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Corporate Housing in California for Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Program Participants

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Effective January 1, 2020  VOMI will begin to accept Corporate Housing Reservation for ALL Corporate, Government and Public Policy Executives from other countries (outside the United States) who  :: (1) ::  do NOT have "24-Hour High Speed Internet Access" offering a minimum Upstream/Downstream rate of 10 Mbps / 50 Mbps within their own country ::  and  :: (2) :: prefer to come to Southern California in order to participate in either the 90-Day Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Training, Assessment and Certification  program offered by Virtual Organization Leadership  or  the  Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Designation Program offered by VOMI  in partnership with Virtual Organization Leadership and VOMI Virtual Organization Academy,  subject to the following conditions:

1.   Travel Arrangements to the United States NOT included.  The sponsoring organization or government must handle all necessary visa, travel and transportation arrangements for their Program Participants with all appropriate transportation providers, local authorities, and US government agencies

2.   Strictly Optional.   Corporate Housing Reservation  is not offered as part of the 90-Day Program enrollment nor is it required in order to participate in the program.   That is strictly optional and is only provided for Program Participants coming to the United States who prefer to stay in Southern California along with their colleagues.

3.  There is a Minimum 6-Month Waiting List.    All applicant organizations and governments will be placed on a Minimum 6-Month Waiting List.   Otherwise, the sponsoring organization or government will have to handle their own housing and transportation arrangements for their Program Participants upon their arrival in the United States.

4.   Minimum of 100 Fully Enrolled Executives.   Corporate Housing Reservation must be for a Minimum of 100 Executives who are fully enrolled.  "Fully Enrolled" means that all program participants have met all enrollment requirements, have been formally admitted into the program,  and payment in full of the Total Program Registration Fee has been received by either VOMI or Virtual Organization Recruiter prior to the Corporate Housing Reservation date.

5.   No Individual Reservation Is Allowed.   Reservation must be made by the sponsoring organization or government and Payment In Full for Corporate Housing must be received for ALL executives within either 10 days of invoice receipt or 30 days of the reservation date, whichever is sooner. 

6.   Payment In Full for Corporate Housing Is Required Prior Travel to USA.   Payment IFull for Corporate Housing covers all of the following for the entire 90-day period:
  • FREE Airport pick-up and drop-off - for both arrival and departure.
  • A private room in a two-story home in a suburban residential area 
  • Fully furnished room and home with all the amenities
  • Daily maid service  
  • Central heat and air conditioner
  • Swimming pool
  • All utilities (Light, Gas, Water, Waste)  
  • Digital entertainment (cable TV, Netflix, HBO, etc.)   
  • A FREE Brand New Laptop Computer  
  • Wi-Fi High-Speed Internet Access - 400 Mbps downstream | 25 Mbps upstream  
  • 24-hour home security and remote monitoring
  • FREE Group Transportation via Luxury Van or SUV  to a selected leisure or entertainment destination in either Northern or Southern California (only on weekends for up to 15 executives on a first-come, first reserved basis).
7.  No Refunds or Cancellations are allowed under any circumstances.    However, a credit will be applied toward future housing reservations within 5 years from the date of violation of cancellation clause.

8.  Corporate Housing Reservation Location.   In order to prevent any attempt to submit a  Corporate Housing Reservation application prior to enrollment in the Leadership Program,  the link to the Corporate Housing Reservation page will be provided upon confirmation of an organization's Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Program enrollment and receipt of full payment of the Total Program Registration Fee.  

9.  NEXT STEP.   Join our Circle of Influence in order to either submit an online inquiry, provide some feedback or express your interest in this program.

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