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Mentor-Partner Associate (Global-Virtual)

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Seeking current and former high-level executives  from academia or any human resource, business and technology  consulting discipline worldwide;  who are familiar with the reasoning  behind  sabbatical programs offered to corporate executives or researchers or academics  by major corporations and educational institutions worldwide;  who either currently lead  a social media practice  or major social network [group] and are seeking an opportunity to offer virtual organization-related services;   who either have a great deal of passion or strong interest or fascination for virtual organizations  and their inner workings;  have a strong vision to  partner with  VOMI Virtual Organization Academy  in order to offer  our Virtual Organization Sabbatical Program to their  current or potential clients;   and  who also wish  to participate, albeit  in a very limited fashion,  as part of an elite team of Mentor-Partner Associates  involved in  coordinating  the activities   of the corporate executives, public policy executives, researchers and faculty members they have personally referred to  the sabbatical program at  VOMI Virtual Organization Academy.     You will work in a 100% virtual organization environment  from wherever in the world you are located.   Please note this is a business partner (license) opportunity  and is not a job or consulting and teaching  position.


As  a Mentor-Partner Associate, you will evangelize, develop your own business development strategy, recruit and directly [coordinate] the  activities of one or more members of the team of Industry Executives, Public Policy Executives, Researchers, Investors, and Faculty Members that you have personally referred  into the VOMI Virtual Organization Academy Sabbatical Program - entirely subject to the discretion of the Mentor-Partner.    Develop global high-level contacts and form alliances with key decision-makers and other stakeholders at leading corporations,  governmental institutions, public policy entities, and educational institutions worldwide.   

Will assist the Founder & Mentor-Partner of VOMI Virtual Organization Academy  by coordinating the activities  of  one or more members  of your  team - to the extent that you are willing and capable of doing so - and,  in the process, will gain a tremendous opportunity to learn on an as-you-go-along  basis,  right alongside your colleagues and directly from the founder of the modern virtual organization management discipline,  the following:  1) the inner  workings of life in a real 100% virtual organization environment  and, 2)  a  basic foundation of the modern virtual organization management discipline .     

You will have an opportunity to present at, as well as be involved in the development of, and participation in, various Virtual Organization Management webinars, seminars, workshops, symposiums and conferences to be held worldwide  - if you have the time or  inclination.   

Qualification Requirements

Must have a high-level consulting, management, and strong business development background and  currently own or lead an  existing influential social media, marketing, or management consulting practice;  or be a Social Media Guru and/or the owner of a large,  high-level social network or social network group;  or be a faculty member at a leading educational institution with organizational development or related teaching experience  as well as  extensive business development and consulting background;   or be a venture capital executive  with a  leading investor group;   or a semi- or fully retired VISIONARY executive from either the academic, business, government, defense, non-profit, military, legislative, judiciary, or public policy sector - who wants to get back into the game in an exciting way.   Please do NOT apply if you do not meet the foregoing requirements.  As well, we require all of the following:

  • Above all else, a Strong Business Development background  -  otherwise,  please do not apply
  • Outstanding WORK ETHIC!
  • Prior compensation in excess of $400-500K  is preferred but is not required
  • A passion or strong interest or fascination for all things Virtual Organizations is an Absolute Must 
  • Willingness to learn how to operate in a 100% virtual organization
  • Ability to adapt and thrive in a 100% virtual organization
  • An extensive and impressive Circle of Influence in business, academia, and government
  • Sufficient time to coordinate the activities of one or more members of your team
  • Willingness to work as a Team Player and within the constraints of tight deadlines 
  • Excellent written and oral communication, research, and writing skills
  • Proficiency with all Microsoft Office applications and leading web-collaboration tools
  • Fluency in English required, additional language proficiencies (French, Chinese, etc.) are a big plus
  • Must be able to present in both small and large group settings in a virtual environment as well as in the Boardroom.
  • An MBA/Ph.D. is ideal, however, it is not required.
  • STRONG references


Mentor-Partner Associates are eligible  for consideration for appointment to the VOMI Board of Directors or the VOMI Global Think Tank & Advisory Board, if desired.  

Opportunity Highlights:   Please note this is a business partner (license) opportunity which requires strong business development experience and is not a job or consulting and teaching position.   This opportunity is available on a Mentor-Partner Associate annual license agreement basis, subject to renewal by mutual agreement, and does not require you to travel, relocate or make a career move - you can continue your normal business activities.    You will be paired directly with the founder of the modern virtual organization management discipline  and will coordinate all experiential sabbatical program activities directly with one or more members of your own team from day one.     You will have a unique and invaluable opportunity to interact directly with a very elite group of virtual organization thought leaders as well as have a front row seat at the forefront of the latest virtual organization management developments at VOMI.    

To Apply

For immediate consideration, please  submit your brief executive profile along with a professional resume  to xxxxxxx, xxxxxxx,  at  xxxxxx  @  xxxxxxx [dot] com  :: 

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