will fund the stabilization fund in accordance with the following funding schedule:
    • On Year-1 Anniversary.  A deposit of 20% of the original CloudCoin Currency Exchange transaction will be made.
    • On Year-2 Anniversary.  A second deposit of 20% of the original CloudCoin Currency Exchange transaction will be made.
    • On Year-3 Anniversary.  A third deposit of 20% of the original CloudCoin Currency Exchange transaction will be made.
    • On Year-4 Anniversary.  A fourth deposit of 20% of the original CloudCoin Currency Exchange transaction will be made by Cloudcoin Consortium.
    • Upon receipt of a 30-Day Advance Notification of Intention to Initiate a Reverse CloudCoin Currency Exchange transaction, CloudCoin Consortium will initiate a fifth and final deposit  of  20% of the original CloudCoin Currency Exchange transaction On Year-5 Anniversary.   
Otherwise, a transfer of the fund balance to the CloudCoin Consortium Depository Account in the United States will take place on the day AFTER the Year-5 Anniversary date. 
Reason #6.   Sovereign Wealth Funds Now Have An Opportunity To Evolve and Spearhead an Alternative Financial System.    As we all know, a sovereign wealth fund is the venture capital arm of a federal government whose mandate is to be a responsible steward of a country's surplus reserves in order to meet certain strategic,  domestic, economic and geopolitical objectives.   Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, I invite you to read the very best article on this subject that I have ever come across on the internet, authored by Orinola Gbadebo-Smith :::  The Wealth of Nations: Investment Strategies of Sovereign Wealth Funds    

However, that being said, the aforementioned paradigm shift toward a new global financial system that is now taking place demands - in fact, necessitates - that sovereign wealth funds deviate from their traditional role and use that opportunity to evolve and become The Tip of The Spear of an Alternative Financial System within their very own country.   An alternative financial system which is able to co-exist with their current local economy and the current global financial system.

I already know what you are thinking and I can hear alarm bells ringing all over the place throughout your mind.  Instinctively, every single nation in the world is fully aware that "Whoever controls the global financial system, controls the world"  and that the concept of statehood and national sovereignty is really just an illusion.    

Right now, there is only One Country in the world which seems to control the global financial system.   I'll let you guess which one it is.   Therefore, no country in the world will dare to do anything or take any action which indicates a trend toward total independence,  or a direct break,  from the dictates of the current global financial system lest it become the poster boy for what happens to those who dare to attempt to defy or subvert the status quo. 

However, there is no reason for you to be alarmed for the simple reason that this proposed and emerging Alternative Financial System and the current global financial system are NOT mutually exclusive.  
Lending your support to this emerging Alternative Financial System does NOT mean that Your Country is challenging the current global financial system.
The only thing that Your Country would be doing is this:  Not getting in the way of this emerging alternative financial system in the same way that the United States government took a "hands-off" approach with respect to the emergence of the World Wide Web back in 1993 by refusing to accede to the demands of various states and cities and municipalities to be able to tax both the internet and interstate commerce over the internet.   

In fact, the US government did just the opposite.  The 105th Congress passed the Internet Tax Freedom Act of 1998   which granted a 10-Year Moratorium on any sort of taxation or legislation or regulation intended to stifle, constrain, impede, or shape the future of the development of the World Wide Web and the internet.    Such legislation received a number of short-term extensions until it finally became permanent law on February 24, 2016.   It allowed the World Wide Web and the internet to run its course unimpeded by the Status Quo and all the other Powers-That-Be who saw the internet as a genuine threat to their dominance and survival, or just another golden goose, or other taxable item. 
This one single piece of legislation made possible the Internet as we now know it.  It made possible the emergence of Google, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Apple, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.  The entire world owes a debt of gratitude to the 105th Congress of the United States government.
In essence, I propose that Your Country take the very same approach that the United States government took in 1998.  Introduce a Digital Asset Tax Freedom Act of 2021 in your Congress that will immediately grant legal tender status to CloudCoin, Bitcoin and, if feasible or possible, all other cryptocurrencies and digital currencies;  and, at the very least, institute a 10-Year Moratorium on any sort of taxation or legislation or regulation intended to stifle, constrain, impede, or shape the future of the development of this alternative financial system.
As well, such legislation will exempt these digital assets from having to comply with  any existing international, federal, state, local, and municipal legislations, regulations, and laws (including, without limitation, those pertaining to KYC and AML requirements) which currently govern financial transactions within the current global financial system. 

