Saturday, July 1, 2017

Africa Now Has a Choice: Rise Like a Phoenix or The Status Quo

The New Virtual Organization World
It's a New Principled World, It's Virtual, and It's Organized

I am often contacted for advice and counsel on Africa-related matters with respect to governance, geopolitics, review of unusual requests and demands from prospective US partners and investors, educational insight and economic development -  most of which I normally and gladly provide on a pro bono basis for a number of personal reasons, chief among them, friendship and the cursory nature of my involvement.   

However, that being said, lately I have found myself being contacted more and more not just from business and government quarters for counsel regarding the aforementioned but also to provide my expertise and play an active role in the promotion or development of various African investment projects and initiatives. I normally steer these individuals and organizations toward the various consortia (A Collective BRAINPOWER) associated with VOM Institute (VOMI) that are strictly designed to seamlessly embrace and accommodate such requests and engagements. And, as expected, this is where the trail normally runs cold and you hear a deafening silence.

A Big Disconnect

Why is that, you might say?   It's because the process itself baffles these individuals, businesses, organizations and governments since they are NOT accustomed to dealing with potential foreign partners or contacts within the sort of framework that VOM Institute provides: A collaborative consortium environment which affords ALL members and participants an astonishing level of transparency, sophistication, organizational structure, innovation, collaboration, discipline, dignity and results.

Moreover, the unique and priceless experience of being part of a group of innovators BRAINSTORMING and collaborating with each other  AS EQUALS in a virtual organization environment on proposed or potential investment projects; as well as the tremendous amount of (unexpected) The New Virtual Organization World opportunities that these consortia make available to them; is really very hard for them to fathom or absorb all at once.    

We are in fact giving these African government and business leaders an opportunity to be Part of A Collective BRAINPOWER  that will decide and propose standards for the development and future of  not only their country but the world at large for current and future generations throughout the coming millennia.   Members of a group of innovators and visionaries forging a new path and a new world: The New Virtual Organization World.   

They can't understand why I am really giving them an opportunity to receive a thousand (1000) times more than what they were originally requesting or expecting from me.    After all, they only know of One Approach (or Mindset) and One Pitch  (typical of people with a beggar's mentality) when it comes to dealing with the outside world:   
One Approach (or Mindset) :   We need Foreign Direct Investment  in our country (and Foreign Aid) in order to build our infrastructure, grow our economy, and provide for our people. 
One Pitch:   Our country is in a strategic location and very rich in raw materials, energy and mineral resources, cheap labor, etc., AND we need you to come and visit our country, meet with our government officials and business leaders,  and tell us what you want to invest in and what sort of economic cooperation you need from US in order to accommodate YOU.  
(You'll notice that their One Pitch states that the country is rich in just about everything ::location, natural resources, cheap labor, etc.:: except for BRAINPOWER.  Africans believe that the brainpower needed will come from the West because that's what they've been taught to think and believe from the day they were born.  Thus the reason why they place such a big emphasis on sending their children and professionals to Europe--primarily France and the UK--and the United States in order to obtain a so-called  first-rate, world-class education instead of focusing on investing in a world-class education and healthcare infrastructure for their own citizens in their own country.

Hence the reason they can't understand why I am giving them an opportunity to join a Consortium in order to be part of that Collective BRAINPOWER.
Obviously, we have a Big Disconnect which needs to be addressed in order for them to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities that these consortia have to offer.   Thus the reason for this paper since it applies to all African business and government leaders, and their peoples, who are striving to do their best or want the best for Africa.

Self-Acceptance of Africa's Public Image:  A Deeper Reason for the Big Disconnect   
With respect to Africa, I want to state, first and foremost,  that being an American and having always been subjected to a one-sided viewpoint of African society and developments in the American and Western media (e.g., extreme poverty, corruption, blood diamonds, child soldiers, mass murder, rape and pillaging, other crimes against humanity and trial of their leaders at The International Criminal Court, etc.), it became very important for me to conduct some extensive research on the current African political and economic climate as well as the overall landscape of the continent in order for me to understand the Deeper Reason for this Big Disconnect (i.e., why they were not rushing toward me with open arms and thanking both me and VOMI for being the very first American (if not foreigner) and institution, respectively, to make this sort of opportunity available to them).  

