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The Virtual Organization Leadership Proof Is in the Coronavirus Virtual Leadership Challenge


The New Virtual Organization World

It's a New Principled and Civilized World, It's Virtual and It's Organized

It goes without saying that never before in the entire history of mankind have Leaders from every single field and industry throughout the entire globe been so simultaneously faced with a greater existential challenge:  The Existential Coronavirus Leadership Challenge.     

Moreover, with respect to industry, governments, educational institutions and all other institutions, and all religions across the globe, this existential challenge is further compounded by the Coronavirus Virtual Leadership Challenge.    In other words, How Can They Lead Effectively In a Virtual Environment?   The key word being, "Effectively."

Virtual Chaos

To paraphrase, for 95% of these executives, their honest answer is:   
We are doing the best we can under the circumstances until things can finally get back to normal or the "new normal."   However, that being said, the one lesson that we have learned from this tragedy is that, having been caught flat-footed this time around,  we need to be better prepared the next time around to deal with any sort of business continuity challenges on a global scale - not just another global pandemic. 

The School of Hard Knocks

Unfortunately,  these executives  had to learn from the school of hard knocks that Leadership in a Virtual Environment ("Virtual Leadership") clearly amounts to Virtual Chaos and is NOT a substitute for Organizational Leadership in a brick and mortar environment OR  the Virtual Organization Leadership model of governance and Virtual Organization Management discipline  pioneered by Virtual Organization Management Institute and Virtual Organization Leadership  over the past 24  years ::: since none of them could have anticipated the global extent of such massive disruption of society. 

As well, this Remote Worker frenzy has opened up a Real Can of Worms 
and unleashed a real Circus and Carnival of so-called Remote Workforce Experts, Remote Workforce Pioneers, World-Renowned Remote Workforce Speakers (with a PhD having nothing to do with Virtual Leadership attached to their name)Remote  Workforce Executive Coaches,  Remote Workforce Trainers with over 40 years of experience (don't laugh!),  Remote Workforce Gurus, Remote Workforce Psychologists, etc. :: who are feverishly doling out advice on social media and mainstream media on How to Keep the Remote Workforce Healthy, Safe, Secure, Engaged and Motivated :: as well as trying to peddle their next potential bestseller book.  

Ask any of them, "What is the difference between Virtual Leadership and Virtual Organization Leadership?" and carefully observe their response.    None of them will tell you "I really don't know."  

In Conclusion

Regrettably, and with deep sorrow, the Coronavirus Leadership Challenge turned out to be The One Irrefutable Proof that Virtual Leadership is NOT a substitute for the Virtual Organization Leadership model of governance pioneered by Virtual Organization Management Institute and Virtual Organization Leadership since 1997.    

The "We'll Cross That Bridge When We Get There" mentality and response that I used to receive from my colleagues over the past 20 years has proven to be disastrous for every single organization and institution across the globe.   Hopefully, we have all learned from our failings and will take the necessary steps to move forward.    It's finally Time to Cross That Bridge!

Next Steps

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