Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Renaissance of VOMI Social Network

The New Virtual Organization World
It's a New Principled and Civilized World, It's Virtual, and It's Organized

Dear Colleagues,

I am very pleased to introduce some new social media features and services to all our loyal members and visitors.     These   new features and services  are designed  to give us all an opportunity, and the incentive, to be part of that change we seek to make in terms of how we view and use our social  media platform.

This change will allow us to focus on the quality of our experience instead of the quantity of members in our group, and how that translates into something meaningful and concrete that truly allows all of us to leverage the tremendous power of social media  to our individual and collective benefit.

In connection thereof, here are some  global collaboration tools we will be using in order to make that process a seamless and enjoyable experience.     However, as we all know, tools  alone  are not sufficient.   It takes a good sense of common purpose,  reasonable buy-in  and  motivation in order to get the job done.    Therefore, the answer is really in your hands in terms of what you contribute, how you contribute, and the amount of time that you can contribute.  Whether it's 5 minutes a day …  1 hour a day ... 1 hour a week …  1 hour a month ... just taking the time to say one good word about VOMI or any another social network or group …  or just a referral to join our team, the choice is yours.    Something is better than nothing and, after adding up all the little somethings, we would have made one big achievement that we can all point to and be proud of. 

So, here we go:

New Social Media Features and Services

My Invention Idea
If you have an invention idea that you want to put out into the public domain, this is the place, a sort of sounding board,  where you can test it out by inviting your friends, colleagues, and the public at large  for feedback.

My Business Proposal
This is the place where you can work on, submit to,  and discuss legitimate and professional first-class  business proposals with   other group and/or forum members….

My Virtual Organization Resource
This is the place where software developers and product marketing professionals can post a current, new, or soon-to-be-released Virtual Organization-related resource (e.g., new virtual collaboration tool, new web conferencing tool, etc.) that they want to share with other social network members…..

The  Blastosphere
If you have an idea that is past the validation stage .... and you are now ready to move into the embryonic stage .... in order to begin the implementation of your idea …  Then this is the place where the Power of the Crowd takes over…. by allowing your social network members and other contributors to get involved, turn your idea into reality, and blast it into the stratosphere….

My Innovation Contest
Do you have (an idea for)  a legitimate  *high-end* innovation contest that offers a *substantial prize* ($10,000 cash or more....) that you want to open up to your fellow social network members and other contributors for collaboration  and/or promotion?  Then this is the place to be  ….. Stand back and let the Power of the Crowd work its magic...

My Summit
This is the place where you post a Summit (e.g., CEO Summit, Education Summit, Economic Summit, etc.) that you either want to promote or open up to your fellow social network members and other contributors for assistance and/or collaboration....Put the Power of the Crowd to work for you.  

My 100% Global-Virtual Event
This is the place where  you post your *100% Global-Virtual* Events  that  you either want to promote or open up to your fellow social network members and other contributors for assistance and/or collaboration....Put the Power of the Crowd to work for you.
The Wishing Well
In the spirit of giving...This is the  place where you get to *Make a Wish* or make somebody else's wishes come true.   It can be personal or business-related.  You never know, Dreams Can Come True. 

The Virtual Organization Education Wall
This is the place where you get to post, share, and discuss information about anything that has to do with virtual organization education ….  It's about time!

The Social Media Watercooler
Love  to gossip?   If you have some information that you'd like to share with the rest of the world that has to do with social media and virtual organizations, then this is the place to be.  * Inside and Insider Tips... * New Product Releases ..* Upcoming Product Releases ….* Rumors and Gossips ... Bona Fide News.   It's all good!

This is the Global-Virtual hip and fun place to be  …..  Live and in Color …...  every Saturday between the hours of 5 AM - 9 AM PST (USA) .     The only thing that is missing is a "virtual" drink. 

Ask the VOM Doctor
Got a question about virtual organization management?   Fire away!  
So join us for the ride  and bookmark this page for future reference as well as share it with your colleagues.     We are planning on offering you soon a  Social Media Dashboard that will make all these tools, features and services available to you in a very pleasing visual interface.   Stay tuned and  best social networking  wishes to all of you.
My warmest regards,

Pierre Coupet
Founder & Q of Virtual Organization Management

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