Based on my personal experience with "every single African" I have ever met,  I have never heard one single African tell me something positive about their country and institutions.  Nor have I ever heard any single one of them say anything that is contrary to what has been portrayed in both the global mainstream media and the media in their own country.  

They have come to accept [and believe in] their very maligned global image and,  during their very first encounter with any Westerner or European, have a tendency to immediately parrot the unflattering remarks and stereotypes that are almost always attributed to Africans and their government and business leaders;  and begin to quickly disavow any sort of association with these African scoundrels.  (Another  way of  letting others know that "Hey, these guys are really bad and corrupt, etc., and I am NOT like them.  I am one of the good Africans!)       

The Resulting Consequences of  this Public Image Self-Acceptance Can Be Disastrous

The price that Africans pay for allowing others to define them in such unflattering ways and also for accepting this very negative public image can be much more than they bargained for and very disastrous for both current and future generations.

Price #1.   A Damaging Blow to the Self-Esteem of Current and Future Generations of Africans. I have read email correspondence sent to my African  colleagues by these Westerners that were shared with me.  The sort of disgusting, offensivevery insulting and intimidating email that would cause 99.9999% of  Americans and Europeans to recoil in horror and immediately sever their relationship and business discussions with such "arrogant farts."   Yet, my African colleagues would ask me for advice on how to proceed with such individuals and organizations.   

That is the sort of behavior I would NOT tolerate from any member of our consortia and which would be cause for AUTOMATIC EXPULSION.     Moreover, even if my Zero Tolerance response toward such egregious behavior by these Westerners may not have much of an impact on today's breed of Africans who are accustomed to this sort of demeaning treatment,  nonetheless, I consider this sort of behavior very damaging to the self-esteem of future generations of Africans or any other human beings.   

Price #2.   It Destroys the Innovation Potential of Current and Future Generations of Africans.  It makes it very difficult for Africans, both young and old as well as current and future generations, to think that they too have what it takes to be able to sit at the global table; come up with revolutionary, fantastical and groundbreaking ideas and inventions that, heretofore, were considered "unheard and undreamed of"  or the stuff of science fiction and  the result of  unrestrained and surreal imagination;  AND  change the world.   

It makes it difficult for them to understand that neither the West, Europe, Asia, the Americas nor any other corner of the world has a monopoly on the capabilities of the human brain and that we (i.e., all members of the Human Race)  have only just begun to understand the power of the mind and that mankind's accomplishments to date are infinitesimal in comparison to all the marvelous and astronomical wonders which lie ahead for ALL of us.     

Therefore, today's generation of Africans need to understand that  they can no longer afford NOT to seat at the global table in order to BRAINSTORM, make the decisions and develop the technologies that will eventually impact them.    They can NO LONGER afford to take a back seat and WAIT FOR THE WEST and their former European Masters  to give them the green light when it comes to making decisions that will impact current and future generations of Africans and the continent.

And most importantly, Africans  HAVE NO NEED TO ASK FOR PERMISSION to seat at the global table.  (VOMI has made sure that all consortium members begin their journey and participation on a level-playing field.)   

I understand the current dilemma that all African business and government leaders face (as well as the mentality they are shackled with).   And since there are many wealthy Africans on the continent, just try this little experiment in order for you to understand what's really happening in your very own mind
Come dinner time, ask one of your household servants (if you have more than one) to join the family at the table.   That is all!    From the time you extend that invitation, follow that servant's reaction all the way through the end of dinner.   Just carry your regular dinner conversation, nothing out of the ordinary.  Just pretend your servant is just another family member.  
Here is the news that I have for you:  The way that your servant will feel and react IS THE SAME WAY that ALL Africans react when I invite them to the global table (to join one of our consortia) for the simple reason that they are NOT accustomed to sitting at the global table with their former colonial masters or the West and be part of the discussions that affect their future.   Dictates from the West? YES!   Imitate what the West is doing? YES!   Invent something  groundbreaking that the West has not yet adopted?  HELL NO! Not in this lifetime!              

