Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Status Quo for Managing a Virtual Workforce Is Untenable

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Status Quo for Managing a Virtual Workforce Is Untenable
by Pierre Coupet 

Now more than ever, employers are coming to the realization that the status quo for managing a virtual workforce is untenable - meaning that the current hodgepodge of homegrown solutions created, or in use, by well-meaning employees  has reached its apogee  and that they need to come up with a more formal, standardized and reliable virtual organization aptitude assessment solution in order to properly assess who has the potential to adapt and thrive in a virtual environment.  

For example, as was widely reported throughout the media,  Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's first action in office was to get rid of the company's virtual workforce policy and recall everybody  home to corporate headquarters due to her concerns about a tremendous waste of money due to poor productivity and lack of accountability of their virtual workforce.    

I personally am aware of a countless number of other organizations who have done the same thing as Marissa - although they did not garner as much publicity, if any,  as Yahoo.

My question is:   Is your group, department, division, or organization in a similar situation?

If yes, how is everyone coping and how urgent is your (or organization's) need for such formal, standardized and reliable virtual organization aptitude assessment solution? 

And, until today,  were you ever aware that there exists such provider of formal, standardized virtual organization aptitude assessment solutions?


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