Tuesday, April 8, 2008

From Web 2.0 to Web Infinity with Virtual Organization Management

The New Virtual Organization World
It's a New Principled World, It's Virtual, and It's Organized

Virtual Organization Management exponentially accelerates the evolution of the Web by leaps and bounds. Although we're already in Web 3.0 stage---the processes and procedures tinkering stage---many of our colleagues are still talking Web 2.0--the social network stage. Nonetheless, regardless of which numeric [x.x] we attach at the end of the word "Web", we will never be able to truly tap into the FULL power and potential of the Web, which I call "Infinity", until we first understand and adopt the virtual organization management concept.

I guess the first thing that most likely comes to the mind of many is, "Wow, that's a really loaded statement!" To make my point, let me take that initial statement a bit further with the following Precious Water and Glass-Container analogy:

All that the Web has to offer is equivalent to that PRECIOUS WATER we use to not only quench our thirst but also for a countless number of other uses and applications. But Virtual Organization Management is the GLASS or CONTAINER we use to hold that precious water. Without that glass or container, we will never really be able to harness the full power, potential, and benefits of that water.

Right now, we're currently in the midst of a transition--a serious disruption--that no one is quite sure how to deal with. After all, what the HELL is a virtual organization or a virtual environment and why do we need virtual organization management? Almost everyone seems to understand the meaning of the words "Technology, Web Technology, the Internet, Blog, etc.," however, most of us are not quite sure as to where this is really headed, hence, the confusion about what to do and what sort of new processes should be put in place in order to adapt to and set the stage for this new world; a new world that is rapidly evolving right there in front of our eyes, with no end in sight. As you can see, this uncertainty keeps us in a state of limbo, without any sense of urgency, even though the alarm bells are ringing all over and everyone is talking "globalization" and "adaptation."

Our view is that there is NO uncertainty with respect to where the world is headed. At the risk of sounding INSANE, it is clear on our end that we are heading toward a near 100% virtual world. A revolution of gigantic proportions--a transformation unlike anything the world has ever experienced---and a paradigm shift from the way we are accustomed to doing things.

That's right, with the exception of construction, manufacturing, transportation, hospitality, and other industries which require hard boots on the ground and a brick and mortar presence, these huge tower buildings will one day become relics of the past--architectural landmarks. A lot of them will be transformed into virtual data centers, although most new data centers will be built underground in highly secure, fire-proof and blast-protected bunkers.

Homes will have to be redesigned differently in order to adjust to the realities of the new workforce. Shopping centers will radically be transformed into entertainment centers. After all, form follows function. Employment and tax laws and benefits will have to be revised or be entirely scrapped off the books. Compensation and benefits formulas will require drastic overhauls. There will be a Global Virtualization-eCommerce Renaissance and prosperity shall flourish and abound in every corner of the globe. Our entire way of life will be affected.

Today's methods of warfare will seem so archaic and primitive. Wars will no longer be fought on the battleground resulting in lost lives and limbs and destruction of physical infrastructure. Rather, they will be fought in a virtual environment between virtual networks with crippling and deadly accuracy. The first such world war will be called Virtual Network Apocalypse I.

Children will be taught about virtual organization management during pre-school and kindergarten in order to prepare them for the new world, just the way we begin to prepare them today at that age for today's brick and mortar world. We see a future whereby the morning and afternoon rush hour traffic congestion is a THING OF THE PAST, some distant memory.

This future, my friends, is, relatively speaking, all possible within a short number of years with Virtual Organization Management--NOT Virtual Team Consulting; and those who begin to prepare for it TODAY will reap huge rewards and fortunes that are unimaginable by today's standards.

At the risk of sounding alarmist, the ramifications for our entire global civilization are huge and astounding across the board. The adoption of Virtual Organization Management will generate not only tidal waves-but also huge tsunamis-of changes that will engulf and wash away those who refused to heed the call to prepare for the changes coming our way.

For additional information regarding Virtual Organization Management, go to: https://www.virtualorganizationinstitute.com/

Happy Hyperthinking!

Pierre Coupet
Founder & Q of Virtual Organization Management
Virtual Organization Management Institute


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