The Future is Here for Africa:   VOM Institute has done its part.  It's now time for you to do your part. Stand up and refuse to accept and embrace the negative image, the personal insults and affronts to your dignity and national sovereignty.   Join one of our consortia.  If nothing else,  for future generations of Africans. They deserve better.      

Price #3.    It Normally Leads to a Case of Asking the Wolf to Guard the Sheep.   For example, I know of a number of African colleagues who have been swindled out of  millions of dollars by very slick and sophisticated Westerners and Western financial institutions who took advantage of them, treated them with total disdain and disrespect due to their naivete--and this myth--about Westerners.   

Here are many more examples of  Asking the Wolf to Guard the Sheep:  

  • Why would you want your former colonial masters to have control over and management of your country's currency - and charge you for it as well?   And hold 50% of your country's cash reserves in their bank account? This is insanity, insulting, international banditry, gangsterism, thug behavior, and extortion!   The Wolf loves to have the Sheep graze on his own territory. 
  • Why would you open up personal Swiss bank accounts in the West?   Do you really believe in all the secrecy "bullshit" you've been sold?  Do you really believe that these accounts are out of reach of intelligence agencies, governments, law enforcement, or anyone who may want to blackmail you or get some of that money back?  The Wolf loves for the Sheep to confide in him.
  • Why would you build private villas and mansions in the West?  Do you really believe that they are out of reach of governments, law enforcement, or anyone who may want to sue or harm you? The Wolf loves to have the keys to the Sheep barns.   
  • Why do you want to travel to the West to walk in these shopping malls with a big grin on your face as you shop for luxury goods that these Western intelligence agencies are keeping track of while they are building a file on you and keeping track of every move and purchase you make?  When it's time to demonize you in the global press, that's when you find out how  much information that they have on you (e.g., how much you paid for cuff links, what kind of watch you have,  what kind of caviar or smoked salmon you like, what kind of scotch or cognac or whiskey or vodka you like to drink as well as what kind of cigar you like to smoke and how much they cost, etc.).   With this information, they can figure out what kind of punitive sanctions they can put in place when it's time to put the squeeze on you (e.g., revoke your visa, No more caviar or vodka or cigar for you, etc.)  The Wolf loves it when the Sheep feel comfortable strolling on his territory.            
  • Why do you want a visa so you can attend these useless economic summits in the West where you have absolutely NO CLOUT?   You only go there to be part of the audience (just another potted plant) and so you can bring home some souvenirs from the West.  And while you are there, intelligence operatives are keeping track of every member of your country's delegation and building a dossier on you for future reference.  The Wolf loves to keep track of the Sheep Leadership. 
  • Why do you want to belong to the United Nations (the world's foremost and largest criminal organization) and spend millions of dollars every year to attend a useless General Assembly meeting where you have absolutely NO CLOUT?   The only countries there which have any kind of clout are the five (5) permanent members of the Security Council.   And the only country which has the REAL CLOUT is the United States of America (and Israel, by extension, since the Israeli Lobby controls the US government),  for the simple reason that the US does NOT give a shit about any Security Council resolution and can do whatever the hell it pleases - Security Council vote or not.  It can even bypass the Security Council if it knows that any of the 5 permanent members (i.e., Russia or China) will veto any proposed resolution.  For the most part, it will twist either Russia or China's arms and ask them to abstain from a vote instead of having to use their veto power - something that China and Russia go along with most of the time.  As well, the United States can apply unilateral sanctions on any of the other 4 permanent members of the Security Council.  The bottom line is this:  This is all bullshit and nothing but a big sham.  The United Nations has absolutely nothing to do with upholding international law, peace and security, or securing the rights of sovereign states.   Other than the United States, all the other members are nothing but lap dogs who are told when to get up and bark or when to sit and be quiet.    Therefore, your presence there only serves one purpose: It's an excellent opportunity for Western intelligence operatives to keep track of every member of your country's delegation and to maintain an updated dossier on them for future reference.  (That is the honest truth and I dare anyone anywhere in the world to prove otherwise.)   The Wolf loves to make the Sheep feel like an important member of the Wolf Pack.
  • Why do you want to spend millions of dollars on lobbyists just so you can have your picture taken with a prominent Western leader while you are shaking their hands and grinning your teeth?  These lobbyists are getting rich at your people's expense.  The point being, a picture with the President of the United States will not prevent the CIA or the NSA from destabilizing your country or trying to overthrow your government or outright assassinate you.  You can only fool your own people with that picture.  Ask Saddam Hussein,  Bashar Al-Assad,  or Muammar Gaddafi if I am telling the truth - they sure have already learned the hard way.   The Wolf is not there to protect the Sheep.   Being a Sheep means that you can be on the Wolf's menu at any time because you can never tell when the Wolf will get hungry.          
  • Why do you want to belong to all these Western institutions (A Den of Wolves) where you have absolutely no real say in the outcome of their meetings.  The most you can do is make a speech here and there (and either beg the West for More Foreign Aid or compliment them on prior aid given to your country) and take a few pictures with some of the members in attendance to post on social media such as Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, etc.  There is no such thing as Foreign Aid.   There is only "Foreign Transaction." To accept the use of the term "foreign aid" from any country is demeaning and an affront to the dignity of your nation and people.  The Wolf  is not there to provide aid to the Sheep.       
