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Exclusive Guide for Virtual Residential Community Consortium Members

The New Virtual Organization World
It's a New Principled World, It's Virtual, and It's Organized

What in the world is a Virtual Residential Community and why should I be jumping up and down with joy and excitement for an opportunity to be a part of this Virtual Residential Community Consortium?

To answer the first part of your question,  that information is already included in the following article I wrote back in January 2014 titled "My Vision of The New Virtual Organization World" under the subheader The Rapid Proliferation and Importance of Virtual Residential Communities (“VRC”) Around the Globe.

To answer the second part of your question,  it is an ABSOLUTE MUST that you take the time to read that entire section for this very simple reason:  It encapsulates the vision behind a Virtual Residential Community and our mission.  That section is, in essence, A Blueprint for All Future Virtual Residential Communities Around the Globe.

If upon reading that article section you disagree with the Vision behind a Virtual Residential Community, our Blueprint and Mission, then there is no need for you to waste any time reading the rest of this article.

Moreover, you will also find a video presentation on the Virtual Residential Community Consortium website which provides more information as to why this is such an awesome opportunity for the "right organization."

However, that being said, we would NOT want you to be a part of Virtual Residential Community Consortium if all you are interested in are the "huge economic benefits" that all members will certainly derive from their membership in the Consortium.   Therefore, Don't Be An Idiot or Lazy!   Invest the necessary amount of effort needed to be well-informed about such an important decision because WE DON'T WANT YOU in our midst if  all that you are looking for is someone to give you a good SALES PITCH in order to convince you to join the consortium and Make a Quick Buck.   If you lack the intelligence, foresight  or level of sophistication needed to understand the opportunity being presented before you, then GOOD RIDDANCE! 

Suffice it to say, the Virtual Residential Community will one day replace every single ghetto, slum and public housing project around the world;  it will introduce every single public school student (from Grades 1 through 12) living in such community to the Virtual Organization Management discipline and the world of virtual organizations I call:: The New Virtual Organization World.     As well, all parents and other adults inhabiting these communities will be required to participate in and obtain Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Training, Assessment and Certification and the Virtual Organization Leadership Executive designation:: AND will work directly from home in a 100% virtual organization environment.  

Moreover, there will be many niche Virtual Residential Communities sprouting out all over the globe catering to the upper middle class, upper class, wealthy, rich, super rich, and most influential members of society.

In fact,  Virtual Residential Communities will be an integral and indispensable part of the infrastructure of  The New Virtual Organization World:: a world that we are all headed toward whether we want to or not:: and it's not a matter of if but when.       

Alright, now that you have done your homework and have been sufficiently introduced to the Virtual Residential Community Consortium,  this guide will show you how every single Virtual Residential Community Consortium Member, including any potential investors,  can properly leverage their membership in the consortium in order to take advantage of an avalanche of opportunities in The New Virtual Organization World.

Basic Facts You Need to Be Aware Of

1.  What is The New Virtual Organization World?

Here is the best way to answer that question:   Imagine yourself having a little baby boy just born into the world we now live in.   By the time, he is 2 years old and able to talk, he asks you "Dad, what is the world?" And you stop right dead in your tracks trying to figure out the best way to answer that question to a 2-year old child with a limited vocabulary and understanding of anything that this world is about.

That's when you realize that, no matter what answer you give, it's going to lead to a million more questions, with each answer becoming more and more confusing to your little baby boy.  So, at the end of the day,  instead of teaching that little kid something about the world that we live in,  what you've really done is, "confuse the hell out of him, make him feel dumb for not knowing anything at all, and scared to death to ask you any more questions about this world."

Well, here is the best answer for any little baby boy:  "Son, it's a place where we all live. It's all around us wherever you are and wherever you go."  And for each question that he asks after that, every answer that you give him will be "Yes!" and he's going to feel very smart and confident in himself about his new knowledge.    And as he gets older and begins to deal with the complexities and nuances of life in this world, he'll one day realize that "the world is really a place that we are all born into:: we have no choice in the matter:: and whatever else that we think that the world is, and whatever each and every single one of us makes of it, is really up to us and no one else."

Well, to use that same analogy, here is the best answer to the question about The New Virtual Organization World (since you are really a baby boy or girl when it comes to this new world):  "Son (or My Little Princess)--excuse the humor--when you join any Virtual Organization Consortium, you are automatically born into The New Virtual Organization World:: just like a baby boy or girl born into the world we now live in.   It's a place where we all live.   It's all around us wherever we are and wherever we go. And soon it will be like that for everybody else, regardless as to whether or not they want to:: it's not a matter of if but when." 

And as you begin to mature (or get older) and experience the complexities and nuances of life in The New Virtual Organization World, you'll realize that, whatever else that we think that The New Virtual  Organization World is, and whatever each and every single one of us makes of it,  is really up to us and no one else.   And then you'll come to understand why there was no single answer or explanation to that question and that "being born into this new virtual organization world" is all that matters::  and that sooner or later, given the passage of time, we will all eventually find out on our own (from a perception standpoint) what this world is really all about.

