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My Response to "Who Is John Thompson?"

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My Response to "Who Is John Thompson?"
by Pierre Coupet

For those of you who are not familiar with the name, John Thompson is the newly appointed Chairman of Microsoft. 

So, here is my response to a CNNMoney article titled "Who Is John Thompson?":

Microsoft failed to understand what Google, Apple, Facebook, and LinkedIn understand--to some degree or another-- which is: we've been heading toward "The New Virtual Organization World" for quite some time now (over the past 10 years).

I have written  extensively on this subject over the past 10 years, however, Google seems to be the only organization which  subconsciously  or subliminally understands the paradigm shift that is slowly taking place--the evolution of social networks into virtual organizations.  

Right now, the mantra of the day seems to be all about "capturing the mobile space, etc.," and who's doing what in terms of innovation, sales, and market share of tablets, smart phones, and now phablets, etc.; and the world has been anxiously waiting for Apple CEO Tim Cook to make an important announcement about the next  killer gadget innovation.

In the meantime,  no one is really paying attention to what Google has really been up to over the past several years.   With the tremendous amount of investment they have either already made or are now making in Google Apps--along with  the tight integration of  Google+, Google Blogger, Google Chrome, Google Chromebooks, Google Chromebox for Meetings, Google Glass, Google Fiber, Google Loon, and Google Chromecast  into Google Apps--they have been slowly, systematically, methodically, and quietly positioning themselves as--and are poised to be--the "de facto virtual organization platform" for these "virtual organizations" which will one day explode onto the scene and bring about the arrival of "The New Virtual Organization World";  a new era which will fundamentally transform the way we do business and, altogether, alter our way of life - for the better, of course.

This is such a brilliant and masterful pincer movement worthy the admiration and adulation of the most brilliant business and military strategists of all time.    As we speak,  they are quietly encircling the business, government, and education arenas (worldwide) and allowing and enticing them to advance into the "Google Orbit," preparing them for a final-stage booster launch into the atmosphere of The New Virtual Organization World.   All of  that is being done in broad daylight in front of everyone--a completely unsuspecting public--dressed up in perfect camouflage, all the while never once  mentioning the words "virtual organization"; and for good reason, I might add, since that would only confuse or befuddle the business intelligentsia  out there who wouldn't have a clue about all this "virtual organization" mumbo jumbo.

In all sincerity, I take my hat off to the Google Executive Leadership Team.    There is only one word to describe their strategy:  Genius
I have written a paper titled "My Vision of The New Virtual Organization World" :: It behooves John Thompson, Satya Nadella and the rest of the entire Microsoft executive leadership team to really pay attention to this document if they seriously intend to compete with Google and Apple and restore their former luster and glory.  

In conclusion, I firmly believe that John Thompson and Satya Nadella can "grab the bull by the horns" and steer it in "The New Virtual Organization World" direction.    Satya's selection due to his understanding of the Cloud is a good step in the right direction, and John Thompson needs to be commended for that move.   However, that being said, do both John and Satya really see and understand the big picture?   They already have all the money and resources at their disposal - the only thing left that they need is "a vision of The New Virtual Organization World."

In the event that my message is not able to reach Microsoft, perhaps this is the sort of message that could only resonate with some up-and-coming, young entrepreneur (young gun) with a lot of fire in the belly and a lot to prove.

Best of luck John and Satya!


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