  • Why would you want to travel to the West for medical care and put your life in their hands?  Do you really believe in all this Hippocratic Oath bullshit and that these Western doctors are very ethical (much more so than your own countrymen) and have nothing but your best interests at heart?     Why not invest in your own country's healthcare infrastructure?   In fact, it is MUCH, MUCH less expensive than you think it is.   Don't you know that your complete health records are now in the hands of every single Western intelligence agency since they share files with each other?  Do you have any idea how valuable this information is in the right hands?   That is a huge security risk!   The Wolf is not there to keep the Sheep in good health. 
  • Why would you want to send your military officers to obtain their military training in a foreign country, including at your former colonial master's military academy?  What the hell is so hard to learn about military strategy and the use of weapons?  What kind of military tactics and strategy training do you think that your former colonial master is going to provide to your officers?  Don't you understand what the real implications are or can be?  (I won't go into details.)   The Wolf is not there to teach the Sheep how to defend himself.  
  • Why would you want to send your police officers to obtain their police training in a foreign country?   What the hell is so hard to learn about policing your own citizens unless you are a complete moron?   Even here in the United States, we have one of the worst policing records in the world.   A police encounter or call to police for assistance could result in the loss of your life.  We literally live in a police state.  Civil Asset Forfeiture means if you get stopped by the police for driving above the speed limit (it could also be because you have a license plate from another state in the USA) and the officer requests permission to search your car, or sees a bundle of something on your car seat and wants to know what's in it, and finds out that it is CASH and other valuables such as jewelry, gold or other precious metals, etc., he can legally confiscate your money and other valuables;  and you will need to appear in court to show proof that this money was not illegally obtained.   Is that the sort of policing you want to learn from your former colonial master or the most powerful nation in the world?   The Wolf is only there to teach the Sheep how to keep other Sheep in line before dinner time.
  • Why would you want to send your intelligence officers to another country in order to receive intelligence training?   Why would you allow any foreign government or intelligence agency to know the identities of your intelligence agents or operatives unless they have gotten caught red-handed and you need to bail them out?  Why would you want foreign intelligence agents operating on your soil with your permission - friend or foeRegardless of what you are told, who do you really think is the target of their intelligence activities?  (If you need me to tell you, you are either a moron or your brain is made out of mud.)
  • Why would you allow any country, including your former colonial master,  to have military bases  in your country if they are not actively involved in defending your territory during a wartime situation?   (And I don't mean a permanent  US military occupation force such as NATO disguised as some form of umbrella protection for US allies against bogeyman invaders.  The threat from the former USSR has long ceased to exist and it can even be said that the purpose of the former USSR was exactly due to the threat from NATO.  Europeans are not as smart as they--and many others--are led to believe since they are willing participants in the (benevolent) enslavement of their peoples.  All NATO countries are nothing but US vassals and you have to be downright stupid to believe otherwise.   Nor do I mean some fake Global War On Terror that is designed to be perpetual in nature - everlasting.  Terror will stop to exist when humans no longer exist - has anyone ever thought of that?)  The Wolf always welcomes the opportunity to have a Den of Wolves on Sheep territory.   
  • Why would you want any country to have control over your country's most critical sectors and infrastructure?  (That includes currency, agriculture, water, energy, communications, internet, healthcare, education, research, and defense.)   The Wolf  loves to be in full control of the Sheep - the more control, the better.
  • Why would you want any country to have any sort of input, influence, control, or even knowledge,  of  your method of country governance?  The method of Country Governance is every single nation's "Achilles' Heel."   Please note, there isn't a country or empire in the world which cannot be controlled, its leaders and people manipulated,  and their infrastructure completely destroyed once you have a 1000% understanding of that country's method of governance.  The former USSR, the former Yugoslavia, the former Sudan, the former Ethiopia, Rwanda, Somalia, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Zimbabwe, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria,  Yemen, Palestine, Ukraine, Venezuela,  and Haiti are excellent examples of this rule.  (China, Taiwan, Russian Federation, South Korea,  Iran, Turkey, South Africa,  Bahrain, Qatar,  Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Saudi Arabia are next in line if they don't take the time to quickly understand the importance of this golden rule.)    The only exception to that rule is a country or empire whose method of governance is not only based on "Principled Geopolitical Leadership" but is also governed by Principled Geopolitical Leaders.  At the present, no such country exists and there are no such world leaders and rulers who are in fact "Principled Geopolitical Leaders."  However, that being said, it's never too late to get started in the right direction.   (See "A Global Need for Principled Geopolitical Leaders" - it's a 4-hour long document, therefore, do not attempt to read it now and just bookmark it for future reference.)    The Wolf always welcomes the opportunity to find out directly from the Sheep how they operate so he can better plan for his next meal.     

