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TOP SECRET DISCLOSURE:: Google+: A So-Cocoon of The New Virtual Organization World

The New Virtual Organization World
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TOP SECRET DISCLOSURE:: Google+: A So-Cocoon of The New Virtual Organization World
By Pierre Coupet

Back on August 2, 2015, Seth Fiegerman wrote this scathing article in Mashable.com  about the failure (and eventual demise) of Google+ :: Inside the failure of Google+, a very expensive attempt to unseat Facebook 

I must admit, on the surface and in light of the evidence presented before him, that he was correct and right on point about all his assertions.   Alright, I know you're waiting for the "But..." part of what I have to say, so here it is:

Although Seth was correct, what he ::: as well as Vic Gundotra, the architect of Google+; Kent Walker, Google's General Counsel; and everybody else out there in Google Land ::: did not know - and couldn't have possibly known at the time - is that, in fact, Google has been  building some of the most critical components of  The New Virtual Organization World blindly - without even a clue that they have been in fact engaged in that endeavor. 
In other words, Google has been unconsciously and subliminally building a huge number  of "Cocoons" of  The New Virtual Organization World ::: Google+ being one of these Cocoons.    
In fact, if you were to ask anyone at Google or Alphabet, "What is The New Virtual Organization World," not one living soul there would be able to answer that question.  You'd be able to hear a pin drop in the room.   Why is that, you might ask?   
That's because you cannot achieve what you can't conceive!
In other words, they are an innovative "Die-Hard Brick and Mortar" organization with a long stream of very brilliant and innovative "Die-Hard Brick and Mortar Executives" at the upper echelons of the organization.   

However, that being said, they cannot conceive of this world of virtual organizations I call:: The New Virtual Organization World :: although, in fact,  they have been building part of the shell (a bunch of Cocoons) for this world of virtual organizations ever since they first launched Google Apps back in August of 2006.  

What this means is that, they view Google Apps (Now G Suite) strictly as just another collaboration platform and lucrative source of revenues;  Google+ as just another social network and Facebook competitor;  Blogger as just another blogging platform; Google Glass as just another fancy, exciting and innovative gadget; Google Car as just another opportunity to diversify into a groundbreaking and potentially lucrative market; Google Fiber as just another potentially lucrative opportunity;  Google YouTube as just another video service and lucrative source of ad revenues;  Google Hangouts as a video conference platform that adds "stickiness" to Google+; Google Research as just another Innovation Center; as well as a host of other "Top Secret Black Projects" they are engaged in.   

(Don't bother asking me anything about these so-called top secret black projects - your guess is as good as mine.) 

Taken overall, they view all these platforms, products and services merely as extensions and appendages of a brick-and-mortar organization instead of distinct and separate components of this parallel world of virtual organizations I call :: The New Virtual Organization World.  Therein lies the disconnect, hence the reason for their inability to see the big picture and understand what it is that they are in fact building.

The bottom line is this:  The Google team is going in all directions, as if they are being guided by some unseen force; all of which point to The New Virtual Organization World destination.   To paraphrase the old biblical saying, "All roads lead to Damascus."

And Google+ is a crucial component (one of these Cocoons) of  The New Virtual Organization World; although there are several other components of  The New Virtual Organization World that many others, including VOMI, are building.

Therefore, as time goes by, the value and importance of Google+ will slowly begin to emerge and the powers-that-be at Google and Alphabet will come to realize that Google+ is NOT a social network:: It is a social cocoon ("So-Cocoon") of The New Virtual Organization World  and  "In A League All By Itself."   

For comparison purposes, think of the difference between a heart grown in a lab and a heart inside a human body.   A social network is a heart grown in a lab - and can be sustained indefinitely through artificial means.   A So-Cocoon is a heart inside a human body - part of the total human body ecosystem and cannot just operate on its own.  

Therefore, Google+ should rebrand itself as the very first So-Cocoon of The New Virtual Organization World and leave the other social networks behind.      Google and Alphabet have my full permission to use the term So-Cocoon however they see fit.

To learn more about or become one of the Architects of The New Virtual Organization World,  you are welcome to view and join one of the following:   The New Virtual Organization World Consortium :: Virtual Campus Dormitory Consortium :: Virtual Residential Community Consortium ::  VOMI Executive-In-Residence :: League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives :: The New Virtual Organization World Collection ::   Just a small sample of what The New Virtual Organization World is all about!

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