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How Can You Tell In Advance That a Promotion Will Go Viral?

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How can you tell in advance that a promotion will go viral?

A movie studio comes out with a new "low budget" movie and makes a fortune - blows out all "box office" expectations.  Another studio comes out with a "big budget" movie and "loses" a fortune - a big box office flop.

In this day and age, with all the AI (artificial intelligence) tools we have at our disposal and all the "marketing and promotion" knowledge we have accumulated over the past decades, have we now reached the stage where we can know "in advance" whether a particular promotion will go "viral" or "flop"? If so, would you want to have this sort of knowledge and capability?

Although this may sound like a rhetorical question, it is NOT. I am really interested in your feedback on the "implications" of having such knowledge and capability for the digital marketing industry.

Would there be any more need for digital marketers? Would that become the sort of "closely guarded secret" technology that only a privileged few could have access to? Would that be the equivalent of having Colonel Sanders' recipe for his "Kentucky Fried Chicken" or "Coca-Cola's formula"?

Is that the sort of knowledge that would require the government to intervene "in order to level the playing field"?

Are there any ethical and moral dilemmas associated with having access to such technology? In what instances or under what circumstances would it NOT be appropriate to use such "digital marketing and promotion" technology?

Could politicians or candidates for political office use such technology in order to promote a particular agenda or gain political office?

Is there something else that I am missing here in terms of potential implications?

What do you think? While we are on the subject of "going viral," please share this article with your friends, colleagues and social network so we can all benefit from each other's input.

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