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Imagine This: The Life of a Guardian of The Holy Grail

The New Virtual Organization World
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Imagine This:

You live a very simple and uncomplicated life.   Life is Great because you have willed it so and not due to the largesse of someone else. 

With Respect to Your Personal Life

You are extremely happy about "who you are" in every possible aspect::   From sunup to sundown, you live by only one rule:   Do unto others as you would have them do unto you :: without room for any sort of compromise, equivocation, rationalization, pragmatism or fear.

You have a beautiful, wonderful and loving wife whom you've known since you were in high school.   Awesome children and grandchildren.

You are nearing the official retirement age :: next year you will be eligible for early retirement :: yet, you are making plans for the next 30 years because you have friends in their 80-90's who look and act and feel like they are in their 60-70's.      

You are not worried about tomorrow and, as far as yesterday is concerned,  you have no regrets.  You're very thankful for the life you've led to this very day, hour, minute and second; all the wonderful memories;  as well as all the struggles you have endured and which have forged you into the Iron::Steel::Titanium Mental Powerhouse that you are today.

And when the bells finally toll for thee, you will, without an ounce of fear or hesitation, cross over to the next world knowing full well that your job here is done and that you will always be there in spirit for the loved ones you have left behind.

With Respect to Your Professional Life

You have founded and bootstrapped many businesses over the past 40 years.  Your only claim to fame is that you survived and managed to keep a roof over your head and feed your family -  and, to this day, they still adore you (and their mom) for that.     There has never been any chance on God's green earth that your lifestyle could have ever gained the attention of  Robin Leach  of  Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (and you've never wanted that kind of lifestyle or attention either).        

But here is an irony:  The One Initiative that you are most proud of  in terms of its global and social impact and historical significance :: which is also the one that will be your legacy - and that you will always be known for throughout the ages ::  is the one that you desperately want your Colleagues to Be in the Limelight and Take Credit For because the success of the company lies in their success; and their success lies in the success of all of mankind  for many generations and millennia to come.

Here is another irony:   You want everyone throughout the company to treat each other the way they would treat you, the founder.  And you only want to be addressed by your first name or Q because you believe that we are  ALL EQUAL :: No "Mister This" or "Yes Sir Boss."  

You Don't Have Bosses and Employees.    You believe that the current system of  corporate governance is too damn primitive, archaic, and barbaric and that, having Bosses, Employees, etc. is just another form of slavery, feudalism, and exploitation.

And that today's governance model is based on Master-Slave,  Exploitation-Plundered,  Deception-Gullible,  Treachery-Violated,  Illusion-Pacification,  Human Compromise-Bought and Sold,  Indifference-Catastrophe,  Blindness-Misery,  Oppressor-Oppressed, Bully-Meek,  Aggressive-Passive,  Parent-Child, Savior-Downtrodden,  Predator-Prey,  Caregiver-Feeble,  Aid Giver-Aid Recipient,  Abuser-Victim,  Royalty-Subjects, Alpha Male or Female-The Pack, Sheppard-Sheep,  Employer-Employee,  Provider-Entitled,  Cult Leader-Cult Member, and Leader-Follower relationships.

For that reason, you don't have Bosses and Employees in your organization.  

You Require the Same Grueling Recruitment Process for Everyone.    You require every single candidate under consideration for a position in your company to undergo the same Grueling Recruitment Process.   You don't want to have a bunch of Slaves or Morons or Adult Children working at the company.
You Only Work with Collaborators.   You believe that every single person in the organization is a Collaborator with a specific set of duties and responsibilities and does not NOT  need a Mommy or Daddy Boss or Supervisor to lead them and take care of them.
You Insist that Every Single Collaborator Be a Leader Able to Lead Only Himself.   Everyone has to undergo the same Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Training,  Assessment and Certification and receive the official Virtual Organization Leadership Executive designation.    

No Exception to the Rules.   You yourself follow the same set of  rules that are in place for every single Collaborator-Leader.   No favoritism or special privileges.    No one is allowed to linger around when they no longer want to follow the rules for collaboration.  No suspension, probation, warnings, or punishment.   You treat everybody as Adults :: Nobody gets their ass chewed out,  scared to death about losing their job,  or treated like little children.  You demand that everybody play by the same rules or LEAVE and go back to becoming an Employee and having a Boss with one of the millions of companies out there who enjoy that sort of relationship with their workers.
You Require that  Everyone Working for the Company Have an Opportunity to Receive  CEO Level Compensation.     You believe in matching words with deeds.   NO bullshit, games, or smoke and mirrors.  Everybody who works at the company not only receives an Outstanding Compensation Package Beyond Their Wildest Dreams but they also have an opportunity to earn the sort of compensation that is normally reserved for CEOs.
Life as a Guardian of The Holy Grail

Now here is the most exciting part:    You are one of 13 possible members of the Executive Leadership Team which includes the founder.

