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To All Potential Official Global Ambassadors: How to Make the Cut

The New Virtual Organization World

It's a New Principled and Civilized World, It's Virtual, and It's Organized

I am often asked this one question by so many who have applied to represent their country as an Official Global Ambassador on VOMI Global Think Tank:  What is it that is so special about  being an Official Global Ambassador and why didn't I make the cut? 

However, prior to answering that question, I want to thank every single person who has ever considered joining VOMI Global Think Tank in whatever capacity.   It is not something that we take lightly.   We are indeed deeply honored and humbled and I hope that this article will put to rest any misconceptions that any of you, including any member of the general public who just happens to come across the Official Global Ambassador opportunity, may have had or may develop in the future, respectively.   

So let me now proceed.
Reason #1.    Failure of Expectations Due to Convention      

We live in a world of conventions.   And when it comes to joining any type of organization, we all have certain expectations that are embedded in our mind and imprinted in our psyche about 1) the amount of information needed,  2) the recruitment process,  and 3) the onboarding process in order to effectuate a successful hire or transition.

For example, if you are planning on joining the Mafia, you have certain expectations in your mind about what the process involves, starting out from what you need to do in order to get some attention, how to put in work,  how to become a "made man," and how to rise all the way to the top (regardless of what anybody in the organization might tell you or what kind of document that you may be given to read).    

Now I Need You To Imagine This For One Second:   How many people do you think would actually take the time to try to join A Specific Gang,  Criminal Organization,  Quasi-Criminal Organization,  Military Branch,  Intelligence Agency, Major Law Enforcement Agency,  Secret Society,  Major Corporation, Major Educational Institution, Major Membership Club, etc., if the basic requirement for consideration PRIOR To Submitting An Application is to read about 15 to 20 articles :: each ranging anywhere from 15 to 271 pages long :: in order to gain a deep insight into That Specific Organization and make sure that they are a good fit?     (I don't see anyone raising their hand to answer that question - don't laugh!) 
Well, the latter happens to be our Basic Requirement  for consideration prior to submitting an application  for the Official Global Ambassador opportunity at VOMI Global Think Tank.
Notwithstanding an Actual Applicant's profuse assertion of compliance with this basic requirement, how many of them do you truly believe would have really taken the time to read--and understand--all these materials?   (The silence is just deafening.) 

To Take This Further And Get a Bit More Personal,  let's say that you spent your entire life as a youth dreaming about joining the CIA and, upon graduation from college, you go to their website to submit your application.   And, lo and behold, you come across the aforementioned basic requirement for consideration PRIOR to submitting your application.     So you decide to check out the websites of  at least six other intelligence agencies.  And surprise, surprise, none of them impose such basic requirement for consideration.    

Now, my question to you is this:  What is the likelihood that you will remain steadfast in the pursuit of your dream and proceed to meet the CIA's basic requirements prior to submitting your application?   

And what is the likelihood that you will ignore the CIA's request and proceed to submit your application to these other intelligence agencies?      

The point being,  for the most part,  any time people are placed in a situation which defies convention, they tend to automatically veer away from it and gravitate toward something else that they are familiar with - regardless of the potential benefits.   It's because We Are All Organic Machines (Artificial Intelligence)  designed to behave in predictable ways. 

THUS,  if you applied for the Official Global Ambassador position and didn't make the cut, it's because we came across critical information either during the recruitment process, or  after an offer has been made but  prior to your starting date, which indicates that you were not forthcoming with respect to meeting our basic requirement PRIOR to submitting your application.    It's a 100% fool-proof process which has never failed us.

Reason #2.    You Are Stuck In a Wormhole or Black Hole of Conventional Narratives

From the time we come out of our mother's womb,  our entire worldview is shaped by Narratives.   A constant and never ending Stream of Narratives which are fed to us throughout our lifetime and which define every single aspect of our entire existence on this planet.  They shape our way of life, the way we think, the way we communicate, the way we act and react, and our future.   These are what I call "Conventional Narratives." 
For example, whenever we hear any of the following words "Success, Failure, Rich, Poor, Powerful,  Powerless, Government, Army, Soldier, Police, Peace, War, Terror, Terrorist, Freedom, Freedom Fighter, Hero, Medal, Leader, Follower, Family, Country, Borders, Immigration, Passport, Patriot, Good, Bad, Evil, Good Guys, Bad Guys, Drug Dealers, Money Launderers, Democracy, Communism, Socialism, Intelligence Agency, Deep State, Sanctions, Bankers, Zionists, Nazis, Jihadists, Neocons, Tax Cheats, Criminals, Prostitutes,  Religion, Sect, Cult, Secret Society, etc.," we are automatically programmed to associate these words with one or more narratives we have been fed during our lifetime and to respond accordingly.    No one needs to come to us and try to explain what each word means and which narrative(s) they fit into.  That occurs subliminally, almost instantaneously and automatically.
And there is an Infinite Number of Narratives to boot.   (No different than having an Infinite Number of Melodies generated from only 7 Basic Notes.)   Narratives which form the basis of Our Reality.  

