Thursday, March 25, 2021

Launch of Virtual Organization Advisors


The New Virtual Organization World

It's a New Principled and Civilized World, It's Virtual and It's Organized

Being the founder of the Virtual Organization Management discipline, my focus over the last 20+ years has always been on the "virtual organization management education" and "100% experiential virtual organization leadership  training" aspects of the discipline through Virtual Organization Management Institute ("VOMI"), Virtual Organization Management Institute Repository, Virtual Organization Leadership, VOMI Virtual Organization Academy, VOMI Executive-In-Residence, and through VOMI Global Think Tank in the form of Virtual Organization Internships and Postdoctoral Virtual Organization Fellowships.  

My reasoning was very simple.   Our experience over the years has shown that it was completely useless to engage in any discussions with ::: and offer advice on virtual organizations  to ::: people and organizations who didn't have a clue as to what the hell a virtual organization is.     

Think about this for one quick second:   

Imagine yourself a Military Warfare Strategist  (Virtual Organization Leadership Executive) getting a request to offer advice on military strategy (virtual organizations, virtual organization management and virtual organization leadership) to a bunch of cowboys and gunslingers (work from home employees) who know absolutely nothing about the military (virtual organizations).   It makes no sense.  

The point being, you can only offer advice on military strategy to the military.  Talking to cowboys and gunslingers about military strategy is a complete waste of time.  Where do you begin?  

Thus the reason why I opted to focus on the virtual organization education and training aspects of the discipline prior to offering advice on "virtual organizations."

So, why this sudden change of heart with the launch of Virtual Organization Advisors?   

Frankly, not much at all has changed.  It's just that this time around I have been inundated with a bunch of questions regarding the role of DAOs (Distributed Autonomous Organizations), Immersive Technologies (Artificial Intelligence - AI, Artificial General Intelligence - AGI, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality,  Holographic Telepresence, etc.) and other Technology Platforms within virtual organizations from well-meaning individuals and micro-consulting organizations whose Forbes Global 2000  and Venture Capital clients are totally clueless about virtual organizations.  

They seem very interested in the technology aspects of organizations which allow "Remote Workers - Work From Home Employees" to function in some sort of virtual environment and thus keep bandying about and using the term "virtual organization" in a haphazard fashion.   

Of course, I am fully aware that the global pandemic has played a big role in this sudden upsurge of genuine interest in virtual organizations.  Nonetheless, better late than never.

Thus the need to share with them some deep insights into the definition and role of virtual organizations as well as point them in the right direction with respect to currently available resources on virtual organizations.    

And being the pioneer and founder of the virtual organization management discipline and the world's foremost expert on all things related to virtual organizations, virtual organization management, and virtual organization leadership :::  as well as the founder of  just about every single bona fide virtual organization in the world :::  I believe that the time is now opportune to introduce to the world of virtual organizations those who have a genuine interest and urgent need to learn more about virtual organizations.

To begin your introduction to the world of virtual organizations,  go to Virtual Organization Advisors.

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