As the above clearly demonstrates,  these African colleagues are busy running away from their African counterparts due to their well-deserved reputation for endemic corruption, incompetence, treachery and shortsightedness.   They are eager to engage in business, political, military and public policy dealings with their very sophisticated and so-called more enlightened  European or American colleagues.   In turn, these African colleagues themselves wind up falling prey to--and getting fleeced by--these "more enlightened and sophisticated" Europeans and Americans - only to become their latest victims.   That is the sort of problem that Consortium members don't have to worry about.  

VOM Institute Does Not Want to Be Part of the Problem

In light of the above-mentioned realities,  I don't want to be part of the problem which has plagued Africa since Europeans decided that Africa, being so beautiful (a sort of Garden of Eden) and possessing such vast amount of riches in mineral resources,  was theirs for the taking and to split up among themselves into colonies, and plunder at will, since Europeans possessed superior weapons and determination and, in fact, encountered "no effective and determined opposition."  

As Otto von Bismarck ::the first European leader to formalize the Scramble for Africa during The Berlin Conference of 1884–85 which resulted in the General Act of the Berlin Conference ("Congo Conference") ::remarked in his famous September 30, 1862  Blood and Iron ("Blut und Eisen") speech (although it was in reference to the unification of Germany and had nothing to do with Africa):  "The great questions of the time will not be resolved by speeches and majority decisions—that was the great mistake of 1848 and 1849—but by iron and blood."   

Nonetheless, this basic "iron and blood" principle which is adopted by virtually all powers in order to achieve political, economic and military ends is as old as time itself and not some sort of new revelation, application or invention.   However, that being said, today's problems in Africa (as well as anywhere else in the world)  cannot be resolved by "iron and blood."   Iron and Blood, as demonstrated since time immemorial and throughout the ages, is only a powerful drug that gives leaders and imperial powers a temporary sense of euphoria and invincibility, and leads to this horrible addiction accompanied by a tremendous amount of pain and suffering to both them and their victims, and which eventually consumes and destroys them all. 

