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Social Networks: Virtual Organize It, Stupid!

The New Virtual Organization World
It's a New Principled World, It's Virtual, and It's Organized

Social Networks: Virtual Organize It, Stupid!
by Pierre Coupet

No doubt you've heard of the tongue-in-cheek expressions, "Keep it simple, stupid!" and "It's the economy, stupid!" However, in today's day and age, the appropriate mantra for those who belong to social networks should be, "Virtual organize it, stupid!". Let me tell you why:

Great Investment of Time & Effort

You spend a great deal of time joining social networks, reviewing the background of other interesting individuals, and inviting them to become a contact and part of your personal network. In certain cases, you go through the additional effort of setting up and administering your own group, write comments and articles and, in some cases, prepare and send out a periodic newsletter. In no time at all, you reach a major milestone, having developed a network of hundreds to thousands of contacts. You are very excited and proud of your achievements and, in some cases, send out a major announcement to everyone in your network trumpeting the good news regarding the surge in your group's membership total and how great it is.

The Big Question

And then you ask yourself the big question, "Where do I go from here?" You feel like you've reached a dead end and, if you're like most, you try to engage your contacts; ask them to actively participate and contribute content, etc. And, if you are an exception to the rule, you schedule some local, face-to-face, paid or free networking or business events. At the end of the day, after all has been said and done, all you're left with, at best, from your social networking efforts are mediocre or meager results relative to the astounding amount of available opportunities that the virtual environment-internet-Web 2.0 has to offer--that is, of course, assuming you're one of the extraordinary social networkers out there; and, if you are like most others, all you are left with are downright disappointing results. And, unfortunately, that's where it all ends.

The Bigger Question

Which brings us to the bigger question, "Whatever happened to the promise of the Web and Web 2.0?" Never before in the history of mankind have we been so interconnected. We are no longer limited by time, distance, geography, human and capital resources, and collaboration tools. The sky is the limit! We are only limited by our efforts and imagination; the extent of our willingness to break down the natural walls of resistance to change; and our willingness to explore new thoughts and concepts before they are widely accepted. And yet, the most that we attempt to make out of the tools and resources that have been made available to us is to try to set up local face-to-face meetings.

The Ultimate Question

Which now leaves us with the ultimate question, "So what is the missing link?" However, that being said, this one question opens up a pandora box of related questions such as: What else can we do, or should be doing, in order to take advantage of the almost limitless amount of opportunities that are available to us in this wonderful and absolutely amazing era? Are there any currently available solutions? Are there any emerging schools of thought on that subject?

The Ultimate Answer: Virtual Organize It!

Well, the ultimate answer lies within the virtual organization management discipline. Virtual organization management provides you with a series of best-next practices, policies and procedures for operating in a virtual environment and for managing a virtual organization. Virtual organization management is highly flexible, being that you can virtual organize at any of the following levels of an organizational structure: (1) an individual level, (2) a team level, (3) a group level, (4) a department level, (5) a division level, (6) a social network level and, last but not least, (7) an organization level. With respect to an organization, it can be either of the following: (i) any free standing organization, (ii) a joint venture, (iii) an association, (iv) a consortium or (v) a partnership.

Although social networks provide you with one wing -- which is: the tools you need to effortlessly interconnect on a global scale -- what is sorely needed is the other wing -- which is: virtual organization management -- that you must have in order to fly and soar high up above in this sky of limitless opportunities. So what are you waiting for? Virtual Organize It!


ABOUT AUTHOR: Pierre Coupet is the Founder, Chairman, CEO & Doctor of Virtual Organization Management at Virtual Organization Management Institute; the founder of the modern virtual organization management discipline pioneered since 1997; and also the author of the best-selling white paper, "How To Virtual Organize Your Social Network." To contact the author, send email directly to

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SICU is like a living organism. In the end of every nerve fiber, there are individuals who are connected with the nerve center, the mobile head office and processor operating in Helsinki and in the world wide web.


Symbiosis can be defined as a close association between two different types of organisms in a community. In the SICU Symbiosis” the two organisms in question are SICU (Synergy Integrated - Connects the Unconnected) representing the registered marketing and brand name of my versatile business activities, and SICU SSG (SICU Synergy Solutions Group) representing a globally active virtual organization.


The background of the SICU brand name, slogan and symbol is Synergialaitos.Com (”Synergy Society”) and its philosophy, the Synergysophy. Synergialaitos.Com was founded back in 1999 as the marketing name of two companies: T & M Project Management and Tomcom Marketing Communication Oy founded in 1991 and 1996.
It was all about to connect two organizations into one, and to cultivate strong associations about an entirely new multifunctional organization form operating in the intersection of marketing communication and project management in order to make a difference, and to generate attention and interest among potential clients, including commercial and non-profit organizations, marketing agencies, the media, institutions, federations, and among professionals and producers representing different professional disciplines.


The idea to build-up a virtual organization, starting from 1999, grew-up as a result of my professional experiences as an entrepreneur since 1986, and as a partner of divergent AD & PR-agencies, and as a marketing director & manager of a few commercial organizations and the media, where I simply felt to be trapped in a box.

On the other side I have had the opportunity to build-up my own work groups and teams in order to create, develop and execute divergent events, projects and operations in order to solve problems of individual clients, which has actually been much more successful and cost-effective for the clients than the ones I worked on in the traditional organizations in Finland mentioned above.

Because of the lack of effective networking tools, the "Synergy Society" started to operate on a regional basis in Finland in where my professional contact circle was large enough in order to find the right people to work on almost any task at hand.

When I got an invitation to join openBC (XING) launched in Finland in August 2004, I was more than enthused. It was exactly the tool I needed to branch-out and internationalize my activities I had been working on for five (5) years. By this Synergialaitos.Com was re-named as SICU in 2005 after a quick process of differentiation, brand building and internationalization.


SICU is not only about a traditional company, and SICU SSG not only about a typical virtual organization. It’s all about a concept whole, brand and framework including an amount of supportive elements melted into one in order to be utilized e.g. as meeting places, advertising spaces, and communication channels. It is within this context we communicate and promote SICU and its’ global partners and members, and their services, products and brands in the spirit of Give-to-Get and AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action).

Its here we make a major difference!

SICU is a multifunctional organization, which can be perceived even as a Global Service-Cluster and Think tank who can form its own organizations for single clients whenever and wherever needed. In essence, this is an application of the virtual organization - a fluid grouping of professionals and organizations in order to optimally address the task at hand. A prime agency differential is SICU's ability to hire, train, and support strategic and tactical creative talent, and to use our own marketing channels to support the client’s needs.


SICU Synergy Solutions Group (SICU SSG) is a Virtual Organization, a Strategic Alliance and a Self-Organizing-System covering a broad range of collaborations in where SICU members and global partners combine their core competencies to accomplish social change and meet divergent business objectives.

SICU offers innovative solutions and resources in order to solve problems of individual customers, and to create cost effectivity, added value and multiplicative effects for businesses, corporations, brands, industries, institutions, and ultimately consumers in diverse markets.

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