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The Idea Behind Virtual Residential Community Consortium

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The Idea Behind Virtual Residential Community Consortium
By Pierre Coupet

This article is strictly designed for those of you who have already been introduced to Virtual Residential Community Consortium through our email invitation and website and want to know THE IDEA behind the founding of this consortium. 

Therefore, if you haven't yet been exposed to the information provided on the Virtual Residential Community Consortium website, then do so now before you continue reading this article.

What Is a Virtual Residential Community? 

So, what is the idea behind this consortium and why should you join without a minute's delay?

To answer this question, let me begin with the name of the consortium itself:  Virtual Residential Community Consortium.    What exactly is a Virtual Residential Community?

The simple answer given in the January 23, 2014 paper "My Vision of The New Virtual Organization World" (See the section titled “The Rapid Proliferation and Importance of Virtual Residential Communities (“VRC”) Around the Globe”) listed on the consortium website is: 
A Virtual Residential Community is a high-rise or single-family residential community that is designed and built for residents who will be strictly working and/or operating in either a virtual or virtual organization environment.
Furthermore, we state in our video presentation and content on the  Virtual Residential Community Consortium website  that we want to "Transform the Urban Landscape Worldwide" and that some of your current and prior investments into "existing products, services, solutions and research and development efforts" can be applied toward the development of  Virtual Residential Communities worldwide"; and that you will also be involved in the development of standards for these Virtual Residential Communities. 

Question Marks (????) Galore 
But here is the problem with this answer:  Unless you've been following Virtual Organization Management Institute very closely over the past 9 years; have thoroughly combed through our website and other affiliated  sites; have a clear understanding of our solutions, offerings and all our major initiatives;  and read just about every article and document published over the years,   then this simple answer will leave you just as clueless as you were before asking that question.

I can just imagine thousands of question marks (?????) going through your head,  buzzing through the air like a bunch of electrons colliding into each other,  trying to figure out what the hell I am talking about -  while, at the same time, thinking that, even without knowing the details, if this were true, this would be welcome music to your ears and a tremendous opportunity for your organization - A Brand New and Virgin Global Market. 

Time to Digress

To digress a bit, this reminds me of over 20 years ago, the time when I started a web design company and began talking to my prospective small and medium-size business clients about the "Internet" and building "websites" for them.   Their very first question "What is the Internet?" was immediately followed by "What's a website?"

Trying to answer both questions over the phone with someone who was clueless regarding what I was talking about turned out to be "the mother of all frustrations" for both me and the prospect, and a complete exercise in futility.   This was the equivalent of a Greek trying to carry a conversation with a Chinese.   Or a quantum physicist trying to carry a conversation about quantum physics with a biologist.   These prospects weren't stupid.  It's just that we were communicating in different languages.

I was attempting to tell them :::: in either 30 SECONDS over the phone; in a promotional one-page flyer;  or in a 30-minute meeting at their location  (while they are being constantly interrupted) :::: about a "world that they had absolutely no knowledge of, and an unbelievable number of opportunities that this world was making available to them."   
Nearly the same situation that we are in today with respect to Virtual Residential Communities.
Being a small business, you could just imagine how much time we were spending on Internet Education versus Sales.   It was a valuable lesson for these prospective clients but a very costly lesson for us.  After educating them, they were now better equipped to deal with the next Web Design sales person to come knocking on their doors. 

Back to the Idea Behind Virtual Residential Community Consortium

Now back to Virtual Residential Communities and the idea behind the Consortium.

We do NOT want to repeat the costly experience we had over 20 years ago.   We are keenly aware of the situation you are in right now and fully understand the need to EDUCATE YOU as well as PROVIDE YOU WITH GUIDANCE on this world of opportunities that awaits you in the development of these Virtual Residential Communities and their critical role in The New Virtual Organization World.  (I purposely injected the curve ball phrase "The New Virtual Organization World" just to give you an idea that there is so much more to building Virtual Campus Dormitories than meets the eye and that we have a whole, whole lot more to teach and expose you to when you become a member of the consortium.)

However, that being said, we've already learned our lessons years ago.   This Education and Guidance Cannot--and Will Not--Come to You Strictly at Our Expense.   Moreover, the cost of providing this education to your organization on a one-on-one basis would be very prohibitive for us and, therefore, strictly out of the question.   And due to the nature of our initiatives and breadth and scope of our mission, this EDUCATION and GUIDANCE  must be provided within a Collaborative Environment.

As well, the annual membership fee for admission into this Collaborative Environment  must not only be reasonable but also be able to deter and weed out the "Typical Social Networkers,  Adventure Seekers, Lookie Loos, Time Wasters, Trolls,  Infiltrators, Detractors and Morons" who have plenty of time to kill and don't mind playing games or wasting other people's time.

But, most importantly,  we are only interested in providing this education and guidance to organizations who are really serious about learning all there is to know about Virtual Residential Communities; how they fit into the overall scheme of things; as well as how their organizations stand to greatly benefit - and how to participate in that effort.  

Hence the reason for Virtual Residential Community Consortium and why we have in place a very transparent but strict application and admission process in order to determine whether or not your organization meets our qualification (and expectation) requirements for admission.
In Conclusion

I hope that this very informative and enlightening information has given you the ammunition you need in order to make the case to your subordinates, colleagues and powers-that-be throughout your organization - and within your greater Circle of Influence -  for the need to participate in and join you on Virtual Residential Community Consortium.

As well, I invite you to share this article with all your followers, friends, colleagues and associates.  Some of them will surely thank you for it!

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