Now I Need You To Imagine This For One Second:   How would musicians from all over the world react if you tried  to introduce them to a New Basic Note (Note #8)?   How would they be able to wrap their mind around this?   How many of them would even believe that such a note exists?  How many of them would try to incorporate this new note in the making of their song or somehow try to make it conform to the existing paradigm?   After all,  we are talking about a note that just doesn't fit within the Conventional Narrative about music!

Well, in the case of VOMI Global Think Tank, that is exactly the sort of challenge we face.  We are introducing A Brand New Narrative to the world.   A narrative which does NOT conform to or fit within the "Conventional Narratives"; and which defies and falls outside of Our Reality.    We are talking about Human Evolution - a Different Reality.

However, the starting point begins with Virtual Organization Management.  Thus, unless a potential Official Global Ambassador Candidate actually took the time to read all these 15-20 documents, there isn't a snowball chance in hell that such candidate would be able to understand what we mean by Human Evolution and how the Virtual Organization Management discipline fits into the scheme of things.     Even if they were to Google the "Human Evolution" term,  they would still come up short for the simple reason that, outside of VOMI,   there is no body of  literature or any past and present endeavor in human history which advocates this new narrative.   They may use some of the very same words, however, that is as far as it goes.

For example, I am inundated with offers from investors who want to invest in VOMI et al because "they like the fact that we are a humanitarian organization,  a higher education virtual institution,  or because of our sustainable development orientation."   That's news to me!   In fact, we take a very dim view of the current elementary, secondary and higher education system worldwide as well as these so-called humanitarian and sustainable development organizations whose primary specialty is the creation of illusion based on "smoke and mirrors." 

Moreover, many of these investors also have this warped view of the Virtual Organization Management discipline.   The same goes for lenders who want to lend us money on favorable terms.  

But we are also approached by many individuals and service providers who claim to have reviewed our website;  understand and really love what we are doing;  tout their credentials as experts at  executive coaching, educational leadership and management, organizational management, business consultation, strategic marketing, branding and positioning, video production, website design, SEO optimization, App development, etc.;  and purport that they can revamp our organization and help us generate sales and increase our profits, just as they have done for a countless number of their clients.  (I don't know which website  they are referring to since we have at least nine (9) of them.)      
All of these offers being telltale signs  that none of them have taken the time to know who the hell we are and what we are really all about. 
THUS, if you applied for or subtly approached me for consideration regarding the Official Global Ambassador position (or any other opportunity) and I failed to follow up with you on your overture, it's  because you didn't make the cut.    This means, I can see that you have clearly failed to meet the aforementioned "Basic Requirement" prior to expressing your interest in or submitting your candidacy for the position;  and that you are still Stuck in a Wormhole or Black Hole of Conventional Narratives.

Reason #3.    Failure to Understand the Nuances Between Sympathizers, Supporters,  Collaborators and The Leadership Team

Although we have a great deal of appreciation for our sympathizers, supporters and those who are interested in becoming a member of our leadership team,  the Official Global Ambassador is really a very prestigious Collaborator opportunity.    A point which is clearly made in one of these 15-20 documents that are required reading prior to any application submission.   It's really All About the Cause! 

Reason #4.    We Are NOT Looking For Prestigious Executives

There is a humongous difference between a Prestigious Position and a Prestigious Executive.  The Official Global Ambassador title attaches to one of the most prestigious Collaborator positions in the world.  However, we are NOT looking for prestigious individuals to fill this position for the simple reason that No Such Animal Exists. 
The truth is, the more prestigious a person thinks he or she is, it is highly likely that, deep down beneath this facade, you will find someone who is very insecure; feels  inferior (disguised as a superiority complex);  is some sort of narcissist, ruthless sociopath, psychopath;  is a low-life or very unscrupulous and unprincipled person;  and a corrupt and evil to the core character.  Case in point, all you have to do is take a look at the people who rule the world - as well as those at the highest echelons of the largest and most powerful organizations in the world.
Therefore, there is absolutely  no reason at all for you to lie to your teeth about your background and qualifications through many childish and downright ridiculous social media postings; fake bachelor, master and Ph.D. academic credentials from diploma mills scattered all over the world;  phony references;  fake accomplishments; job titles and detailed job descriptions with employers that either do NOT exist or are with organizations who are not even aware of your existence;  fake academic and industry papers that any blind person can clearly see you could not have possibly authored;  real papers that you have authored that look like they were prepared by a 9-10 year old child;  dead links to websites that do not exist;  links to websites with absolutely no content and which look like they were prepared by a 5-year old child  in kindergarten or in some remote village in a third world country. 