No different than what the United States government did when ALL the telecommunications and other public utility companies wanted Congress to subject the Internet to the very same rules that applied to them.  The 105th Congress recognized that the Internet Service Providers were not in the same league as the huge telephone companies and other public utility conglomerates; and thus decided to refuse to stifle innovation and unduly burden a brand new experiment with great potential for the future of mankind.   They were wise and right in their decision, something that we can all agree on today.

In a nutshell, let this alternative financial system run its natural course unimpeded by demands from various sectors of the local economy, the status quo,  and the powers-that-be of the global financial system - and see what happens. 

Reason #7.   I Will Let You Figure It Out For Yourself.     Once you have a chance to think about the following questions, Reason #7 will come to you like the flick of a lightbulb switch:   
  • Question #1.   Let's assume that you decide not to heed the advice and recommendations in this document as to why your sovereign wealth fund should immediately initiate a Currency Exchange for CloudCoin.  And that it is strictly because you are resistant to change or scared shitless about the consequences or ramifications.  
Let us also assume that your Sovereign Wealth Fund has been very successful throughout the years and has generated very impressive returns on its portfolio of investments scattered all over world.  
Now what happens if the United States government passes a law out of Washington D.C. which states that any country which engages in trade with Country Z - not your country - will be subject to sanctions by the US government, including, without limitation, restriction from access to the global financial system and seizure of its cash reserves and all other financial assets and property held anywhere in the world?

Given such scenario, how many countries and businesses and institutions around the globe do you believe would strongly react to such extraterritorial law, defy the will of the United States government, and come to that country's rescue?