And before you know it, you'll be going out on lecture circuits talking about--and being recognized worldwide as one of the Gurus, Pioneers and Founders of--The New Virtual Organization World.

2.   You Need to Be Born Into The New Virtual Organization World.   

Now that you have a rudimentary knowledge of what this world is about, you can clearly understand the need to be born into it in order to participate in it and associate with its inhabitants:: and there is absolutely no way around that.   Just like a baby who is still in their mother's womb can't begin to live and participate in the world,  the same thing applies for all newcomers to The New Virtual Organization World.   You can't remain stuck in the Womb of the Brick and Mortar World and, at the same time, expect to be able to participate in The New Virtual Organization World.

In other words, you need to submit an application to join the Virtual Residential Community Consortium  in order to have any  discussions about your participation in it:: there is absolutely no way around that.  

If you are a potential Investor, Lender or Other Member of the Financial Services Industry, please note we are already aware of the fact that 99.999% of you operate like "horses with blinders" and have a great deal of difficulty understanding the need to be part of a consortium in order to be able to participate in and-or invest in its member's projects.   It's not because we believe that you are stupid or an idiot.   Rather, we understand that you've been thoroughly indoctrinated into "how things are normally done in the world of finance" and our concept is totally alien and anathema to you.  

Therefore, please do NOT contact me and request that VOMI send you a Business Plan, Executive Summary, and Financial Projections for "Shovel Ready" Projects.  Such request can only mean one of the following:  1) you are too busy or lazy and never bothered to read this document in full, 2) you read this document and was unable to understand what you read (i.e., you don't have a command of the English language or you are just stupid--in this particular instance), or 3) you are downright arrogant and don't really give a damn about the consortium and its rules and you figure you will just send us your information  about your own procedures and requirements anyway (and we can do whatever the hell we want with it).  In which case, we'll just delete your information and not bother responding to you.    

(I hate being so harsh and direct, however, our experience has shown  that this is the only approach that works for certain organizations and a great number of very strange and shady characters from various parts of the world.)

If you need any more explanation, then it's impossible for any human being to communicate with you any clearer than I already have.  If you are not willing to take the necessary steps to join the consortium, then don't bother to make any further contact with us outside of  the Virtual Residential Community Consortium because replying to you will be a complete waste of time.

3.   What Is the Ideal Profile of a Virtual Residential Community Consortium Member?

Here is the best and simplest way to answer that question:

Imagine, for one quick second, that your organization just received an RFP (Request for Proposal) for your goods, products, services, technologies and expertise with respect to a global project which involves the building and operation of nearly 2 Million Modern, State-of-the-Art, and Futuristic Virtual Residential Communities in over 2,000,000 villages, towns and cities around the globe over a 30-50 year period.  

Now, try to answer the following questions:   
  • Regardless of your country and geographic location or the field and industry that you are in,   is that project something that your organization or government would be "tickled pink" to be a part of in whatever capacity that you can possibly think of? 
  • :: 
  • Do you currently have any goods, products, services, technologies, or expertise that you would be excited to offer in your proposal?  
  • :: 
  • Would you want to be sitting at the table with a very diverse group of service providers--titans and futurists of industry, government and academia--from all over the world discussing, proposing and formulating the Establishment of Global Standards for such Virtual Residential Communities around the world?
If you, your organization or government can answer "YES" to any of these questions, then Your Organization or Government Fits the Ideal Profile of a Virtual Residential Community Consortium Member!
4.  What the Virtual Residential Community Consortium Is Really All About.

The Consortium comes with a Blueprint of my Vision of Virtual Residential Communities around the world and the sort of projects and opportunities that the members can participate in.   THAT IS ALL!   These are NOT specific VOMI projects that VOMI is looking for Lenders or Investors to fund.    When it comes to the building of each Virtual Residential Community, the individual Consortium members are FREE to Team up, Brainstorm, and Decide among themselves who they want to Collaborate and Partner with, under what terms, and can choose whatever financing vehicle, or combination thereof, they deem appropriate to fund whatever part of a virtual residential community project they are interested in.   VOMI (not the consortium) may decide to participate in some projects either as a joint venture partner:: retained consultant:: or completely opt-out in many other cases.

However, that being said, VOMI will be solely responsible for 1) certifying all Virtual Residential Community staff, 2) all residence application and requirements, and 3) for teaching the Virtual Organization Management discipline to all virtual residential community residents around the globe.

Other than the aforementioned, as the founder and titular head, my specific involvement in the Virtual Residential Community Consortium is to ONLY serve as Your Virtual Residential Community   and New Virtual Organization World Philosophical and Spiritual Guide.   That means, answering any questions that you may have regarding any specific ideas you have in mind, innovation and technology implementation, projects you might want to engage in, markets you might want to conquer, direction(s) you might want to follow,  or decisions that you might want to make :: and STANDARDS you may want to propose.

The one single criteria I will use with respect to each inquiry on your part  or STANDARD will be:   How consistent is it with the Blueprint of both the Virtual Residential Community Consortium and My Vision of The New Virtual Organization World?

