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Innovation Challenge to All Heads of State

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Notice to All Readers:   In order to read this article, you must make a commitment to share it with whomever you believe may be able to share it with others (a friend, colleague, associate, social network contact, social media guru,  member of the press, government official, etc.) so that the information contained herein eventually reaches one or more Heads of State in your region of the world.

Here Is My Innovation Challenge to All Heads of State:

Imagine being the leader of your country in an Alternate Universe and you've been entrusted to come up with a viable political, economic and governance model which is based  strictly on your country's existing and potential physical infrastructure, human resources, natural resources, environmental landscape, and topology.

In that Alternate Universe, your government cannot rely or depend on any of the following:
  • Foreign Aid
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Sovereign Debt 
  • War, Threat of War, or Involvement in Internal Destabilization Efforts Against Other Countries in order to plunder another country's resources or bend them to your will;  or be either a willing or unwilling participant in such efforts (e.g., participation in sanctions against other countries, etc.).
  • Sale of National Assets to Foreign Entities.
  • The Foreign Exchange Rate of Your National Currency.
  • The Benevolence and Goodwill of Other Countries.
  • Your Country's Rank on the Current Global Military Power Index.
  • Your Country's Rank on the Current Global Geopolitical Leadership Index.
  • Your Country's Size and Population. 

Challenge Instructions :: 

1)  To Heads of State Only:   How will you make do with what you have, survive and even prosper?   Assign some of your country's best minds toward the development of this viable political, economic and governance model.

2)  To Readers of This Challenge:  If you consider yourself one of your country's brightest minds and would like your country's leader to accept this challenge so you can participate in it, then you are welcome to use your own "brilliant and innovative" thinking-out-of-the-box initiatives in order to get the word out to your leader.

3)  All Parties:  No additional information will be provided; nor will I respond to any inquiries regarding this challenge.   Use your best judgment on how to proceed.

Challenge Acceptance Deadline ::   NONE.    Just  formally notify me of your official decision to participate in this challenge at     This notification must come directly from your office via an official government email account.  All notification from other sources are considered null and void.

Due Date of Governance Model ::  NONE.   Upon completion, just submit to  All governance model information submitted must come directly from your office via an official government email account.  All documents received from other sources are considered invalid and will automatically be rejected.

Winner Determination ::   All serious Head of State participants whose governance model have met our challenge requirements are considered Winners.

Winner Notification and Announcement ::  Each participating Head of State  and country team members will be formally notified within 30 days of receipt of their governance model.   The results will simultaneously be made public on the home page of VOMI and broadcast to our vast global social network.

Winner's Award ::  The participating Head of State will automatically receive a personal invitation to apply for an exclusive membership in the League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives .  (Membership in the League is limited to a maximum of 50 world leaders and executives worldwide.)      

Let the Challenge begin!

Pierre Coupet
League Founder
& Distinguished Member
League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives

About Author:   Pierre Coupet, Q of Virtual Organization Management is the founder of Virtual Organization Management Institute (VOMI) ::  Architect of  THE NEW VIRTUAL ORGANIZATION WORLD :: and is also the founder of the modern virtual organization management and virtual organization recruitment disciplines pioneered since 1997.   He is also the author of  A Global Need for Principled Geopolitical Leaders  and founder of  League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives:: Contact directly at or via CHAT

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