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@Developers Worldwide: Give Us the Global-Virtual Option

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How many times have you gone online to post an item,  event,  or a classified ad for a career opportunity and  found yourself becoming very frustrated at filling out the Location section of a form that not only doesn't meet your needs but also  does not reflect  the realities of life in today's global-virtual environment.   

It seems that most software developers, programmers,  GUI designers, human interface designers, web designers,  and web developers worldwide are still stuck in a time warp - the brick and mortar mindset - and remain focused on providing a Global-Local option to their clients.   They just can't seem to shake off the archaic marketing mentality of targeting,  only or primarily to, local audiences - what I refer to as a Global-Local mentality.

Posting an Item or Service For Sale Example

For example, let's you say you have for sale a high-demand item or service which can be sold to anyone anywhere in the world.    However, once you go online to place an ad for that item on the classifieds section of an advertising network,  the program for the online classifieds site will immediately try to pigeonhole your ad and assign it to a LOCAL section or region based on the information that you provide in the  Location section of the form used to fill-in your information.     I have personally gone to a huge number of  popular sites to post an item, which I am more than willing to pay for, but have walked away in disgust because I know it would be a waste of my advertising dollars to post an ad on a site that is primarily geared toward  targeting  LOCAL audiences.       

Posting an Event Example

Let's say you have an event which can be attended by anyone anywhere via a web-media-teleconference.     However, once you go online to place your ad, you encounter the same darned thing.  The advertising network begins to target your ad to individuals based on the advertiser's location.     It's as if almost every single programmer or designer out there is clueless about the global nature of the internet and its possibilities, which we know is not true.     But how do we explain this total disregard for life as it exists in today's global-virtual world?      This just doesn't make any sense at all. 

Posting a Career Opportunity Example

Let's say you have a position that can be performed by any qualified person  anywhere in the world.   However, once you go online to place your ad, you are faced with a whole range of options which have absolutely nothing to do with your actual needs.     For example, we are not concerned about the candidate's distance from our mailing address,  relocation and related costs,  visa sponsorship, citizenship status,  immigration status,  9-5 working hours, etc.    Our primary concern is the candidate's qualifications and whether or not they have the tools needed to perform in a 100% virtual organization environment.     At the end of the day, most of the candidates responding to your ad turn out to be local candidates,  and  the career advertising  network winds up excluding a vast array of superb talent and highly qualified candidates -  who could be currently unemployed - not only here in the US but also anywhere else in the world.      Shame, shame, shame!     

Solution:  "Targeting Location" Section with a "Global-Virtual" Option

In today's day and age, the Location section of a form should only be used to obtain "contact information" on the person or organization filling out the form instead of "geo-location targeting" information and, therefore,  such contact information must be incorporated into the Contact Information section.     

To accommodate the diverse needs of a global-virtual audience,  there should be an additional section titled Targeting Location,  and which automatically provides to you, the advertiser,  a Global-Virtual default option as the first line item.    The next line item option should be Current  Geographic Area for advertisers who only want  to target their LOCAL audience.  The third line item option should be the standard selection from the list of countries, with the possibility of being  able to drill down to a State , City, or Zip/Postal Code level.    Consequently, when a site visitor lands on the advertising site or network, they will have these options  immediately available to them without stressing out and having to go on a frustrating search for the holy grail. 

Benefits of Global-Virtual Option

For the advertising network, the number one benefit of providing the Global-Virtual option is an increase in advertising revenues due to becoming an all-inclusive  network.     It is now able to attract and generate revenues from both Global-Local and Global-Virtual advertisers and visitors. 

For the advertiser,  the number one benefit is an exponential increase in footprint around the globe and a corresponding increase in economic efficiency, marketing reach, and revenues from satisfied clients. 

For the global economy as a whole,  it is the equivalent of introducing the railroad and steam engine  in very remote parts in the world in order to give them access to civilization and a bright and prosperous future.

In Conclusion

The bottom line:   It's time for all developers to start thinking out of the box and take the lead with respect to providing the Global-Virtual Option insight to  their clients when they approach them for a solution to their global information technology infrastructure and e-commerce needs.    They need to take a lesson from history:  Hotmail, Facebook, Google,  Skype, eBay, and Apple, etc. became successful because they were immediately available and accessible to everyone around the globe  regardless of their actual physical location, therefore, keep the Global-Virtual option alive and front and center when presenting all stakeholders with a series of options.


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