As well, if I observe that you are veering in a particular direction which will lead to an undesirable outcome (meaning, tarnish the Virtual Residential Community concept and The New Virtual Organization World brand) I'll step in to offer the necessary guidance.

And last but not least, the Consortium will give, at no charge,  the Virtual Residential Community Seal of Approval and  The New Virtual Organization World Seal of Approval for each project completed under the auspices of the Consortium if it is consistent with the Blueprint of both the Consortium and My Vision of The New Virtual Organization World.  (The value of this endorsement is priceless.)  
5.  Approach Virtual Residential Community Consortium as a Lucrative Global Market for your Existing Goods, Products, Services, Technologies and Expertise.

Now that you have a clear understanding of  1) The New Virtual Organization World, 2) why you need to be in the Virtual Residential Community Consortium in order to proceed,  and 3) the dynamics of the Consortium, it's critical that You, The Provider or Investor, approach the Virtual Residential Community Consortium and The New Virtual Organization World as a lucrative global market for your existing goods, products, services, technologies and expertise.

That means the following:  Look at the Virtual Residential Community Consortium and try to understand what that Consortium is about.   Then ask yourself this one question:  With respect to the blueprint of this Consortium and the sort of projects to be undertaken worldwide, which of my companies are best poised to offer the sort of products, services, innovation and technology to this Lucrative Global Market that is today completely under everybody's radar?    (No Competition!   No Bidding Process!  Projects that Are Waiting to Be Built Now by Your Colleagues in the Consortium!)

Then ask yourself this other question:    With respect to setting Global Standards for certain types of products, services, innovation and technology to be used in these Virtual Residential Community projects,  which of my companies already have such products, services and technologies which now meet or exceed these proposed or adopted Standards?:: OR which one of  these companies, with a minimum or negligible amount of research and development effort,  would be able to meet these new Standards? (Standards that you will have a part in developing!)

Better yet, even if you yourself are very busy and don't have the time to be involved in the Virtual Residential Community Consortium on a personal, Hands-On basis, you can always appoint a Permanent Representative or Anyone You Deem Fit to represent your organization or government on the Consortium.  In other words, Don't Be an Idiot, DELEGATE!    

Virtual Residential Community Project Example.  For example, let's look at a Virtual Residential Community project.   To build a Virtual Residential Community, what does it all entail?   How many of them could eventually be built throughout the world? 3,000,000? 4,000,000? 5,000,000?  What is the average number of residents per Virtual Residential Community?  500? 1,000? 

Now Imagine This for Just One Quick Second:   What if your organization were One of a Handful number of Architectural Firms certified by Virtual Residential Community Consortium to do the Architecture for all 5 Million Virtual Residential Communities worldwide?  What about the Real Estate Development for all 5 Million Virtual Residential Communities worldwide?  What about the Construction for all 5 Million Virtual Residential Communities worldwide? What if your organization is the ONLY one certified to provide the Computer Tablet for all community residents (5,000,000 communities  x 1,000 residents per community) 5 billion residents worldwide? Or instructional software license?  Or Virtual Data or Cloud Storage Centers?  Or Internetworking Equipment?  Or Distributed Energy Infrastructure?  Or Communication Satellites?  Or Sophisticated Security and Surveillance Technology Equipment and Services? Or CyberSecurity?  Or certain Internet of Things (IoT) devices and appliances?

The opportunities are just limitless and mind-boggling!   As the saying goes, The Early Bird Gets the Worm! 
In other words, get your head out of the sand or take off the blinders that you are currently wearing so you can see this wide, vast and limitless world of opportunities just waiting for you out there. Virtual Residential Community Consortium allows you to do just that.  With respect to your competition and future economic and profit potential outlook, it puts you in a different league and a different world altogether.      

6.   Invite Everyone Under the Sun to Apply to Join You on the Consortium.   

Why?   The more organizations that are involved in Collaborating and Building Virtual Residential Communities in The New Virtual Organization World,  the quicker these projects can be completed, and the quicker you can move on to the next project.   You just want to make sure that you are NOT inviting your competitors, if you feel that your organization can handle all the business on your own (which is practically impossible due to the huge size of the market as well as an astronomical number of virtual residential communities just waiting to be built).

However, that being said, a Consortium has to be fair to all applicants and cannot arbitrarily reject some on the basis that they might pose a competitive  threat to existing members.

In Conclusion

Knowledge is Power.   I hope that the information just provided to you has enlightened you a great deal on what Virtual Residential Community Consortium and The New Virtual Organization World are all about, and how you can immediately begin to take advantage of all the opportunities that they offer.

The Ball is now in your court.  Just Grab it and Run With It!  Apply to Join Virtual Residential Community Consortium Now! ::  Virtual Residential Community Consortium ::

About Author:   Pierre Coupet, CEO & Q of Virtual Organization Management is the founder of Virtual Organization Management Institute (VOMI), VOMI Virtual Organization AcademyVOMI Global Think Tankand Virtual Organization Recruiter:: founder of the modern virtual organization management and virtual organization recruitment disciplines pioneered since 1997:: founder of League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives:: and Architect of THE NEW VIRTUAL ORGANIZATION WORLD Collection. Contact directly at; or via CHAT.

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