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The Idea Behind VOMI Global Think Tank

The New Virtual Organization World
It's a New Principled World, It's Virtual, and It's Organized

It's all about Evolution!
  • From Brick and Mortar Management to Virtual Collaboration:: to Virtual Organization Management:: to Enlightened Virtual Organization Management (Virtual Organization Management infused with Principled Geopolitical Leadership principles and philosophy) 
  • From Brick and Mortar Organizations to Virtual Teams:: to Virtual Organizations:: to The New Virtual Organization World
  • From VOMI Global Think Tank and Advisory Board (A Business Unit)  to VOMI Global Think Tank and Advisory Board (A Strategic Business Unit):: to VOMI Global Think Tank and Advisory Board (A Business Division)::  to VOMI Global Think Tank (A Distinct Business Entity)
  • From Ape to Human:: to Civilized Human::  to Intelligent Being
We Can Ill Afford to Rest On Our Laurels

In other words, the idea behind VOMI Global Think Tank has all to do with "Progress."   Progress, in the sense that VOMI and its precursors over the past 20 years, through numerous efforts and initiatives and the various iterations of the think tank advisory board, have been able to make phenomenal strides in the global introduction of the Virtual Organization Management discipline to key decision-makers and primary stakeholders in practically every single industry and government around the world.   

However, that being said, we can ill afford to rest on our laurels.   We are not satisfied with just letting the word out and evangelizing on the benefits of the Virtual Organization Management discipline, Virtual Organizations and The New Virtual Organization World.  As well, we are not satisfied with the pace of adoption.
Time to Lead the Charge in the Global Implementation of Our Vision

We realize that the time has now come for us to move beyond our phenomenal success in generating Global Awareness of the virtual organization management discipline and our vision of The New Virtual Organization World - and that we must take an active role in the implementation of  both the adoption of the discipline and our vision of this world of virtual organizations I call:: The New Virtual Organization World.     We also understand that this requires a Global Effort instead of our previous VOMI-centric, supporter::volunteer::and laissez-faire think tank advisory board approach.    

As well, based on our prior experience with the old Think Tank Advisory Board and the scope of our vision's implementation, we also realize that we need a more structured environment and a dedicated and fully-compensated full-time staff solely focused on such implementation.   Hence the reason and idea behind the formation of  VOMI Global Think Tank (and name change):: a distinct and separate entity designed to serve as a catalyst for the implementation of this Global Effort.

To Sustain the Flame in Our Evolution from Human Being to Intelligent Being

And last but not least, we've finally come to the realization that we cannot just operate in a vacuum and ignore the furious pace of mind-boggling advances in Technology and Innovation in every single sphere of our existence:: advances which are transforming our world in ways that we cannot even to begin to imagine:: and that we must diligently work and collaborate with our colleagues in industry, academia and government in order to ensure that the end result of the Convergence of Virtual Organizations with this avalanche of Advances in Technology and Innovation MUST be the sort of positive outcome that contributes to the evolution of the human race.  An evolution that transforms the human race from its current primitive, archaic and barbaric Human Being state to that of an Intelligent Being.
Or else, the human race will continue to follow the same pattern since time immemorial:  10 steps forward in technology and 100 steps backward in barbarism and governance.

The following article ::  Why Is A Deep Insight Into Virtual Organizations A Must? ::  is the world's most comprehensive document on the need for visionary leaders from global enterprises, organizations, institutions, and governments worldwide to pause a bit in order to obtain a deep insight into virtual organizations.

Join VOMI Global Think Tank
  • If you have already obtained a deep insight into virtual organizations at Virtual Organization Advisors.
  • If you are currently a Forbes Global 2000 (or Equivalent Enterprise Level Organization or Government) Executive, you now have an opportunity to represent your organization as a Corporate Member.    
  • If you are an Entrepreneur or Executive whose clientele or Circle of Influence, respectively,  includes  Forbes Global 2000 Organizations and Executives (or Equivalent Enterprise Level Organizations and Government Executives), you now have an opportunity to be part of this Global effort on your own personal initiative in a fully compensated Independent Non-Executive Officer capacity of  Official Global Ambassador for your country.   
  • As well,  if your interest is in a full-time Leadership or Staff position (either as a salaried member of the Executive Leadership Team, Think Tank Fellow or Postdoctoral Research Fellow), then VOMI Global Think Tank is the place to make a profound difference in the lives of today's and future generations.

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