  • Question #2.   What if your country - a strong ally and friend of the US government - decided to take a stance against such extraterritorial law as a matter of principles and national sovereignty and proceeded to do business with Country Z?
  • Question #3.   At a recent press briefing in December 2020, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg lamented, “I regret that we are in a situation where NATO allies have to impose sanctions on each other,” do you believe that your country has cause to worry about such developments? 
  • Question #4.   What if the US government applied severe sanctions against your country in order to make an example out of your country so that other countries - friend or foe - will not get the wrong idea and be tempted to disobey or ignore the dictates of the US government?  
  • Question #5.   What if such sanctions caused the devaluation of your currency to such an extent that millions of your citizens have become destitute and unable to afford the basic necessities of life?  
  • Question #6.   What if you refused to kowtow to the US and it imposed the maximum punishment against your country (i.e., utilized the nuclear option):  expulsion of your Central Bank from the current global financial system?
  • Question #7.    Once biting and devastating sanctions have destroyed your currency and economy, do you believe that, then and only then,  would be the right time for your government  to allow your citizens to begin to develop a thriving economy based on an Alternative Financial System in your country that is able to co-exist with the current global financial system?
  • Question #8.     Once your country's Central Bank has been expelled from the current global financial system,  do you believe that, then and only then,  would be the right time for your government  to allow your citizens to begin to develop a thriving economy based on an Alternative  Financial  System in your country that is able to co-exist with the current global financial system?
  • Question #9.     Can you think of any country in the world in recent memory whose economy and currency has been devastated by biting and debilitating sanctions from the US government?
  • Question #10.     Can you think of any country in the world in recent memory which has been expelled from the global financial system?    
  • Question #11.    Do you believe that none of these questions could ever apply to your country either now or in the future? 
  • Question #12.    If not now, then when do you think it will ever be the right time to allow your citizens to begin to develop a thriving economy based on an Alternative Financial  System in your country that is able to co-exist with the current global financial system?
  • Question #13.    If your country allowed its citizens to begin to develop a thriving economy based on an Alternative Financial  System within your country that is able to co-exist with the current global financial system, do you believe that your country would be immune ::: or, at the very least, be much more resistant ::: to the sort of economic devastation and destruction of a country's official currency which has plagued many other countries in recent memory?
  • Question #14.    If your country allowed its citizens to begin to develop a thriving economy based on an Alternative Financial  System within your country that is able to co-exist with the current global financial system ::: in the event of a collapse of the current global financial system, on a scale similar to the 2008 global financial crisis or some apocalyptic event  ::: do you believe that your country would be immune ::: or, at the very least, be much more resistant ::: to the sort economic devastation and resulting pain to the population that would ensue from such collapse?
  • Question #15.    If every single country allowed their citizens to begin to develop a thriving economy based on an Alternative Financial  System  within their country that is able to co-exist with the current global financial system, do you believe that their country would be immune ::: or, at the very least, be much more resistant ::: to the sort of economic devastation and destruction of a country's official currency which has plagued many other countries in recent memory?
  • Question #16.    If every single country allowed their citizens to begin to develop a thriving economy based on an Alternative Financial  System  within their country that is able to co-exist with the current global financial system :::  and they formed an economic alliance of countries with Alternative Financial Systems which can transact with each other completely outside of the current global financial system ::: do you believe that their country would be 100% immune  from the sort of sanctions and resulting economic devastation and destruction of a country's official currency which has plagued many other countries in recent memory?
  • Question #17.    If every single country allowed their citizens to begin to develop a thriving economy based on an Alternative Financial  System  within their country that is able to co-exist with the current global financial system :::  and they formed an economic alliance of countries with Alternative Financial Systems which can transact with each other completely outside of the current global financial system ::: do you believe that such alliance would serve as a credible and powerful deterrent from being targeted for sanctions by nefarious countries and the resulting economic devastation and destruction of a country's official currency which has plagued many other countries in recent memory?
  • Question #18.    Do you believe in the old Benjamin Franklin adage, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"?
Reason #8.   It's In Your Country's Best Interests.  It's Common Sense.   Other than the fact that it is in your country's best interests as well as for the well-being of your people, suffice it to say that it's just plain common sense.    Your government ::: specifically your Sovereign Wealth Fund ::: will make history in the same fashion that the 105th Congress of the United States Government made history,  in the sense that it will be instrumental in ushering in a new era for your people and, in general, the whole of mankind.  

It's common sense from the following standpoint:

  • IMAGINE your Sovereign Wealth Fund being a Farmer who has devoted some of his assets and financial resources toward buying a lot of chickens (CloudCoins) for his farm.  
  • However, the Farmer (Sovereign Wealth Fund) forbids or makes it very difficult and inconvenient for his customers to freely buy, sell or eat chicken and eggs  (for his people to legally and comfortably develop a thriving economy based on CloudCoin) by introducing a series of warnings, announcements, pronouncements, rules, regulations, and dictates based on a number of spurious claims, assumptions, and reasonings that  ::: being able to develop a thriving economy based on the inclusion of chicken and eggs (CloudCoins) ::: could result in a lot of criminal activities, money laundering, drug trafficking, human trafficking, and prostitution (which you and I know full well is nothing but a lot of bullshit).     
  • In fact, it is no secret that you and I both know that your government feels that it has no other choice but to take such official position and parrot such spurious claims in order to abide by the laws of the United States Government.    Thus the reason why 130 countries surveyed in 2018 by the Global Research Center of The Law Library of Congress (of the United States of America) gave nearly identical answers with respect to the Regulation of Cryptocurrency Around the World.    That list of countries even includes China, now the world's largest economy, and Russia.  

Thence, for anyone with an ounce of common sense and intelligence, it's obvious that something is amiss.   Either your political leaders all lack common sense and intelligence or  are either agents or subalterns of the United States government.    

I prefer to believe it's the latter.  In which case, you now have an ideal opportunity to make things right by your people and do what is in the best interests of your nation.  

  • Therefore, instead of just thinking about making a spectacular profit on the sale of your chickens and eggs (CloudCoins), it's only common sense that you would want everybody in town (everybody in your country) to learn as much as they can about chickens (CloudCoins) so that a thriving chicken-based economy (CloudCoin-based economy)  can develop around your chicken farm.  
  • However, that being said, that doesn't mean that you are going to stop breeding, raising and selling pigs, goats, turkeys, cows as well as producing milk and eating beef.   The same applies to all other animals you have been raising on your farm.  

