Tuesday, January 15, 2013

VOMI Chairman Pierre Coupet Joins the 57th Presidential Inaugural Team

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VOMI Chairman Pierre Coupet Joins the 57th Presidential Inaugural Team

We are very pleased to announce that Pierre Coupet has joined the Presidential Inaugural Committee 2013 team in order to help provide training to over 15,000 volunteers who will be traveling from across the country.   VOMI colleagues, students and social network members who plan to be at President Obama's second inauguration or at the Walter E. Convention Center in Washington D.C. during the January 16-21, 2013 period,  and who would like to have a rare face-to-face social chat with Pierre during that time,  are encouraged to contact him via skype at VOMIChairman.   For those of you who will be staying put, we look forward to sharing with you some memorable pictures of this occasion.  


About Author:   Pierre Coupet, CEO & Q of Virtual Organization Management is the founder of Virtual Organization Management Institute (VOMI), VOMI Virtual Organization Academy, and Virtual Organization Recruiter:: founder of the modern virtual organization management and virtual organization recruitment disciplines pioneered since 1997:: founder of League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives:: and Architect of THE NEW VIRTUAL ORGANIZATION WORLD Collection. Contact directly at chairman@virtualorganizationinstitute.com; or via CHAT.

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