Today's situation in Africa is really no different than the Iron and Blood colonization period. Independence is just an illusion and all African leaders are still beholden to their former European and other masters in the West, although they are given some sort of latitude  in terms of what they can do and how much they can get away with without incurring the full wrath of their real masters in the West.   
By "full wrath" I mean, either financial and economic sanctions to goad these leaders into submission or to starve their people or cause them serious hardships and force them to turn against their government ::  bribes to elected officials ::  military coercion (e.g., threat of a military coup or invasion) :: human compromise operations :: complete demonization of a leader or entire government in the global media ::  internal destabilization efforts through social upheavals (protests for "democracy, human rights, etc.", corruption probes, impeachments, etc. ) financed by INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES;  NGOs;  United Nations organizations who receive their orders directly from the West;  religious organizations and "humanitarian" groups ::   direct financial and military support to insurgent groups,  members of the political opposition, or members of the military, etc. (the "moderate opposition") ::  or referral to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity (don't laugh!).  
In case all else fails, then outright military invasion and the replacement of the current regime with a "democratic" government that understands and respects the well-being, needs and wishes of its "people" (i.e., their masters in the West).     The Blood and Iron principle is always ready to be put into application when all else fails.  
As stated earlier, none of these African leaders have any control over their own currency and they are all required, as part of the terms of being granted their independence,  to maintain an account at their former colonial master's Central Bank which they are NOT even able to audit

That is a Financial Crime and Corruption to the 1,000,000th (millionth) degree engaged by ALL these former colonial masters and yet African leaders are accused of being corrupt.  Furthermore, Every Single Western Business Interest in their country IS CORRUPT TO THE BONE and engaged in the full exploitation of their country and its people and yet African leaders are accused of being corrupt.    Every Single African Political Leader who dares to stand up on behalf of their country and people,  to take their former colonial master and these Western Business Interests to task or to negotiate mutually beneficial deals, they are either ASSASSINATED, persecuted through their own legal institutions, overthrown, or demonized in the global press and yet African leaders are accused of being corrupt.    And Every Single African Leader who understands the rules of the game (i.e., their masters in the West are more corrupt, criminal and murderous than African Leaders could ever be and that, in order to become a Leader AND remain in power in their country, they have no other choice but to be as corrupt and criminal) also gets accused of being corrupt.   
In other words, it doesn't matter which path an African Leader chooses, he just cannot win.  Do the right thing by your people and for your country, you will either be demonized, overthrown or assassinated.  Or be as corrupt as your masters in the West, and you will still be demonized, overthrown or assassinated when your masters in the West no longer have any use for you or want to replace you.  It's like "being stuck between a rock and a hard place."  It's like the pot calling the kettle black.
The bottom line is this:  Africans are no different than any other people.  They are NOT inferior or superior to any other people, race or culture.  They all want the very best for their country, people and families.  Contrary to what the world has been led to believe, including most Africans themselves, the problems the entire continent is facing really has nothing to do with its leaders.  THE PROBLEM LIES IN THE GAME that its leaders, peoples, businesses and all their other institutions THINK THAT THEY HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO PLAY. And as long as they keep playing THE GAME, they are going to keep getting THE SAME RESULTS.      

Therefore, the solution to the problems that Africa faces is NOT going to come from the West.   The West will always look at Africa as a beautiful Garden of Eden rich in energy and mineral resources that is ripe for exploitation.   The West will always wonder why Africans do NOT realize and appreciate the beauty of this land, all the wealth and riches they are sitting on,  and why they are practically giving it away to other nations for pennies on the dollar while most of their peoples are living in poverty.   The West will always wonder why Africans are begging for Foreign AidFinancial Aid,  Healthcare Aid, and Foreign Direct Investment from the rest of the world while they are sitting on HUNDREDS OF TRILLION OF DOLLARS in economic resources. The West will always wonder why Africa STILL BELIEVES that  the ANSWER to ALL their problems - moral, legal, financial, social, military, economic, technological, infrastructure, and institutional - lies in the West.      