In other words, the act of raising chickens and other animals is not mutually exclusive.  Chickens and eggs can co-exist with other animals on your farm. 

Thus, Your decision to embrace CloudCoin as a digital global reserve currency ::: and then help shepherd legislation that will grant legal tender status to CloudCoin ::: in order to allow your citizens to begin to develop a thriving economy based on an Alternative Financial  System within your country that is able to co-exist with the current global financial system ::: is nothing short of being an evolutionary and revolutionary move in the history of your country and mankind.  Congratulations!

JAPAN granted legal tender status to Bitcoin in April of 2017.  Japan is the only country in the world to have made such a visionary and revolutionary move for a decentralized cryptocurrency.  As a matter of fact, I invite Japan to also  grant legal tender status to CloudCoin.   Your country, through Your Sovereign Wealth Fund's initiative, will be able to join such visionary club and group of enlightened nations by granting legal tender status to CloudCoin, the very first digital global reserve currency.

Reason #9.   CloudCoin Performance Index.    Now that your Sovereign Wealth Fund has initiated a Currency Exchange for CloudCoins;  made a visionary and revolutionary move to follow the lead of the 105th Congress of the United States by initiating legislation that will grant a 10-Year Moratorium on any sort of taxation or legislation or regulation whose net effect is guaranteed to stifle, constrain, impede, or shape the future of the development of this alternative financial system (i.e., adopted a complete laissez-faire approach); it's obvious that your government and,  most importantly, Your Sovereign Wealth Fund will want to know how well things are developing as a result of these decisions.  Therefore, it's now time to give you the good news.   

Since you've done your part, it's now time for CloudCoin Consortium to do its part.  Therefore, I propose the establishment of a CloudCoin Performance Index whose task will be to monitor on a daily basis the development of this thriving CloudCoin-based economy and Alternative  Financial  System  within your country.    

One CloudCoin Performance Monitor will reside within, and be exclusively assigned to, your country in order to interface with the appropriate parties and officials of your Sovereign Wealth Fund. 

Just in case you are tempted to ask, "How is that going to work and who will be paying for this?" the answer is:
You will NOT have to establish another layer of bureaucracy in your country.  All monitoring activities and a highly  Confidential Annual CloudCoin Performance Index report for your own country will come to you courtesy of  the CloudCoin Performance Index arm of CloudCoin Consortium.

Reason #10.   CloudCoin Digital Currency Exchange Fund.    Think of it as being the digital equivalent of  a combination of  the world's leading and only 100% decentralized digital currency exchange and a modern-day version of Bank of International Settlements that is strictly designed for the settlement of digital currencies - NOT cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies. 

Please note that the CloudCoin Digital Currency Exchange Fund is NOT designed to compete with or replace existing cryptocurrency exchanges or your current memberships in any existing institutions which comprise the current global financial system. 

Within one year of becoming a CloudCoin Stakeholder, each Sovereign Wealth Fund will be assigned a quantum-proof  Special Purpose Fund and Binary Option Wallet (i.e., with both custodial and non-custodial features) which will allow it to conduct Secure Peer-To-Peer digital currency exchange transactions with other Sovereign Wealth Funds across the globe as well as with Cloudcoin Consortium.   

Optional Feature for Sovereign Wealth Funds and Government Treasuries.   Such Special Purpose Fund and Binary Option Wallet can also be used to facilitate fiat currency transactions through ONLY your own country's Central Bank, Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), and Commercial Banks.    This may require an annual membership fee.

Custom implementation and fee information is available upon completion of CloudCoin acquisition and upon request.  Complimentary Training will be provided to appropriate personnel.

Reason #11.   CloudCoin Regulatory Compliance.    No, we are NOT talking about compliance with YOUR country's regulations, arcane laws, needlessly cumbersome procedures and, most of all, hypocritical reasons for seeking to invade the privacy of others and maintain totalitarian control.  

