Friday, November 12, 2010

Launch of VOMI Virtual Organization Academy

The New Virtual Organization World
It's a New Principled World, It's Virtual, and It's Organized

Virtual Organization Management Institute (VOMI) announces the official launch of VOMI Virtual Organization Academy, the ultimate Experiential Learning Center and Incubator for future Virtual Organization Executives.

The VOMI Virtual Organization Academy program is an On-Demand, 90-Day,  One-On-One100% Experiential Virtual Organization Executive Bootcamp Training program exclusively designed for busy Middle Management and Senior Level Executives who wish to quickly immerse themselves in a 100% virtual organization environment for a limited period of time in order to gain first hand experience of life in a 100% virtual organization; and who are unable, for practical business reasons, to participate in the standard full-time  2-year master designation programs offered by the main VOMI Education unit.

These executives come from the following sectors:  Corporate, Academia, Public Policy, Non-Profit, and Government; and have a strong desire to go back to their organization and apply the knowledge gained from this program, as well as the need to obtain official recognition for their participation in this exclusive career-enhancing program.

Extensive one-on-one training is provided throughout most of the training period.  Candidates learn and immediately put into practice virtual organization management best practices, policies and procedures, under strict and daily supervision,  as they concurrently practice their craft and implement corporate business objectives assigned by VOMI.  During this period, they are challenged intellectually, psychologically, and professionally as they learn to simultaneously rewire their thought processes and maintain peak technical and professional performance in a 100% virtual organization environment.

Upon satisfactory completion of the program, candidates are awarded a digital Virtual Organization Executive Diploma and a dark blue sapphire VOMI Virtual Organization Academy Class Ring as an official and lifetime recognition of their participation in this exclusive career-enhancing program.  VOMI can also arrange to provide an embossed,  custom wax seal monogram, serial-numbered and parchment copy of the Virtual Organization Executive Diploma, including a quill pen handwritten signature of the founder of VOMI--a collector's item--to each successful graduate of the program.

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