The Solution Lies in the Sons and Daughters of Africa

Therefore, Africans need to stop inviting the West to come and save them: governments, business interests, NGOs, charitable organizations, humanitarian organizations, religious organizations, United Nations organizations,  banking and lending and other financial services organizations, etc., military trainers and advisers (believe me, the last thing the West wants to do is to show you how to beat the crap out of them in the event war breaks out - they are NOT stupid - they only want to teach you how to repress and kill your own people as well as those from neighboring countries when they give you the go-ahead to do so).   Instead, they need to start to believe that the gift and capability of the human brain  of an African is NO DIFFERENT than that of ALL other members of the human race.   

We are all members of ONE HUMAN RACE.   What we do with that brain that we have been given is really up to each one of us.  Most importantly, what we believe we can do with it IS THE KEY to mankind's progress and future.  Don't ever let anybody tell you any different.    THERE IS NO SUPERIOR RACE ON THIS PLANET.   To believe that there is a superior race of humans on this planet is AN OFFENSE AND INSULT TO OUR CREATOR (and I am not talking about religion)

What this means is the following:  Instead of asking others to come to Africa so they can build and invest in your country and PUT YOUR NATION IN DEBT and TOTAL SUBSERVIENCE while they are enriching themselves and a few Africans at your people's expense, you need to change course by asking Africans and All Other Members othe Human Race who are of good will to come and sit down at the global table (one of our consortia listed below) in order to DISCUSS and PLAN TOGETHER the future of Africa and realize the full potential of this beautiful Garden of Eden and its peoples.   You don't need to be told what's good for you and your people and what the West is going to do for you.

And that is exactly the sort of alternative and solutions that I and VOMI offer to ALL government and business leaders worldwide, including African government and business leaders, in the form of  The New Virtual Organization World ConsortiumVirtual Campus Dormitory ConsortiumVirtual Residential Community ConsortiumLeague of Extraordinary Virtual Organization ExecutivesVOMI Executive-In-ResidenceVOMI Virtual Organization AcademyVirtual Organization Recruiter, and VOM Institute (Virtual Organization Management Institute).

Africa Has No Need for Lenders or Investors

Africa has an abundant amount of economic resources that is enough to not only pay IN FULL for its projects but to also finance similar projects on both EUROPEAN and ASIAN continents.   

I already know what you are thinking:  Pierre must be delusional!  How can this be?  Where are we going to get the money from if we don't need lenders or investors?   Where is the professional expertise going to come from?  Where is the technology going to come from?  Where are the raw building materials and resources going to come from?  Where are the funds to pay the workers, laborers, builders, developers, engineers, scientists, and other experts going to come from?

That is the sort of normal reaction I expect from slaves who have been taken care of all their lives or who've always been led to believe that their masters are superior to them and only their masters can show them the way or do for them.  It's difficult for them to think--or even imagine in their wildest dreams--that they can get along fine without their masters.    And that, if they are willing to really put to work  this most brilliant and amazing brain that every single human being on this planet has been gifted with,  they can not only think way beyond the ignorance, stupidity, barbarity and primitive nature of their masters but also surpass their achievements by leaps and bounds. 

However, that being said, this is not a matter of waiving a magic wand and turning all Africans filthy rich, wise, scientific geniuses, and technological wizards overnight. This requires a lot of hard work, sacrifice, perseverance, and the willingness to do what it takes to go the distance or else you'll eventually give up and gladly and willingly run back into the arms of your masters in the West.  

In fact, your most determined opponents and detractors WILL BE your fellow Africans themselves. Africans will be used as pawns, stooges, imbeciles, morons, propagandists, useful idiots, spies, and assassins in order to subvert and destroy each other and  make sure that these African governments, who dare try to go their own way without their master's permission,  pay a very heavy price.   Your masters in the West will NOT let you get off from under their thumb so easily and will put up a good fight.   