Nor are we talking about any other country's laws.   Instead we are talking about a set of Universal best practices, policies and procedures that CloudCoin Consortium itself will use when evaluating any potential  Sovereign Wealth Fund client.   

The criteria used in evaluating each new Sovereign Wealth Fund or Enterprise Client are as follows:

  • Transparency.    The Consortium will only deal with Principals whose identities and positions within their government, Sovereign Wealth Fund, or Public Corporate Enterprises are well known and readily available on the internet.   No dealing whatsoever with third parties or a bunch of scum bags and shady characters claiming to be acting on behalf of a government or sovereign wealth fund.   All transactions must be transparent and made through the current global financial system.   No suitcases full of cash, etc. 
  • Noninterference in the Affairs of Sovereign Nations.   If a country is currently under sanctions imposed by the US government and a request for a CloudCoin Currency Exchange with their Sovereign Wealth Fund is deemed  to be in contravention of such sanctions regime, then CloudCoin Consortium must refrain from proceeding with such transaction.  

However, that being said, should sanctions be imposed AFTER a CloudCoin Currency Exchange has been consummated, then such sanctions will be considered null and void and without effect since the Consortium will no longer have any control over any subsequent actions taken by such Sovereign Wealth Fund.      

  • Privacy.    The Consortium will never make any official public or private announcement on any medium regarding any of its clients - Sovereign Wealth Funds or Enterprise Clients.  However, these clients are free to release such information on their own. 
  • Confidentiality.    When dealing with governmental entities, CloudCoin Consortium is bound by a Confidentiality Agreement with each and every single Sovereign Wealth Fund which basically states that ALL information that CloudCoin Consortium may or may not have about a Sovereign Wealth Fund Client is Confidential and Proprietary.   And thus cannot and will not be disclosed to any other government or institution anywhere in the world, even if such Sovereign Wealth Fund releases the Consortium from such obligation.   
That means the Consortium will NOT be able to comply with any subpoena or National Security Letter from any government anywhere in the world in order to provide information on any sovereign wealth fund.  In turn, such Sovereign Wealth Fund must agree to indemnify CloudCoin Consortium from any legal ramifications and all liabilities incurred.   However, such Sovereign Wealth Fund is free to release such confidential  information on its own.
  • Security.    The security of all transactions and interactions is of paramount importance.  Therefore, any attempt by a potential Sovereign Wealth Fund client to attempt to circumvent the security procedures that are put in place for all onboarding activities and interactions will not be tolerated and be cause for immediate termination of all discussions.
  • Principled Leadership.    At all times, the Consortium must be able to ask and obtain a satisfactory answer to this one question regarding every single individual representing or acting on behalf of a Sovereign Wealth Fund:  

Who are we dealing with, what do they want from us, and what kind of response do they expect from us? 

In fact, that is a universal requirement for each and every single person and organization that the Consortium comes into contact with.  Therefore, we can only judge people and organizations by their actions (words and deeds).  

Being willfully ignorant of whom CloudCoin Consortium is dealing with will be the death knell for this Alternative Financial System experiment.   For the simple reason that the mentality and actions of Unprincipled Leaders -- and dealing with unprincipled leaders -- are the single point of failure in every single organization or institution.

In a nutshell, that's all there is to it!   There is no laundry list of rules and regulations to abide by.  

Reason #12.   Financial System Diversity and Change Should Be Welcomed and Appreciated.   Having more than one financial system in your country should be a source of pride, innovation, and confidence instead of a threat to the status quo.   Here in the United States of America, quite a number of state legislatures are advocating for legislation at both state and federal levels  that will grant legal tender status to gold as an alternative currency that can co-exist with the US dollar, any proposed Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), and the current global financial system.  Hence, the introduction of an Alternative Financial System should be welcomed and appreciated.  

A recent article in The Gold Observer on December 3, 2020 by Jan Nieuwenhuijs :: Central Bank of Uzbekistan Introduces Parallel Currency: Gold  :: is an illustration of such trend. 

Thus, CloudCoin can co-exist with your country's Central Bank, Commercial Banks, the future launch of any Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC),  as well as all respective financial institutions which comprise your current Global Financial System.   

