Thursday, November 11, 2010

VOMI Allocates Over 54 Million Shares of Stock to VOMI Global Think Tank & Advisory Board

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Members of the VOMI Global Think Tank and Advisory Board have 54 million reasons to be thankful over  the next 3 holiday seasons. 

Virtual Organization Management Institute (VOMI) announces the allocation of over 54 million shares of stock available for distribution over a 3-year period to all new members of its newly formed global think tank and advisory group, the VOMI Global Think Tank & Advisory Board ("Think Tank-Advisory Board").

The newly established Think Tank-Advisory Board will consist of highly accomplished and influential thought leaders from a broad spectrum of disciplines and competencies throughout the global community.   The Think Tank-Advisory Board will act as the global think tank arm of VOMI; provide valuable insight on relevant global virtual organization trends and issues to the Chairman of VOMI and Executive Committee of the Board of Directors;  advise  and counsel the Chairman of VOMI as requested; and serve as a forum for the sharing of virtual organization management best practices, policies and procedures to the global community at large.

If selected as one of the inaugural members, a position on this board will be an excellent opportunity for a board member to, so to speak, get their foot in the door, network with their peers, make an immediate impact, as well as keep apprised of all significant developments, including current and future career opportunities at VOMI. 

Individuals who have a "strong interest" in becoming a member of this very prestigious panel of thought leaders and executives and would like to receive an invitation or additional information are encouraged to contact the board directly at ::

Postscript::   Deprecated information as of 10/22/2016 -  VOMI no longer offers performance share units to board members.   This information is for archival purposes only. 


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