The point being:   If you had paid any attention to the detailed description of the Official Global Ambassador position, you would have known that your education,  job title, etc., have absolutely no bearing on your ability to fulfill your agenda.    Nowhere did we mention that you had to have a Bachelor, Master, or Ph.D., or be a Professor, Doctor or some Big Shot Executive, Government Official, Presidential Advisor, etc. 
In a nutshell, we are really looking for Collaborators who share the Human Evolution cause and want to work with us in good faith.  That is all! 
Therefore, instead of fooling VOMI and showing us how smart you are - and thinking about how dumb, stupid and gullible we are - the only thing you have really managed to do, all on your own and without anybody's assistance,  is to denigrate, shame and embarrass yourself and throw away an excellent opportunity.    To paraphrase Sir Walter Scott,  what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive.       

Reason #5.    We Believe In You More Than You Believe In Yourself

We know, value and appreciate your intelligence and what YOU bring to the table.  In other words, We Believe In You.   I am not being condescending nor is this some cheap psychological maneuver or stratagem.  One of the aforementioned 15-20 required reading documents goes into great detail about what I mean by that. 

Therefore,  by virtue of your being a member of the Human Race,  and knowing your worth from a Human Intelligence and Achievement Potential standpoint, you already meet one of the most important Eligibility Criteria. 

In fact, I am about to divulge to you a very important secret: 

The younger you are, the higher your Intellectual Maturity level, and the more valuable you are to VOMI Global Think Tank;  for the simple reason that you haven't had a chance to be fully dumbed down and domesticated by the aforementioned Conventional Narratives.    Thus your mind is better able to absorb the Brand New Narrative:   Human Evolution.   As the old saying goes, you can't teach an old dog new tricks.  
Although I firmly believe that, where there is a will,  there is no time limit when it comes to learning and doing what you think is right. 
The only drawback is that, the younger you are, the less likely you are to have a Circle of Influence which includes executives at some of the highest levels of business, government and academia - unless you happen to come from a privileged family which is part of such circle.   In which case, you are more than welcome to apply for this prestigious Collaborator opportunity if you meet all other requirements.   (After all, I don't have any objections to helping out any of my children who need my assistance when it comes to doing something positive and fulfilling.)   

And the older you are,  the more fearless you become, the less you care about what others think,  and the more you understand the necessity for leaving behind a strong and powerful legacy for your children, grandchildren and the rest of your progeny -  the promise of a better future for them and the rest of mankind.   Age is not a problem as long as you have all your faculties intact.
And we do NOT require a minimum number of executives in your Circle of Influence.   For example, if you are the Head School Teacher in some little village in some remote part of the world;  teaching bare-footed school children who are sitting on the dirt floor due to a lack of desks;  and the only executive at some of the highest levels of business, government and academia who is in your Circle of Influence is the Minister of Education in your country, a person whom you've had a chance to develop a good rapport with over the years, then you meet our qualification requirement with respect to Circle of Influence.    At least, that is a start in the right direction.   
We have much, much  more respect and admiration for that Head School Teacher in that little village persevering against the odds than for some King, Queen, President,  Minister, Supreme Commander, General, or Ivy League Professor with 1000 Ph.D.'s and numerous other academic credentials Fancy titles and degrees do NOT impress us and have very little to no value when it comes to Human Evolution.   What is in your heart and soul matters much more.               
Thus no need for any potential Official Global Ambassador candidate to engage in the sort of shenanigans, con games, bullshit, lies and deception outlined in  Reason #4 that are standard practice on social media and in the recruitment world.   

In Conclusion

You now have a real opportunity to exit the Black Hole of these Conventional Narratives and emerge through the White Hole of the Brand New Narrative: Human Evolution.   

(This article contains a secret code which cannot be deciphered by any human being or any sort of cryptographic, AI  and quantum technology. Take the challenge!)

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