The only thing I can assure you is that, IF YOU ARE WILLING TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, BE FAITHFUL TO YOUR CAUSE,  STAY THE COURSE,  AND FIGHT WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT WITH EVERY OUNCE OF STRENGTH IN YOUR BODY AND MIND, you will certainly win in the end :: and every single word I've said about Africa's possibility and its peoples will come to fruition.
Although I intend to be there and serve as a spiritual and philosophical guide to all of you (I am not talking about religion)  in order to distill the essence of the philosophical direction and concrete directions you need to follow in order to attain your objectives and achieve your ultimate goals, nonetheless, you will still be required to do 99% of the heavy lifting.  This is NOT going to be an Alice in Wonderland fairy tale, a breeze through the park, or a trip to Disneyland.         

In Conclusion

You will notice that the content of this document could be adapted to any group of people anywhere in the world.  All you have to do is substitute the word "Africa" with any other continent, subcontinent, region, country, or municipality in the  world   and substitute "the West" with whatever monopolistic group of bullies, tyrants, scoundrels, criminals, mass murderers or countries.  

The reason for that is simple:   This all has to do with the human condition.   All humans are the same everywhere.   This isn't really about racism or ideology or some battle between good and evil. Truth be said:  If the world were populated by only Caucasians who are all 6 foot-tall with blond hair and blue eyes, you could bet every dollar and cent that you now have in your pockets or your bank account that they would somehow find a way to differentiate themselves from each other and, somehow or another, wind up with one dominant group having hegemony over the other(s).   

That is the way they currently behave among themselves throughout all of Europe.  In fact, World War I and II are excellent outcomes of that human condition.  Sadly, World War III is about to erupt as well - that is, of course, unless the leaders of  Russia and China have an opportunity to read "A Global Need for Principled Geopolitical Leaders" in order to understand how to prevent this Armageddon before it's too late.      

As well, whatever we are currently accusing the West of, for good reason I might add, can equally be applied to Africans among themselves, without any sort of interference from the West or any other group of people. Ignorance, stupidity, prejudice, primitive mentality, and barbarity know no bounds and have absolutely no regard or preference for color.  To become a member of that club, all you have to be is: just another human.           

Next Steps

There are currently two primary and extremely significant global tables that I highly recommend to all African government and business leaders who want to invite other Africans and All Other Members of THE HUMAN RACE who are of good will to come and join them in order to DISCUSS and PLAN TOGETHER the future of Africa and to restore the glory and essence of this beautiful Garden of Eden and its peoples:   1) The New Virtual Organization World Consortium, and 2) League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives.    

With respect to Africa and  The New Virtual Organization World Consortium,  immediately upon your receipt of membership approval,  you need to begin to invite as many other leading African business and government leaders to join you on the consortium in order to sit down at this global table to discuss and plan together the future of Africa.   At which point I will go into the details on how to proceed.    

With respect to Africa and the League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives, it is strictly reserved to ALL current and former African Heads of State as well as ALL Chairman and CEOs of the largest global companies in Africa.   There is a total membership limit of 50 executives worldwide, therefore, all applicants will most likely be placed on a waiting list. As well, effective January 2018, the total global membership will be reduced to 20 members, making it the world's most exclusive and prestigious membership.

Africa Can Now Rise Like a Phoenix 

The bottom line is this:   For the very first time in over 600 years, Africa now truly has a choice:  It can either Rise Like a Phoenix from the ashes of  its colonial past and current condition or continue being subservient to the West and maintain The Status Quo.

Please note that the aforementioned solutions and procedures I have outlined are the only ways I can be of assistance to African business and government leaders  while making effective use of my time at VOM Institute.   If your government and businesses are unwilling to take these first steps, they are more than welcome to continue on their current path, albeit without my involvement and participation.

I look forward to your organization and government's participation and successful collaboration - and to a strong and prosperous Africa in the near and distant future.    

About Author:   Pierre Coupet, CEO & Q of Virtual Organization Management is the founder of Virtual Organization Management Institute (VOMI), VOMI Virtual Organization AcademyVOMI Global Think Tankand Virtual Organization Recruiter:: founder of the modern virtual organization management and virtual organization recruitment disciplines pioneered since 1997:: founder of League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives:: and Architect of THE NEW VIRTUAL ORGANIZATION WORLD Collection. Contact directly  via CHAT.

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