Every member of the Executive Leadership Team has an opportunity to also become a Guardian of The Holy Grail.    No one outside of the Executive Leadership Team can ever be selected to become a Guardian.   Only the 13th Guardian of The Holy Grail can anoint a member of  the Executive Leadership Team as Guardian of The Holy Grail.   The founder of the company is the 13th Guardian of The Holy Grail :: and when he's no longer with the company, his designated successor will automatically become the 13th Guardian of the Holy Grail.

And you happen to be the founder of the company and 13th Guardian of the Holy Grail.

Being a Guardian of The Holy Grail is like being in Heaven for the rest of your life.      Why is that, you might say?   Well, for starters,  it is the most coveted title and honor in corporate history.  It's NOT automatic.   It's NOT awarded to you based on some sort of Objective Criteria,  Key Performance Indicator or Timeline.   What this means is that you may be with the company for 30 years in an Executive Leadership Team position and yet never be anointed a Guardian.

It's NOT something that you apply for or request.   It is NOT something that you get to append to your job title (e.g., Chief Financial Officer, Guardian of The Holy Grail) after you have been anointed a Guardian.   There is NO formal ceremony.  You do not get to take the award home or hang it on your office wall.   There is NO additional compensation. 

Other than the 13th Guardian of The Holy Grail, no one in the world, including your fellow members of the Executive Leadership Team,  will ever know that you are a Guardian of The Holy Grail.  Other than the 13th Guardian,  not even other Guardians, whomever they may be, will ever know that you are also a fellow Guardian of The Holy Grail.    That disclosure will come about ONLY  AFTER you have crossed over to the next world as your colleagues pay their respects to you and your family and celebrate your achievements.  

As well, no one in the world, including all company personnel and Guardians, will ever get to know how many other Guardians there are throughout the company or in the world.    It could be 2 or 5 or 7 or 9 or all 13 members of the Executive Leadership Team.     The world is only allowed to know the identity of the 13th Guardian. 

So What Does Being a Guardian Entail?

Any child in the world can tell you what a Guardian Angel is.   It's some entity out there that you can't really see or hear who's always looking over your shoulders,  looking out for you,  guiding you in the right direction, and always there to protect you.  It's not on the clock, it never sends you a bill, and it doesn't ask for payment or reward or recognition.  It doesn't even tell you who it is because it doesn't care for or need any publicity.    It is totally selfless.

Well, that's what a Guardian of The Holy Grail is :: and that's why only the 13th Guardian gets to make the decision to anoint you a Guardian.   His decision to anoint you a Guardian will come about ONLY AFTER he has noticed that all your deeds--NOT WORDS--carried out and performed on behalf of the company are consistent with the deeds of a Guardian Angel.

Once a Guardian, you remain a Guardian until you have crossed over to the next world or have become mentally incapacitated.    This means that you remain a Guardian even after your official resignation or retirement and are no longer actively involved in the company's affairs.     And since there can only be a maximum of 13 Guardians in the world,  all Guardian Candidates that would exceed that limit would have to be placed on an  Above Top Secret Waiting List until a vacancy becomes available through death or mental incapacity.       

But once you become a Guardian of The Holy Grail,   The Company also becomes you and your nuclear family's Guardian for the rest of  your natural lives.   That's all I can say!    If you need any details or explanation, then it's highly unlikely that the 13th Guardian would ever anoint you a Guardian of The Holy Grail.

What is The Holy Grail?

VOMI is the Holy Grail.     But here is the long answer:  I've always believed that, within each and every single one of us, there is a small seed buried deep down in there which embodies a Luminous Light of  Reason and Freedom and that, given the right time, place and circumstance, will eventually dare to emerge out of obscurity and make its presence felt in the form of an "Intelligent Being."  

This Luminous Light of Reason and Freedom is manifested in-and forms the philosophical core of-the "Virtual Organization Management" discipline which I describe as The Holy Grail :: with Virtual Organization Management Institute (VOMI) as the standard-bearer of this Luminous Light (The Holy Grail).

It's Time to Wake Up    
Well, you can  stop imagining now and thank you for indulging me in this little brief exercise.   What I've just asked you to imagine is The Story of My Life :: of course, I know you had long ago figured that out.

Take the First Step Toward an Opportunity to Become a Guardian of The Holy Grail

If you like what you just "subliminally" heard and you believe it's worth every ounce of effort on your part to undergo the rigors of the virtual organization recruitment process that every single Candidate for the VOMI Executive Leadership Team MUST go through in order to receive an appointment as Member, Virtual Organization Executive Leadership Team, then I welcome your putting your hat in the ring at ::  ::

Please note that this is only the very first step toward "an opportunity" to become a Guardian of The Holy Grail.   I make no warranty, implied or express, that you will ever be selected to become a Guardian in the event that you are selected to become a Member, Virtual Organization Executive Leadership Team at VOMI.

About Author:   Pierre Coupet, CEO & Q of Virtual Organization Management is the founder of Virtual Organization Management Institute (VOMI), VOMI Virtual Organization Academy, and Virtual Organization Recruiter:: founder of the modern virtual organization management and virtual organization recruitment disciplines pioneered since 1997:: founder of League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives:: and Architect of THE NEW VIRTUAL ORGANIZATION WORLD Collection. Contact directly at; or via CHAT.

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