Monday, May 1, 2017

Nigeria Needs to Stand Up and Run Toward The New Virtual Organization World

The New Virtual Organization World
It's a New Principled World, It's Virtual, and It's Organized

Nigeria is now standing at the crossroads of history:

Either "Stand Up and Walk Away from the Monkey See, Monkey Do Crowd" toward the direction of The New Virtual Organization World  :: in order to realize the dreams and aspirations of its people.

Or "Continue to Lament" about:  1) endemic corruption and how rotten the entire system is;  2) how bad things are, without any hope or possibility for redemption;  3) the need to place the blame squarely on the shoulders of its business and political leaders and either condemn, indict or prosecute them;  4)  the need to continually look for solutions from the Western world (instead of from within) since its institutions and leaders are perceived to be rotten to the core and inferior to the West  :: AND :: WAIT until the Western world is firmly implanted and entrenched in The New Virtual Organization World (in about another 40-50 years from now) and then gives its blessings and says it's now OK to proceed in that direction.

Which Will It Be?

Therefore, it's imperative that Nigeria's leaders and stakeholders from every sector of its community begin to take the time to understand what The New Virtual Organization World is really all about NOW.

Next Steps

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