There is absolutely no need to insist or require that CloudCloin comply with all existing rules and regulations of the current global financial system (e.g., KYC, AML, and all the other arcane and idiotic legislations and standards).   Nor should CloudCoin be integrated into the current global financial system.  That would be the equivalent of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

It's no different than having separate branches of the military.   They all have the same goal although different means of accomplishing such goal.   Therefore, there is absolutely no reason why the US Air Force, US Navy, US Army, US Marines, US Space Force, Navy Seals, Green Berets, etc. cannot co-exist with each other.   In fact, they do co-exist with each other.    It's all part of the evolution process.

Reason #13.   CloudCoin Think Tank.   Each Sovereign Wealth Fund should appoint a representative to CloudCoin Think Tank.   It's 100% virtual.  It's organized.  Let's think about how each Sovereign Wealth Fund can integrate this Alternative Financial System in their country's economy in a seamless fashion.  We all have a gift, what's yours?  

Reason #14.   CloudCoin Ethical Board.     Staying focused on the vision and mission of CloudCoin is easier said than done for the simple reason that "human frailty" is always susceptible to taking the easy way out,   looking the other way,  or looking for the path of least resistance when it comes to making really tough decisions.  

Therefore, whenever any single CloudCoin Stakeholder is confronted with such challenge or dilemma,  it's reassuring to know that CloudCoin Ethical Board can be convened in order to weigh in on such matters.      The number one guiding principle  should always be based on the a priori ethical code, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."  The head of each Sovereign Wealth Fund Client should receive an invitation to join.

In Conclusion:   You Are All Invited to Go The Last Mile of CloudCoin

Although this document is particularly intended to address the important role that Sovereign Wealth Funds can play in the evolution of an Alternative Financial System within their own country ::: which can peacefully and harmoniously co-exist  with the current global financial system and the Status Quo :::  as well as be of tremendous financial, social, cultural and political benefit to their respective country and people ::: I would be remiss if I failed to mention, without exception,  that :::

  • ALL Major Corporations in every single country, 
  • ALL Leading Private and Public Pension Funds,  
  • ALL Leading Emerging Countries,  
  • ALL Least Developed Countries,   
  • ALL Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals, and 
  • ALL of  the Wealthiest Families,  (e.g., The Walton, The Mars,  The Koch, The Al Saud, The Ambani,  The Dumas, The Wertheimer, The Johnson, The Boehringer and von Baumbach, The Albrecht, at least a dozen trillionaires  unknown to the public,  and numerous other families) 

::: across the globe ::: stand to equally benefit from Going The Last Mile of CloudCoin.   Therefore, you are ALL invited to join CloudCoin. 

Thus, to any Intelligent Observer and keen student of evolution, my proposal to engage with Sovereign Wealth Funds in order to set the stage for the development of an Alternative Financial System on a country-by-country basis which can co-exist with the current global financial system is devoid of polemic and definitely NOT a call to tear down the foundation of the current global financial system.   

Nor is it a rallying cry for Libertarians, Socialists, Other Ideologues of all colors and stripes and persuasions, as well as Revolutionaries, Demagogues, Polemicists and Anarchists who would want to subvert the Old World Order and bring about a New World Order.   For the simple reason that The March of History has taught us all too well that those who clamor today for Freedom, Democracy, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity eventually become, without fail,  The Tyrants, Dictators, Oppressors, Butchers and Monsters of tomorrow.  

Rather, I view this Invitation to Sovereign Wealth Funds to Go The Last Mile of CloudCoin as a practical and brilliant move toward the evolution of our current global financial system.    A Call for Evolutionaries instead of revolutionaries.   

Let Us Manifest!


Personal Disclaimer:  The entire content of this article represents my own personal views, analyses and recommendations based on a tremendous body of knowledge acquired over a lifetime and is not being sponsored by any individual, organization, institution or any other entity.   Nor have I sought to obtain or obtained any sort of approval  or clearance to divulge any of the information contained herein.   Although I am a CloudCoin Stakeholder, I am NOT an official of CloudCoin Consortium. 

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